Armed and dangerous!

I was so excited this afternoon! I got off early (shocking really) today and armed with my gift cards headed to the stores to do what I do best SHOP, SHOP , SHOP! I plowed through the store grabbing dresses, tops, work out clothes and headed to the dressing room. From where I can see everyone had already been since clothes were tossed all over in every room! I get in mine, where I hear people whispering next to my dressing room.......hummm wonder what THEY are doing ! It was a man and a unless he was helping her with fashion tips or vice versa I think the hushed giggling gave them away! But who knows, then it hit me I got a side glance in the mirror and there it was staring me in the face , my 6 lbs I had gained since Thanksgiving ughhh add that to the other 8 lbs I gained since we do the math! I looked at all the dresses and decided I was not going to get naked in that 3 way mirror, with my giggling neighbors and my muffin top all in that tiny room!(Okay so really the neighbors were not in there, but might as well been! )I cant leave the store empty handed with $20.00 Bucs from the store that's free money! Am who am I to waste that! So I ended up with a picture frame and a candy dish for my blah gray desk at my big girl job! Depressing leaving the store with all those gift cards still in hand, but I am not buying a bigger size been there done that, gave it away (Thanks to my pal Squirt! )! So there is my New Years motivation.......I can't buy any clothes GASP! until I lose 10 lbs ....okay okay I know the math, but lets not get crazy! My hubby complained I was to skinny anyways! So I'll settle with 10! Starting of course Tomorrow! Happy News Years!

We survived!

Ahhh yes! We survived Christmas and my prediction that Prince Charming would wear his Ghillie suit all day(and then some) was correct! He woke up at 6am and was so excited that Santa ate the Cookie and took the apple for the reindeer! (And yet I wonder how I gained 6 lbs since Thanksgiving?) At 6:05 he was ripping through the presents as the hubby and I rubbed our sleepy eyes trying to focus as the tornado ripped through the packages......when it was a box that resembled clothes ( who am I fooling when it was a clothes box) he tossed it over his shoulder without looking at it! I'd say you didn't even open it, he'd reply "It's JUST clothes" and then rip the box open to please me, after all it is Christmas, one day a year he can be good right! By 6:15 he was suited up in his Ghillie suit and armed with his sniper air gun (minus the pellets of course) and out in the front yard ready to take on all the bad guys that came our way........just think if he'd been a girl we'd be playing with the Barbie dream house right about then, but no I have Rambo outside ready to take on the world! After round one ended I had everything cleaned up and ready to start round 2 by 6:30a.m. Ya know you shop and prepare a few months and in minutes all the hard work is over. If we had not been hosting brunch my tree and decorations would have been out the door at 6:30 as well. SO when round 2 started PC ripped through packages and was very excited when he received another Pellet gun...this time WITH Pellets....6,500 of them to be exact! Yes 6,500 little red pellets that his good ol aunt and uncle got him to go along with the pellet gun.....hummm silly , silly move guys since you all are having a BABY! And remember PAYBACKS are hell! Yes I see lots of noisy, messy, loads of toys heading straight to there house in the VERY near future! Hubby had good sense to hide the 6,500 pellets and PC hasn't found them yet, and quit asking so hopefully he'll forget! After everyone left at 12:30 hubby and I went to work, by 1:30 the tree was gone, the decorations were put away and Christmas looked like it never happen at our house! Ahh but yes we made it another year!


I feel like I am on a long road trip with the dreaded question ..."Are we there yet?" "How much longer" "Are we there yet?" repeat only a million times and then some! Christmas is tomorrow, just incase you are living on another planet and not yet aware of that fact! Yes Christmas is ughhh tomorrow! The ringing in my ears is my mother saying " It's the same time every year it's not like it sneaks up on you!" But somehow it does! Every year is the same you think your ready and WHAM! It's the day before and all those fancy four letter words come to mind when you remember oh %$#$@ I forgot to get this, or that and of course this and that! Then tomorrow morning in about 160 seconds flat my house will look like a tornado has ripped through it and then some! I imagine all my Christmas pictures will be of Prince Charming in his ghillie suit( for those of you that have that pondering look on your face a ghillie suit is what the Snipers and Military guys wear when they are hiding in the bushes, it's camo and looks like leaves and netting) PC will be invisible on all the photos or look like a huge pile of leaves. The hubby got him a sniper rifle as well.....wait wait before you pick up the phone to call the police it's a pellet gun, but his is coming without the cats and the squirrels will thank me for that gesture!

As soon as this holiday season is over I plan on getting balance back in my life! I have not been to the gym OMG do I dare say it out loud....since my birthday which is exactly 30 days ago! Did you think paying for a membership will count towards my workout? I will have to run that by Slacker......I am sure she can make it count for something! That's why I love delusional friends they can rationalize anything! Finding balance is my new goal for the new year! Fitting in all the things life has to offer and enjoying them too! Happy Holidays!

Oh no.......she didn't make it

Oh boy am I in trouble......Prince Charming came in all teary eyed this morning with his fist balled up, I looked and asked whats wrong and he opened his hand..........Now I am standing there like a deer in headlights with all kinds of inapporite words soaring through my brain as I looked and saw his TOOTH! Yes his tooth the one he lost yesterday, the same one he put in his pillow for the tooth fairy! But wait the tooth fairy had not made it! So I did what all of us sane ( yeah there is that word again hehehe) mother did and lied! Oh well buddy maybe she thought you were on her list by mistake, you have after all lost 3 teeth already in 2 weeks! ( Geez I tell you it's a good thing I have this big girl grown up job, between the dentist for him and the dang tooth fairy I may need another job! ) So he looks at me and is not convinced....well you know it is rather foggy out, she may be waiting til it lifts and then maybe she'll come while you are at school? Hummm that got a little better look.....but then of course he did what he does best and argued his case.....No she won't come it's daytime and the cat sleeps in my back and forth we went with the this and that I know I know it would be easier to just say Look kid there is no tooth fairy...........But every time he asks about the tooth fairy, Santa, Easter bunny and all those wonderful magical things I always say "As long as you believe they are real then they are" and he is happy with that and so am I . I think everyone should believe in something magical don't you?

I was almost busted 2 weeks ago when the 1st of 4 teeth fell out- at least that night the tooth fairy remembered to come! He calls me at work and says...."Mom the tooth fairy is not real, I just found my tooth in your room! She's not real you did it!" Well thank fully he can not see my face---deer in head lites look again as I responded....."Now why on earth would I give you money for your teeth? And what would I want to keep your teeth for? " Hummm yeah I guess your right, she must have dropped it! Imagine my surprise that he actually agreed with me!

So when I get to work I email the hubby who was sleeping soundly when we left for school to let him know that the tooth fairy forgot to come....Yet another surprise for me when he notifies me that she has been and left a whopping $20.00 since she was late coming! HELLO? Talk about late fees! I may have to start yanking MY teeth out to! I did however inform him that the tooth fairy doesn't usually pay THAT much for a tooth..........even if she is late! So I guess we'll have to see....I haven't heard if she returned to get some change yet!

Facebook and Scanners

You know your in trouble when you see in your're photo has been tagged from Facebook! My first thought is what? Then I open it an about scream when there I am in 6th grade with hair standing straight up in the air with a HUGE (probably bigger then my head) Pebbles Flintstone bow in my hair....silver no less....not looking real thrilled about having my picture taken either! Less thrilled about it being posted on Facebook by some dumbass with a scanner for all the world to see!

