Naughty list

Really I actually googled how many days til Christmas on purpose? What the hell was I thinking?? Clearly I was not since it is 2:02 am and now my anxiety has skyrocketed! According to the countdown clock there are 5 days and 21 hours left! Doesn't it seem like it appears out of no where? I's the same ******* time each year....but really it does seem to sneak right up on you! I have been shopping for months ( yeah...OK you got me there ... nothen new) but still I just made my list...and check it twice... and whoops...I forgot some people! Like major family members! Humm doesn't that mean they must be on the naughty list? Eureka that's it! If I get called out for missing someone I will just just remind them what list they are on!

My glorious craft table is in over drive and is a hot mess! I have a Craft Explosion going on ...all my projects are running together! I'm sure at some point ( like in 5 days and 10 hours maybe)  it'll be nice and clean again ( for the hubster's sake) I am pretty sure I see his eye twitch a little more as each day passes and it still looks like ....Don't worry hubster this too shall pass...................well maybe!

Time Flies....

Can you believe there are only 14 shopping days left til ...gasp Christmas! Where did October and November go! I was shocked when I just looked at my post list and I have not logged in since the beginning of October! And trust me it's not like I didn't have PLENTY to ...oh how would the hubster put it...oh yeah.. NAG ABOUT! He must need a refresher course because here I am at 12:30am scrolling through pictures from this year to make up the Xmass cards first he points out that it is Xmass is in 2 weeks and I am just now doing the cards?  And then he pipes in "While your up ~ you should update your blog! I'm tried of reading the same thing!"

The past 2 months are a bit of a blur.....October all my free time was spent making Tutu's for my Halloween crafts! I had tutu's coming out of my ears. And when the dust settled in rolled November.

My great aunt had a massive stroke in early November. She is the godfather of our entire family, the glue that holds us all together, the strongest woman (besides my mom) that I know. It makes perfect sense my mom and my aunts would be so strong, they were all raised by her! She is also 89, but like I said the strongest woman I know, she is a fighter and has not given up yet. I am sure when she regains her speech.....she will have plenty to all of us ~ that go and visit and yap and yap away ~ whether she wants to hear it or not!! None of us can imagen a world without her, so for now ~ we don't let ourselves imagen that at all.

We have had some major
 changes in our school world. PC has changed to a private school that  caters to his ADD,ODD and OCD. It only has 92 kids from grades 5-12 and the best part....are you ready... there is ....wait for it.... wait.... there is.. NO .....HOMEWORK!!! There is a chance I may survive these "Tween years" without wearing prison orange!! We just started last week so time will tell if it'll be worth it. I certainly hope so!

Off to bed I need to go! My head is swirling with all the projects left to finish, shopping left to do and I totally need to get my lazy ass up and go to boot camp at 5:30am oh and swing by Walmart before I go! After all it is the baking season!!! The hubster - who BTW makes a WAY better house wife then me.....  made tonight for dinner...homemade bread, real Alfredo sauce with pasta and chocolate chip meringue cookies for dessert!
Can't you just feel your waistband expand???

Orange is not my color

Oh the things we do for our kids~ my good dead today is not strangling him! Really it's something I am doing for myself as I do not look good in prison orange or stripes for that matter! UGHH not sure if we will survive middle school ~ last week I spent the majority of the week "nagging" as the hubster would say about doing the  homework  the rest of