Oh but WAIT he doesn't just post one photo there are more! Only one more with me looking oh so fashionable (thank god he only has 2) with a horrible flowered jacket, a black necktie and yes the silver Pebbles bow, but I am luck because 3 other people are looking oh so fashionable with me, with BIG hair and awful outfits!

Only now one of those gals in the picture is my arch nemesis from high school! And here I look at her as we were friends in middle school ....until she became the boyfriend stealer, back stabbing , (insert lots of bad words here) girl.....and yes 18 years later still view her as my arch nemesis! Can you say Grudge? Yes I know like superman and kryptonite we can not be in the same room together, but thanks to the wonderful world of facebook and scanners here is proff that once upon a time she was not a boyfriend stealing, back stabbing ......girl she was my friend. Hummm makes you think that maybe I should facebook her and be friends......HA! That'll be the day! I'll keep my grudge another 18 years! Theres just somethings you don't do in the unwritten "girls code" and dating not 1 or 2 but 3 boyfriends is definitely one of them!

So thanks SCANNER boy for posting horrible photos and reminding me I was once friends with my arch nemesis!

Slacker No more.....

Wow my M-I-L wasn't kidding when she said I was slacking! I haven't posted since Oct. 10th! Geez gives a whole new meaning to SLACKER! Well where do I start? Hummm my excuse that WHY I haven't be blogging! I got a "big girl job" yes I am now worken a 4o plus hour work week! Helping coach soccer 3 days a week after work ......( and believe it or not we are 3 an 1) starting another on line course to help me with my new "big girl job" and oh yes.......homework with Prince Charming! Well that is another 30 plus hour job a week! I don't get it.....He (WE) made straight A's on OUR report card (First time EVER) ! But now he won't do anything....homework, class work....I really hate the thought of repeating 3rd grade, and I know I am assuming the worst, and the hubby says "Well don't you remember doing that and ......I'm sure I did" WELL NO 3rd grade I was still tryen to please the teachers not piss them off by being STUBBORN!

So I do what any sane (hehehe are there really any) mother does and make the teacher her xmass gift yes, bribing her to adore little PC like we all do....(most days) .....I whip together a diaper cake for the new baby that is popping out at anytime....sooner then later with the stress PC is putting on her! So I make a 2 layer diaper cake ( out of diapers not real cake) I asked PC is it going to be a boy or a girl? ....His answer is "I dunno looks kinda freakie to me....alittle like a blob" hummmm guessing we shared the ultrasound at school, so I make it with cute duckies and looks great ....only for PC to tell me this morning...."I'm not given her nothen...I don't like the teacher! " So I have in the closet for another day ....when he will like the teacher! Or maybe I will bring it the conference so she'll like me! Hummm better add some diamonds and rubbies to it! But come January I will have another teacher to bribe's been a long year and we're only in December!

Geez December....well brings me to my next thing....My goal to run a 5k before my bday...while yes the 6th anniversary of my 29th bday has come and gone and I did not make that goal. I really ....REALLY ...REALLY hate running so that goal wasn't my brightest idea! And with my big girl job.....who has time to learn to run properly! Yeah who am I fooling! I really really hate running! :) I have been slacking on being at the gym....but slacker no more! I was there this morning at 5:30am.......I do have to say in my "slackerness" (is that a word...if not add it to the Pepperisms list" ) I have had to call Slacker Senior to clarify some of her delusional rules....such as I am in my workout clothes, driving BY the gym, parking, walking PAST the gym , PEEKING inside, but shopping at the store NEXT to it does that count towards working out???! And wouldn't you know I get bonus points for that! Counts as an EXTRA workout too since I walked BY and Looked in! Gotta love your delusional friends!

When in doubt it counts!

How old do I have to be........

"How old do I have to be before I can cuss?"this is one of the many questions that have been asked this week by Prince Charming! He's 8 ! He'd also like to know when he can smoke a cigar, drink a beer and have a sniper rifle.....again let me repeat he's 8! While he took my answer of 21 for the having a a beer and a cigar, he's miffed by the fact he can't get a sniper rifle at this time....not a plastic kid one of course not he wants a REAL one ...oh but don't worry he won't put any bullets in it! America's Most Wanted here we come!

The even longer discussion is why he can't cuss, well can't I just say the "H" word......distracting dad (hubby) while he is working he continues with the endless "Dad please can I just say the "H" word, Kaela says it (she's 8 too, and sings a song that has it) after endless bugging I guess hubby made the mistake of sayen yes only around Kaela. So P.C comes running back to me in the other room with "Ha ha dad said I can say the "H' said so NAH! " My response was sure say it if you'd like a bar of soap jammed in your teeth! " "But dad said! " Finally before I was transformed into a arguing 8 year old I just walked away......but I will have the bar of soap at hand , no matter what "Dad says."

When we made it home last night after saying farewell to our friends...P.C. came home to report to hubby that "Zac" said the "A" word, the "F" word and he's only 6.....yes but his mother can make a sailor blush so it's no wonder they repeat it and he forgot to mention how she smacked his behind with a wooden spoon.........but he just wants to really say the "H" word....hell if I know ! I guess to complete his phrase....."What the.........."

While it wasn't my MIL this time around calling me a "slacker" it was the darling hubby, who said you need to update your blog! Really I think he just wants to see what my latest hubby bashing would be if he didn't already know! While him and Prince Charming stoll in with a ball python....remeber earlier blogs where it was over my dead body .....all they musta heard was blah blah blah cause now in P.C's room we have "Padme" the hamster and "Snakie" the snake...really it's just a matter of how the food chain will work here at our house.......Cat eats hamster....snake eats cat? or Snake eats hamster then moves on to bigger things like the cat? Who knows? Not a big fan of snakes unless they are on my shoes or handbag....accessiores yes...pets...not so much!

I have really been in a funk the last few weeks, yes I believe that would be the technical term for it! I have slacked off so much in my workouts I now am sporting a muffin top! UGHHHHh that I blame on my gal pal Squirt who had me toss all my fat clothes cause and I quote..."You won't gain it back" that would be cause she isn't here as I stuff my face endlessly and avoid the gym like the plague! I think I have the devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other with yes work take a nap and eat.....obviously the winner would be the napping and eating part! Just a funk......and a perpetual black cloud that has been looming over me the last few weeks. But the good news is that I have decided no one can fix this but me....and a little lipo (that I can't afford) so I'll have to put my "big girl panties on" and stop whining! I'll keep blogging as my therapy, cause I'd most likely be committed if I went to an actual therapist and then who would save 'Padme" the hamster as she faces death ............trapped in the jaws of Tweeety bird my deranged cat who thinks it's a mid nite snack! Seriously I had to duct tape her cage shut, so she'd STOP escaping~!

Aliens vs Flying Pigs

I've been hiding out from "Howdy on Steroids" the last few days.....(really since I worked out on Thursday and wasn't able to walk for 3 days! ) I haven't been motivated since having my butt kicked very defeated by the used carsales man in Spandex! ughhhh I just need to get back on the saddle again or treadmill so to speak! But on the up side of things.......

I've looked outside but haven't seen any yet, but I am sure they are out there! Flying Pigs that is! Either that or Prince Charming has been abducted by aliens. Today he came home with 3 "A's" on his test, WOOOOOO WHOOOOO ! AND to top that he did his homework with NO whining! Sat down and had his homework done in under 30minutes! I don't see any neon green glow coming from his eyes so maybe he's not an alien, but I dunno! Of course there is a price of "Being Good" got it! "Since I was so good, did my homework, didn't get written up in school, can I play the game" Gee I should know there is a price to be good! I gave in ..............I mean 3 "A's" that's impressive! My concern is the last few days is the teacher has been emailing me to test him for Gifted! She asked if I'd ever tested him for gifted.......ADD , ADHD YES Gifted NO! UGHHH I know , I know isn't that wonderful! NOT.........that mean's more homework! But who knows ..maybe he'll love doing homework and projects! Oh yes I am sure that is what will happen when the pigs fly ! Or maybe I'll be in luck and the aliens will have taken over completely! We'll have to see.......

"Howdy" On Steroids.....

While I was at the gym yesterday I had a brilliant thought and decided to sign up for my "FREE" personal training session at the gym! FREE is GOOD! So I enter and met "Justin" hunky trainer....not my tattoo covered "boyfriend" personal trainer from NC, but semi- hunky. Not really my cup of tea especially after the "torture session" I endured! I consider myself pretty fit, I go to the gym regularly and according to him....I'm not in very good shape ( hidden meaning will be revealed in a moment! ) . He wasn't making this any harder then he would for anyone of he points to the 300 pound man huffing next to me on the treadmill....YEA my ass you aren't buddy! So I keep going knowing that by the time I am done I will be lucky to walk much less more my arms! We work out ...rather I workout as he pops his gum( something my mother DESPISES and now I know why) , checks himself out in the mirror, barks out give me 20 more squats....WTF is he thinking! I think I may see devil horns starting to appear! As a good little soldier I move on, following his commands as he keeps saying "I thought you work out? You must not push yourself. You are in need of a trainer full time!" really it's begining to sound like a brainwashing lecture more so then a training session! There goes my ego!
Finally the hour is up! Whooo WHO! So we go and sit at the table that he had me reveal my demons at ....what's your weight, height, what do you hate most about your body, how much do you want to lose, has me hold on to this little device that looks like a steering wheel an it tells me how much BODY FAT I have! Really like I can't just look in the mirror and see my muffin top over my jeans now I have to hold on to a steering wheel to tell me my body fat?
Fan-Tab-U- Lous another notch down on the ego!
So he jots down our "PLAN" the one he recommends is for 12 months training for 4 times a week.....for only $400.00 a MONTH! Seriously you think I need to train 4 times a week with your gum chewing , gum popping , mirror checken out ass! Oh but WAIT....if I can't do that due to time and all they have 3 times a week for 360.00 a month, 2 times a week for $300.00 yada yada yada! "So Pepper which plan works for you?" UMMMM NONE I'm jobless and your F^%$ING CRAZY! Which I mentally added no need to be nasty! The funny thing was now my hunky personal trainer had a cockeyed look of disbelief ( and is starting to look like a Howdy Dowdy on steroids) that I wasn't going to have an extra car payment in return I'd get a killer bum and abs? First born yeah....I may hand over Prince Charming ...but he'd be returned I am sure in a few hours! So I told "Howdy" that yeah I was here for the free session to get some new ideas .....and I'll think about training again when I am gainfully employed! He still looked a tad annoyed so I stood and said Thanks and limped my way out to the car....remember squats...can hardly walk!

So home bound with my ego on a low...I came home and told the hubby that I know now HOW the gym that only charges 10.00 a month stays in business.......$400.00 a month for personal training! I whined to hubby about "how UNFIT I know was" I thought I was gonna die, how could someone who works out almost 5 times a week not be able to do that torture session......insert some more whining here......

As always the hubby had some in site to add since of course he thinks I'm perfect JUST the way I am...muffin top and all....(at least he better...he will now after reading this! ) He just looked at me and said" Personal Trainers are used Car Sales Men in SPANDEX! " Ahhhh now I feel better bring on the Oreos!

Mid-Stream Please....

Yes as I am on my way to the restroom with the little clear cup in hand from the doctor...he pokes his head in the hallway and says with a smile....."Don't forget.....Catch it in mid stream please!" Good lord, you men have it made, no prob-lemo there catching mid stream is a piece of cake, cause you all have the equipment to aim with! Us gals...not so much! Besides who invented peeing in a cup anyways......a man I am sure! I don't see why we can't just pee on a stick like we do with those pregnancy test .......a man thing I am sure! They wanna have something they can do better then we can do! BUT.....

I'm currently getting alotta practice with my so called aim....I am in a sleep study for none other then Isnomia! Yippie! Yep they are payen me to be there latest ginnie pig, taking their study meds, which I am actually sleeping quite nicely! As far as side effects , haven't noticed a third boob or extra toes so I must be okay! Actually one of the side effects is "Bigger Boobs" , so who knows maybe by Christmas I will be as big as Dolly herself! Merry Christmas Hubby!

As for everything I am still holding my current title as "Meanest Mom In The World" .......still no playstation although I hear him ask/whisper Dad EVERYDAY! "If I'm good can I have it back, I've been good today, can't you hook it up?Tell mom your hooking it up !"I guess he has learned not to ask me about it. The answer is "Over my dead body" and the way hubby looks I may very well be buried in the backyard by if there are no more posting by the end of the week I am probably buried in the backyard under the elephant trees! So be sure to check there............

A new Title .......

I've been busy as a bee you know being the....and I quote "Meanest mom in the WORLD!" Can you image ME the meanest mom in the WORLD! Really who does Prince Charming have to compare me to? He lasted a whole 4 days with his video game back , until me the meanest mom in the world yet again took it away! But I guess that's what Mean Mom's do!

School has started yes, happy days are here again...until homework time then it's the battle of the wits....mine vs. his.......and I'm not sure who's gonna win that war! 3rd grade here we come! At least we only have homework Monday -Thursday so there will be no battle ground on the least not about homework! But I am sure this MMITW will fine something to be mean about...after all I can't have my new title taken away just yet! I work so hard to achieve that title!

The new question he is pondering is why the "brown dude" at the YMCA after school was upset with him........"I only said hey brown dude......cause I didn't know his name" His grandma asked well why don't you just ask him his name.....but I guess that's what he was gonna do but the "brown dude" got mad! And his little girlfriends who is biracial pipes in when grandma said well maybe you hurt his feelings and says..."But grandma he is a brown dude, why should he be mad". Gotta love the diversity of 3rd's be another adventure I am sure!

Is it my turn yet....

They featured a great blog in the newspaper that has been getting alot of national I love it for the name! MY HUSBAND IS ANNOYING! Aren't they all? You'll have to check it out! Anytime my hubby knows I have written a new blog he always says ' What did you BASH me about today?" Humm maybe he's getten a complex so for today no hubby bashing...after all it is 4:45 in the morning and he's asleep need to bash yet!

Been a busy week. Found a place that has alotta STRANGE people all cooped up in one room holding a little white ticket, ears perking up when they hear the numbers called, hoping it is their number called, and oh so disappointed when it's not is.....none other then the Social Security office! After our big move....I can't find my social security card, it's safely tucked in a bin....the problem would be which bin! I claimed my little white ticket and had a seat next to a bearded man, with several bags attached to him, a fanny pack, backpack and a shoulder bag. So as I fill out these forms to claim my new card, as I am done he blurts out "You look Irish" yep , the red hair and freckles give that away, an I nod and say "Yes I am, German and Irish. " Well I guess in crazy land that must translate to "Please tell me your entire life story and don't leave a thing out, I have all the time in the world to hear about you , your wife, your children, the family dog, your schooling, your lawsuits pending with the government, and how you are no longer going to celebrate our grandkids bdays" My only response in this 40 minute one sided conversation was " You can't not celebrate your grandkids birthdays their only 3-11! " I know this because I know his ENTIRE life history! Another young guy looked as if he was going to add to the man's conversation but he either realized that this guy is a looney toon or that he wouldn't get a word in edge wise...he simpliy smiled that "wow that sucks for you" smile and turned back around.
When another elderly man needed to use the table to fill out his form I was eager to jump up and find a new seat! Only to have a women plop next to me and proceed to tell me her life story,REALLY! Do I have it tattoo on my forehead tell me your story? Holding my little white ticket I searched the numbers frantically to make sure they hadn't called me yet, as she went on and on and on until her phone rang! Saved by the bell and the fact the security guard was also the "phone police" NO PHONES ALLOWED is clearly posted all over the room. So while she was told to go outside (thank you lord) I decided I should use the restroom , and wouldn't you know as I was walking there they finallly called my number! Interesting place I gotta give it that!

Repeat after me

I am starting to feel like I am a parrot! Eat your breakfast, Get dressed, Brush your Teeth, Feed the hamster! Repeat! Repeat! Repeat! Then the Prince yells that I am YELLING at him! GEE after I repeat my self for the umteenth time I problay am alittle loud! Mornings are the worst here and of course Prince Charming thinks everything is my fault!Humm it looks like fault, and to think I didn;t know I had such connections with Mother Nature! The hubby is still outta town and the video games are still put away but for 4 days I have heard...."Am I being good? Can I have my video game back? When will dad be home? Will he hook my game up? Can I have it now? " Oh the power I have with those damn thing!

I tell you I think it's P.C's choice of drug, he's addicted to them! He misunderstood what I said at 7:00' clock this morning when for the BILLIONTH time he asked when will dad be home? My reply was "In the morning." So when I said for the 4th time get dressed and ready your ride will be here , he looked at me and said "NO, I'm waiting for dad to get home this morning! " UGHHHH trying to explain it won't be until tomorrow morning that he'll see dad, we had a major melt down of "What a liar I am"! Really ? This child needs a bar of soap shoved in his mouth, the squishy kind at that! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH !

So no needless to say I don't think we'll be hooking those stupid video games up when dad returns either! I think I may have to hide someone elses house so he doesn't get them back! Looney Bin here I come!

uh oh ....

Uh oh your know your in trouble when you get an email from your mother in law calling you a SLACKER! Since I haven't blogged in a week! Ooops! That'll keep me on my toes! But I didn't think she'd want to hear my master plan how I am gonna strangle her precious son over video games!It could be used against me in a court of law, I'm sure of it! I tell you those things are EVIL! Prince Charming turns into Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde when he's not allowed to play them! I took them away outta his room and you'd think it''s the end of man kind as we know it! After the melt down is over , he's on a mission to see about earning it back, he's such a sweet child then! The first day he said "Mom let's go for a jog, you gotta train for that race coming up" oh good God , I told him about that non sense! He doesn't forget a thing! We played football, swam stayed out side most the day! When he's in his "video trance" I can't even get him to go out into the 3-D world , much less enter the great outdoors! Hubby's outta town on business and I have the games hidden , the only problem is P.C. asks everyday when is dad coming home? Have I been good? When can I have my game back? Dad says if I'm good he'll hook it back up. When does dad get home? How many more days? .......ughhh I tell ya I can't win! Life was easier when all I had to do was take away his action figures for a day! These video games will be the death of me ...or my husband if he keeps giving them back every time I turn around! That'll be "just cause" in court.....I heard that on Law and Order! I'm sure I can pled out!

Oh but yesterday was a FAB-U-LOUS day! School started! Only 179 more days to go until summer, Prince Charming wasn't NEAR as excited as I was........I could have been doing cartwheels , but I thought that maybe a little "over the top" and I didn't wanna throw my back out! That would be bad! 3rd grade here we come!

Spring into action

It's amazing how I was able to SPRING outta bed this morning at 5 a.m! Yes the alarm clock went off at 5a.m for those of you who may not know this...yes there are two 5 '0clocks in the day! One in the "oh it's still dark morning" and the other in the afternoon! Yes I use to be one of those people who thought 5 '0clock only came once in the day! But this morning I jumped outta bed, mainly because now the alarm clock is across the room , so there will be no slapping the snooze button to get a few more minutes, or turning the volume off while I hit the snooze button and pretend I don't know why there is no volume, or how I could have slept that long......I had to jump up because the last person I want up with me is Prince Charming....... that's way to early!

So I hit the gym, and surprising enough there are quite a few people up that early at the gym! One was a long time friend that I went from Kindergarten all the way to college having at least 1 class with him until he grew up and moved away and went to a big kids college! Yes my pal Kenny thinks I am following him, that takes a whole new meaning to the word "Stalker" now doesn't it!

The machines are interesting! They have an "ab coaster" according to the info-merical I will have fab-tab-u-lous abs in no time!Although the people I see doing the "ab coaster" don't look like those on the info-merical.........maybe they just started too! They have a few different, bizarre looking glute machines, (great for the ass) maybe I could give up squats woooo whoooooo! A few other torture devices that I haven't figured out ..............

Farewell to Danny......

Getting back into the swing of things is alot harder when you hit a brick wall. The Saturday we were packing the house in NC I received a phone call from my dad, wanting to know if I was SITTING down? No are you kidding I am in the middle of packing a moving truck....doesn't require alot of sitting down! His bad news trailed with Danny a life long friend of the family at least my life long........Danny was found unconscious and was in a coma and they didn't know what happened or why. Over the past 2 weeks I followed up with phone calls to the family, to check on Danny and was very excited when he finally woke up about a week later. Although he thought it was 1974 there was hope! Getting settled in the house seems better, Danny was awake and Prince Charming and I picked out cat cards, with singing and funny messages along with pictures to make sure he remembers us .....he had 16 cats at one time.....but is down to 10! And I thought 2 were bad!

Then the dreaded phone call came that Danny had passed away. Just like that, first he wakes up and now he's not. They still don't know what happened, or why.......My heart sank when I realized there would be no more "Hey Little Pep" phone calls to see what's up, to check on me the family and my dad! No more Uncle Danny coming to visit in his FAB-U-LOUS convertible Thunderbird, being oh so sporty while being the world's worse dresser all in one! Love Danny dearly but he has never been a slave to fashion! But that never stopped him! Always a smile on that mans face, I honestly can not remember EVER seeing a frown on his face!

My dad and I flew to Chicago for the viewing and funeral. Danny was a man with not only many cats....did I mention 10! He also had a lotta cars ....Thunderbird, Harley, Volkswagen Bug, Monte Carlo and a BRAND NEW 3 WEEK OLD TRUCK. Yes needless to say Danny wasn't married ....cause you know a wife would SO NOT allow all those TOYS and CATS! He belonged to "The Wild Hogs" chapter ( and I thought it was just a movie) so they actually had his Harley and leather jacket and Hat in the funeral home! It seem to be the perfect fit, to show who Danny was! Next to the Harley was the many metals he earned being in the Army, articles about him through out the years, the man was nothen but heart! And the stories people told really confirm what dad and I knew......there wasn't a person out there that didn't love Danny and love that smile he always wore! A military farewell with a 21 gun salute ended the day and Danny was laid to rest in a national military cemetery....just where he should be.

The funny thing was when I introduced myself "Hi I''m Pepper and this is my dad Howard." the reaction was always the same...large wide eyes and they would say "Your Little Pep?" While I may not be that little anymore, Danny musta filled them with many many stories of "Little Pep" that they were surprised to see MOI! A grown woman......but to my Danny I will always and forever be "Little Pep"!

the Swing of things

Getten back into the swing of things! Yea.....we can actually walk through the house without little path ways! It looks very organized......I dunno as long as you don't need to find something right away you're okay! We got hot water again on Tuesday only after my very chilly shower was taken! The new A/C unit will be hopefully next week! Scary power bill on it's way! The dryer however will be a few more days! Luckily it was under warranty! It's good to know at the laundry mat I can still pick me up a man , even in my do-rag, hubby's t-shirt and baggie shorts! Good for the ego, even if he's missen teeth! Haha not sure if he was didn't get that close!

Prince Charming is in his holy glory has the 40 inch TV in his room from the office with his PlayStation and Xbox set up in there! For now at least , he'll be sadly disappointed when it makes it's way in my room after I get a dresser that is and he ends up with his 19 inch Spongebob TV again! Hubby is looken at the 27 inch and 30 inch TV's yea...he's 8 Sparky! Aways it'll be like the pet store trip I'll have to supervise the new TV!

Yesterday I actually laid on the raft in the pool with a book! Ahhh what a life until the thunder and clouds came it was quite nice! But I can say I don;t have anyone to blog about at the pool! Oh well it'll have to be about the new adventures at the new gym we joined! Wow do they have some contraptions there to talk about! Another day ........

The BIG "O"

Yes I am experiencing the "BIG O"in every room I walk into! Hey, hey, hey the "Big O" I am referring to is OVERWHELMED, get your mind outta the gutter! Overwhelmed doesn't even feel like the proper word but it's what I'll use!

The drive down to Florida was pretty uneventful other then the hubby almost flipping the uhaul and trailer! I was following him as he doing OVER 80 I was doing 80 to keep up and he was way ahead of me! So as I see the uhaul up on 2 wheels my heart about stopped , when it started beating again I called to find out "WTF" happen! He was so casual with the "What I didn't think it was that bad?" I just over corrected alittle" OMG! They didn't even realize the truck was up on 2 wheels! The cats rode with me one sprawl over my lap and the other on the arm rest, next to the hamster who was on the front seat doing her own thing!

David Copperfield hasn't shown up to show me how to fit my 2400 sq. ft. house into this 1200 sq. ft. house. The air doesn't seem to work and the hot water now doesn't work either, the toilet runs hubby has fixed that, the pipe under the sink leaks hubby will fix that, when I plug in my dryer the it blew a fuse or something in my dryer cause the house is wired wrong ........and when I told our landlord they make ya feel like we are breaking stuff, cause they've "Never had any problems before with the house"!'ve never had any problems with a 50 year old house! Yeah we broke the A/C cause we like to sweat oh and broke the hot water cause we like to take cold showers after we sweat! Hey at least I'll have stuff to blog about!

One day at a time, I guess. We've done alot of painting , hanging all the "piggies" and making it our own for the next few years or so! We've unpacked alot already and the stuff that I didn't unpack I think will find it's self in a yard sale sooner then later! We have to many knick knacks .......mostly mine, I am fessing up on that one! But the pack rat hubby I have also has alotta stuff to! I may have to have the yard sale while he is away on business , then when he's looking for something , I could just say...."Oh it must be packed away somewhere" in time I am sure he'll forget what it was! Well until he reads this........

3 days left

There's always a theme song running thou my teen years my theme song was "Girls Just wanna have Fun"
While I was stalking the hubby it was "Going to the Chapel"
See really he had his chance to run and hide! His first clue would be when I introduced my self to his folks as "Hi I'm Pepper and I will be your future daughter in law" instead of the normal greeting from your friendly server.... "Hi I'm Pepper what can I get you to drink?". I do remember they both had a huge smile and his mother said "I hope you are!" So you see he was doomed from the start! When he so sweetly put a fence up for my babies... (Roxie the rottie and Bubba Lou the enormous mastiff chow mix)I tried paying him and he said NO...REALLY you just put up a 6 foot fence worked for 2 days and we aren't even dating? So I reminded him that he should take the money, because when I married him I would NOT be paying for him to fix things around the house! Yeah that's when he got the deer in a head light look..... took the money and then I asked him on a date! Ha doomed I tell you! Our first date was a wedding (3/15/97) .....I didn't catch the bouquet at that time (Don't want him running for the hills yet) ...but another (Or 2 or 3) weddings I jumped about 10 feet in the air and elbowed some girl almost took out a eye on another...but I did get that bouquet and the man!

Of course in every stage the theme song changes we were toasted by his Best Man to "Another One Bites the Dust" so appoperiate don't ya think! It's the song WE now deadicate at every wedding we attend! I know how thoughtful of us eh!
So with 3 more days till my theme song has changed to "On the road again". I am logging off this blog! I'll put my adventures of our move up next weekend after my hangover has subsided because after I am done UNpacking I have a new theme song in mind! "Margaritaville" by Jimmy Buffet!

As seen on TV

As if my house wasn't depressing enough with all the boxes and nothen on the walls, a small path that I can THANKFULLY get to my computer! NOW my bedroom is empty! I feel like I am camping, hubby is blowen up the air mattress so yep, it'll be like camping , well except I have the A/C, no bugs,TV with cable ( ohhhh big time camping here) my cat,fluffy pillows , comfy blanket and a REAL POTTY! No flashlight required for that potty break! ( yes I know I have been worken with preschoolers to LONG! )

Welp with one last dresser to go , hubby arrives home( hoping he made it here AFTER all the furniture was gone) WRONG! One dresser left he races up stairs to get his "AS SEEN ON TV" Forearm Forklift straps......and guess what they work! Yes we ( me and he) got the dresser outta my room, down 14 stairs, out the front door and down the 12 steps there. You'd think we'd stop and wait for the neighbor and his TRUCK right? Wrong hubby tells me grab my shoes....for what....I'm waiting for the truck that is at the neighbors house a few doors over! Okay getting the shoes, we'll bring it to the end of the driveway.....yeah wrong again , here we are caring a dresser down the street like we are Superman and Wonder Woman! At perfect ease......minus the major bitchen I am doing..." I can't believe we are caring this" , apparently neither can the guy down the street as he has now moved from the garage into the middle of his driveway.....but offered NO HELP! Thanks Pal! I'd wave but my arms are straped down! Welp the hubby was happy to use his 'As Seen on TV" straps......let's see how long that last come Saturday if he'll be as excited!


What a day! Finally got a shower and got outta my jammies at 3:330pm! The hubby painted "Prince Charmings" room , and repainted the wall in the living room. Me well we know my paint brush was revoked many many many moons ago! So I was assigned switch plate duty, and did some more packing! My front room has a small path so I can reach my computer. Good news I think PeeTree (the cat) is over being pissed at me! First I sold the bed she slept on, then the couch, then the patio set she'd sun on....but she has found herself a new spot! Perched on top of about 6 boxes is the Princes Game chair and she is planted right there on the chair in front of the window! Ahhhh so she'll be happy for a week , before I cram her in a crate and travel 800 miles again, then she'll be pissed again!

I have 143 empty hangers! Can you believe it! Geez either I had way to many clothes before OR I need to get 143 new items to go in my closet! I like that idea but I am sure I have as much chance of that as I do getting my very own scale! It's amazing what you keep in your closet! I still have my senior prom dress, the hubby was giving me flack for that since I rag on him that he has his grad nite shirt! Well at least my prom was in 93 .....way way way before grad nite in 1985! Boy I hope my pal Squirt isn't reading this, she'll be dialing the phone now to tell me to get rid of the prom dress! But in my fits in a shoe box! So that doesn't take up any room at nahhhhhh Squirt! I am keeping it to remind me how tiny I once was! I doubt I could fit a thigh in it....even on my skinniest day! It's black velvet, with a very high slit.......only because when I sat down in the car.......and oops maybe I should have gone up a size!

Do the numbers matter?

My OCD is starting to rear it's ugly head again! One school I work at has a scale, a digital scale in the bathroom! Let me fill you in on a little secret, I am addicted to scales, they draw me to them , just like doughnuts! I weigh my self before and after I pee just to compare! It's a thrill to see the numbers go down, it is just ounces but hey the numbers went down! In my single days I actually had a scale in front of the fridge! Yes I know crazy , but all comes with the eating disorder, now instead of being Bulimic, which I can say I overcame when I was 26 and throwing up morning , noon and night while pregnant! I thought OMG! I did this on purpose for 15 years? What am I CRAZY! No answer needed!

Well as luck would have it I had to reschedule at this school so I have been there EVERY week this month instead of just twice monthly! But to my horror the numbers are raising! I chucked it up to "mother nature's visit" but the numbers keep raising! It took my 11 months of hard core workouts and I lost 30 pounds and it only takes 2 months to gain 7 lbs back! WTF! OMG! AHHHHH! Hubby tries to comfort me by saying a gallon of water equals 6 lbs! WHO CARES! I didn't drink a gallon of water today! I would have peed a F%$#ing gallon of water back out! Then him AND Slacker were telling me it was "MY BODY'S" way of telling me I needed to gain some weight back! WHAT? NOOOOOOOO that is not the answer I wanted to hear! UGHHH I know in my head that numbers don't matter, I know it is suppose to be the way your clothes fit, the way you feel ,muscle weighs more then fat, oh blah blah blah , I've heard it all before and I know that's what it is SUPPOSE to be, but my mind has a different view on it!

So needless to say I think it's stress that brought on the 7 lbs and the OCD with the numbers on that scale! I mean we are moving across state AGAIN in 11 days! I doubt that the adventure home will be as adventurous as the trip up here to NC but you never know! And who knows maybe the hubby will buy me my very own scale! Wishful thinking I am sure since I haven't owned one in over 12 years!

Badge Required

After all these years it was finally time! Progress Energy had "Bring Your Child To Work Day! " And the little prince is finally old enough to go 8! All is well and good, jumps outta bed and in lighting speed is dressed, it's obvious that he isn't going ANYWHERE with ME getting dressed that FAST, he's more like a turtle when it comes to going with moi! They head off to work and I enjoy a relaxed morning getten ready for work instead of barking my usual demands, get dressed , brush your teeth, get shoes on, brush you teeth, you need to be dressed, yes you have to wear shoes, eat breakfast....blah blah blah is what he must hear, since it takes several times me repeating myself!

Progress had a whole day planned for the kids , breakfast, crafts, tours, computers, lunch and his most anticipated part getting a ID BADGE! Oh yes a REAL badge with picture and all! He has been waiting for this only to find out that "IT DOESN'T WORK!" Oh the nerve right they make a badge and it doesn't work! It gives him no access to anywhere , what kind of show are they running here! I mean really..............yes that is my prince charming.....always waiting what he CAN"T have!

ahhh what a weekend

Just call me slacker! I am slacken on everything! Gym, packing, laundry, homework, blogging! It's hard to get back on track when you've fallen off the rail! We went to Trace Adkins and Toby Keith Saturday night! What else could a girl ask for, I got to spend the evening with 3 handsome guys...Trace, Toby and the hubby! It was great to have an evening out, Caleb went to a sleepover yeee haw...... we went to dinner, to the concert....which by the way is a great place to people watch and just think WHY? So while I waited for the hubby to come out of the bathroom ( amazing it wasn;t the other way around) I wonder WHY men are coming outta the restroom and still buttoning their pants, or re arranging the goods? Does that mean they didn't wash their hands cause wouldn't you do that before you could wash? What are some of these people thinking while they are getting dressed? One girl was being paraded around on what I am assuming her boyfriend's shoulders wearing toddler size shorts with her checks hangen out, and a wonder bra.....geez really takes the WONDER outta that when that's all your wearing! I must of missed that fashion memo, that we now wear bra's without tops! Hummmm fashion ya just can't keep up!

Great concert! It was like being in exercise class! First the walking 2 miles from the parking lot, maneuvering our way through the drunks, squatting to pee in the potra potty ( TMI ...I Know) going up and down the stairs to get to our seats. And of courses the UP and Down during every song! We have to stand when the people in front of you stand and so on and so on and so on! Geeez you'd think these people didn;t know there were 20,000 people there with them! So we have about 20 minutes until the concert is over, I think Toby Keith was unbuttoning his shirt after ever song, man by the end he may be naked! Whew ,....what a night this is gonna be! Well then it starts to sprinkle......just a drop here and there, so it's okay but as soon as we realized it was starting to sprinkle the SKY FELL OUT! It started down pouring like mad! Everyone jumped up to take cover ...only there isn't any to take! So we started running ....yep still suck at it...double suck in a short jean skirt and high heel flip flops! Yea take it from me....not a great thing to run in!We high tail it to the jeep which is 2 miles away , in the rain feels more like 10....we jump in and start the jeep and ...the rain STOPS! Damn that Mother Nature...I didn;t get to see if Toby got naked or not!

Back to bed I go.......

Yep , it's one of those days! I skipped the gym again. Yes I was all gunho last week, but this week with the OH SHHHHEEEZZZ Shin splints I took Thursday off, but ended up walking with a gal pal to gossip! (Never gonna pass up a gossip session!) So really I didn't take yesterday off so this morning I rolled over as my eyes popped open at 5:20a.m before the alarm went off and I didn't even argue with myself ( the other ME musta been still asleep) I just hit that little OFF button and rolled back over!Ahhhhh you'd think that would be great however, I kept rolling over to check the clock to make sure I don't over sleep! So really I could of gotten up to hit the gym!

I get up get ready to have a great day when "Prince Charming" aka Caleb wakes up.........have I ever mentioned he is NOT a morning person! Takes after dad on that note, I however a ray of sunshine , a breath of fresh air, a shinning star .....okay okay I know enough already! Well I sure am alot more chipper then the boys here! So he starts with his grumpy morning demands the I don't want to's and the I wanna play the game.....UHHHH I swear the video games are driving me CRAZY! And that is not a far trip......most days closer then others! Get the Prince to camp and head off to work! At least my clicker happy toddlers are ALWAYS happy to see me!

I get in get my computer all set up and won't turn on! Are you kidding me! UGHH I already rescheduled a class this week cause the power went out and now here I sit in a building WITH power and NADA! The damn thing won't turn on! I fiddle with it and called tech support...aka..the hubby...and if he doesn't answer it's my brother in law! Keepen it in the family......he told to pack up and come home .I fiddled some more but still nada...great my clicker happy toddlers now have giant pouting lips!

I get home lug in the computer turn it on and POOF! The ^%$##%$#ING thing works just FINE!AHHHHHHHHHHHH this can't be's only 10 a.m! Tech support comes down stairs to take alook ........yep it's still working ...... and I am calling it a day and heading back to bed! Well at least until I have to pick the Prince up from camp!

Fitness Pole? hummmmm

Me as a runner , will be short lived I think! I now have a shin splint.....if that is the term for "OMG! This hurts to walk on!" Yep that's exactly what I have! Not to mention the sore calve muscle on just my luck the same leg! OUCH! I argued with my self this morning to get outta bed! I won....meaning I stayed in bed! Then when I get to work have my little happy clicker toddlers ready to go....the power goes out for 6 blocks! Just my luck , I can't do class today and I skipped the gym this I knew I had to go workout when I got home! Doing exactly that, bypassing the fridge, the cookies , the computer... straight up to my dresser put on my gym clothes and back out the door! Only to discover after my warm up ....that OMG! What the hell is wrong with my leg! I mustard through a wimpy workout, doing mostly arms , cause yesterday I pulled a muscle in my abs.....lack there of abs......somewhere under the muffin top it hurts! So I am assuming my abs are there somewhere!

But I have plan "B"! Yes a back up plan!I saw a commercial this morning about a NEW workout DVD! It's called the "Flirty Girl Workout" really a better name could be "Stripper in Training!". You get the fun new sexy, flirty workout DVD...if I call NOW they will also send the "Chair dancing" DVD...yes I could learn lap dances right in the comfort of my own home! BUT wait there is more I can also get a fancy pink BOA to do my workout with! Must be to wipe the sweat off, from all my bumping and grinding! OH but hold on I can call NOW and also ask the operator about getting the "FITNESS POLE" for just a $1.00! WOW where is that number.....not only will I have a toned beautiful body but I will have also trained for a new PROFESSION! Wonder what else they will throw in!

I might skip the pole, I'd hate to explain that to company and Caleb!

shoes, shoes, shoes....

As I do a mental eye roll and a big who left all these shoes here under the table! Ughhh I mean really , right under the table by the front I have to do a head slap and not a mental one! ME! Yes me I left not 1 or 2 pairs of shoes under the table but 4! 4 pairs of shoes under the table in just 2 days! Ughhhh so I pick them up to deposit them at the back door, where the land of shoes lay...and there are 6 more pairs of my shoes! In my defence 7 different colored flip flops, different styles as well and 2 pairs of sneakers and 1 pair of slip on you see I need all those! So I gathered up my selection and toted them back up stairs, except for my sneakers a pair of flops and the slip ons! Ya never know when you'll need those! I knew there was a reason I haven't packed the shoes yet!

Well I went to the gym , I argued with myself at 5:30 this morning! It's a tad scary when I start answering myself....the conversation went pretty much like this.....
ME: "Get up , go to the gym"
Me again:"No just let me lay here"
ME: "You didn't workout over the weekend"
Me again "I'm still sore from running on Friday"
Me again"I'll go later today"
Me" Liar.....Quit talking to yourself and get your @$$ to the gym"
Me again" Shut up"
Then I hop outta bed since it's obvious that I won't get anymore sleep with all the chatting going on in my head! I have decided I will never be one of THOSE people that say with a smile"Let's go for a run!" Yea....I don't think I will ever be one of THOSE people that enjoy running...but for now it's a goal of mine so I'll just do it! Anything to shut the other "ME" up that goes on and on in my head.......HEY! Maybe that's why I had so many pairs of shoes out! There may be more then just the 2 of us in my head! WHEW...scary thought!

Mummbles and Grumbles

After being at our community pool lately I've come to some conclusions.....bathing suits should come with either directions or warning labels. Some examples could be....
*If you can't tell what the pattern is on the suit once you put it on.....then take it off! It is not meant to expand that far!
*If the color is no longer recognizable when you put it on....the same as above it is not meant to expand that far!
*Bikini's aren't meant for EVERYONE! Only a few select people should wear them.....and I am not one of them! Neither are MOST of the people at the pool!

Some sale just aren't meant to be......when someone tells you they got their suit for $5.00 there is usually a reason for that! Not always ...but when your a size 10 and the suit is a 2 ....just because you can SQUEEZE into it...eyes bugging out among other body parts is a warning really isn't meant to be NO matter WHAT the price is!

Another thing with all the focus on Americans and how obesity effects 80% of the population (wow that's scary) then why do the clothes makers continue to make clothes smaller and smaller! My 22 year old niece has shorts SMALLER then my 8 year old son! Are they running out of fabric?

Same with bathing suits...I tried on a few and the other day, not only is it depressing but holy moly.....there isn't enough fabric to cover ...well the things that need to be covered! Even on my best day , I don't think I could pull off some of the bathing suits or shortie short shorts they have!So where does all the fabric go? You pay 40.00 for a pair of shorts a toddler could wear? What is it your paying for ? I think you could get a printed cloth napkin ad a pin here and there and TA have your own shortie shorts for $1.19 instead of $40.00! Wow think of all the money you'd save then!

Okay got my mummbles and grumbles out and ready for another interesting day at the pool!

Happy 4th of July

Have a Happy 4th of July! And Happy Birthday Bill! ( shhhh don't tell him the firerworks are for the 4th not his bday! )

I did it!

Whew! I did it! I actually ran...and no one was chasing me! I had my training session at the gym this morning! Kinda hard to be cranky at 5:30 a.m when your not really awake yet! Who has the energy for that! So today's lesson was how to breathe and run at the same time! It took 43 minutes to do 3 miles with running 5 minutes and walking 2 , but it was my first day! they say after you find your stride that you will love running and be able to just run....I don't think that'll be my case! But I have to say it wasn't as bad or as painful as I thought it would be! But then again I haven't tried to get up and move yet either since I got home! But great news I didn't want to scratch his eyeballs and I wasn't yelling DIE DIE DIE at the end of my workout, or causing a scene at the gym! So I'd say it was a success!
Now I am off to bathe....and maybe crawl back into bed! I've had the sleep walker, talker, arm flinger, and leg thrower sleeping in my room with me at night! Doesn't make for a restful sleep that's for sure and I'm not sure WHY he isn't sleeping in his bed! Maybe I'll have to start!

Up..down..up ...down

Really after all this packing, taping,squating, lifting, carrying, going up and down the stairs 50 million times this weekend .....I should be able to bounce a quarter off my ass! Not the case , still jiggles! Speaking of jiggles.....I would expect my arm to stop waving when I do, after a soild year of working out I would think I should be tone! But no , still have that waggle in my wave! I'll have to ask "boyfriend " at the gym when I train on Friday, before I reach the wanting to scratch his eyeballs out part of my workout!So about 5 mintues after I get there should be good!

Slacker came by last night with a goodie bag full of things to remember her by! So sweet! A piggie jar full of chocolates, yummm for my chocolate fix. A Salsa cardio DVD incase I can't find a Zumba class to go to! Best part of that is I could look like a frog in a blender, in the privacy of my own home, a piggie mug, a piggie oinking key chain. And the best of the best is a mug with her very own SLACKERISMS! She even added a few new ones! Here are a few.....
*DIET is a bad 4 letter word ..never say it!
*EXERCISE an 8 letter word- twice as bad as saying the 4 letter word!
*There is a STOP button on exercise machines for a reason 30 MINUTES!
*Just because it says ONE SIZE FITS ALL doesn't mean it is intended to be worn BY ALL!

Gotta say...Slacker is truely one of a kind! Full of wisdom, a tad deluisonal, and funny as SH.....

You win some you lose some..........

I know it's not about winning, and kids need to learn to be good losers not sore losers. I have decided that people who say that don't have a drama king child, or they never lose! We had the scouts space derby today, and Caleb was whining from the time he saw the trophy's on the table until we left! They had 5 trophy's on the table, 1st, 2nd and 3rd place, Most creative and Best Design. So for a group that doesn't focus on "Winning" we have trophy's GREAT! This will be FAB-U-LOUS! Caleb was rocket 26 out of 27, watching the rockets zoom by (at least a few did) he walks up to be to tell me he won't win, he wants to go home, blah blah blah.......

Here we are rocket 26.......... finally it's our turn to race and the rocket flies....I mean really flies by! Wow I was amazed and so was Caleb! He ended up in the final 4 after his rocket won 3 races! I was so proud of him ....and then came more's endless! I'm not gonna win.....more blah blah blah.... seriously the child has no sportsmanship!I don't know who he learns that from I'm a good sport , probably cause I never win! So is his dad...well unless some kid is cheating at soccer then he's not!

So I close my eyes for a moment and started to pray, I was at church today so I should still have an open line right? I thought I might be struck by lighting because I was praying he would win that trophy because I don't think I could handle the drama and endless whining that would come with losing! I know it's not very "Mom sportsmanship" to pray for someone elses kid to loss and maybe I'll be struck down tomorrow by lighting but THANK YOU LORD that he won 3rd place and took home a trophy!I'll take my punishment for hoping someone else lost tomorrow...but for today we will take home the 3rd place trophy!

Busy as a bee..........

We have been busy, busy , busy! The last few days have been filled with packing, and purging! I even snuck over to the store to get a few pairs of shorts....since I am practically naked thanks to Squirt convincing me to get rid of the clothes that don't fit! I had a final some point in life I hope to be done with school , but I can proudly say I got a 100%! Yea me....

As for my new goal to runa 5k I signed up for a training session with "boyfriend" AKA the hottie personal trainer at the gym. 5:30 a.m on Friday! Wow I know right.......... it's that determation thing I got going right now!I made it to the gym last week 4 times at 5:30 a.m., it's a tad lonely and I still suck at running! The plan is he will teach me how to breathe and RUN at the same time! Like I always say I am no expert , but I think it's important to do both!

I envision my workout going pretty much like the personal trainer joke that's been around for years......Monday - thinks it'll be fantastic...Tuesday...feeling great...Wednesday...getting irrated by the smile ..Thursday.....hating everything about working out....and Friday ....wanting the trainer to DIE! The only difference is the instead of a week long training session mine will be an hour at 5:30 a.m.! As I write this I am thinking that I maybe delisonal! And by 6:30 a.m. I will have a new name for "boyfriend" at they gym! Oh dear....what was I thinking!

The Naked Truth.....

Me an my big mouth! Chatten on the phone to my girlfriend Squirt I mentioned , that I didn't know what to do with all the clothes in my closet! Nothing fits! She asked why and I told her they were too big! And I realize that is a good thing! So of course she told me to donate it! I was baffled "What if I get fat again?" I won't have anything to wear! And of course her rebuttal is "You won't get fat! " Okay that makes since and I get that, these clothes are gonna sit here and take up space! As I talked to her with my "but, but , but" she was very strong in her "You don't need it" ...."You haven't worn it in 5 years" ..."It doesn't fit" ...."You're moving back to Florida you only need 6 sweaters! " welp lets stop right there Squirt! I know in Florida we have 4 seasons ...Hot, Hot, Hotter and semi- cool...BUT they also said when we moved here to North Carolina that it NEVER snows here! And guess what! IT SNOWED both years we lived here, and we even had to make up snow days! So WHAT IF it's a freak winter and it's cold!I may need more then 6 sweaters! GEEEZ (Good thing she lives several states away...and won't be counting the sweaters) But she was very convincing as I muttered about this and that, next thing I know I have 4 bags of clothes ready to donate!

WOW looks to me like I may be naked if the laundry doesn't get done! Good thing I have connections with the laundry Fairy!

I am running WHY?

Well since I was still awake at 5 am this morning I headed out the front door to hit the gym! Only to find that something had taken a liking to my trash and dragged it all over the lawn! WOW good thing it's 5 a.m I'd hate the neighbors to see what I didn't recycle! OOPS! So after I picked up all the icky trash headed back in washed my hands, and headed BACK out to drive to the gym...yes I know such determination......started driving and realized I didn't have my ipod and headphones! Oh the horror ...I can not go without those I'd be bored silly, and there's no one there to chat it up with of any interest at OH DARK THIRTY! So I headed back home, ran inside and started out again! Really should have just stayed in bed...but determined that's me! Delusional I am starting to think!

Thought I'd switch up my workout since I am gonna be a runner......hahahaha! I jumped on the dreaded treadmill cranked it up and walked , then during a commercial I tried running...yeah I really suck at running! I did 2 whole minutes! Wow and I want to do 3 miles! Yikes! So I decided I would run 2 minutes during commercial ...however the next commercial break came sooner then I'd like sooooooo I did 2 minutes every OTHER commerical break! Yep that's me the pro runner! Out of 40 minutes I ran a total of 6 whopping minutes! HA! Yep I suck! But I am gonna try again tomorrow ....maybe I can make it 2 1/2 minutes! Good thing I got 5 months to practice! And I am gonna have to get some running shoes, maybe some flats and heels to but for now.....I need running shoes!

Sleeping would be nice......

Well I think I was wrong in my last assessment about taking "hamster " off the menu! This morning "Tweety Bird" snatched "Padme" up by the neck, but when I screamed he dropped her! She landed on her back and was pretty much like a turtle, she's gotten so fat that she can't flip over by herself! But all in all she's fine! Whew ....good thing cause my little drama king would have been a nightmare!

I decided since I have been slacking on my workouts, that I needed to set a goal for myself! So I am entering a 5k in Florida. It's Nov. 22nd, only 2 days before my birthday..........My 29th birthday....... well 6th anniversary of my 29th birthday! Hubby said it sounded like a great idea, but did I realize I'd have to run! Slackers wisdom is always "Why would you run if no one was chasing you?" So I thought I could PRETEND all the people in the race were chasing me! I guess I need to learn "HOW" to run! I forget to breathe an I am no expert but I am sure you need to breathe.... so I think that should be my first step, but I figure I have 5 months to get ready and a 5k is only 3 1/2 miles.HA listen to me ONLY 3 1/2 miles...I already sound like a pro...a delusional pro ......... I'd no doubt drop dead if I did the Marathon of 26 miles! So now that I have officially said it, I will need to be reminded of my new goal, so I don't slack on it! Then again it is 3 in the morning, maybe I will have come to my senses by mid morning and delete this posting! Insomnia strikes again!

All this before 8 a.m????

What a morning! First I was in a dead sleep when I felt a horrible pain, it took me a moment...a SHORT moment to realize Caleb was asleep in my room and was tugging to flip his pillow...only the pillow wasn't what he was tugging! Yep he about ripped my boob right off! What a way to start my morning!

Since I was up and wide awake, I decided I'd hit the gym, no need to procrastinate, get it over and done! No one gets gussied up at 5:30 a.m that's for sure! The only interesting man I saw was camo boy! I wouldn't have been able to even see him , he was all in camo from head to toe.....the thing that caught my eye was the HOT PINK IPOD clipped to his hat! Don't get me wrong I am all for a splash of color...........

After showering, getting ready for the days I decided to start on some chores, laundry, dishes, you know the usual! When Caleb graced me with his presence this morning and it was only 7 a.m, we let "Padme" the hamster run around in her ball in the front room, while he watched cartoons and I went back to work doing chores......

I think I may need to put a bull's eye in the bottom of the toilet! Not sure who hasn't perfected their aim, my guess would be the boy....Dad has had many, many, many years of practice! (hehehehehe couldn't resist! ) Welp done with the bathroom I head to the kitchen where I FROZE! There was no Caleb but "Padme" and the 2 cats in the kitchen....only "Padme" was not in her ball any longer she was chillen with the cats! Really...they were sitten there!

I am starting to think the cats are not "REAL" cats! I mean they didn't eat the hamster, they like to play in the water! Pee Tree in the picture lets 'Padme" lay on her.... and "Tweety Bird" (I know wonder the cat is confused with a name like that) likes salad and fruit, but I guess we can take "Hamster" off the menu...or maybe I just resuced her to quick!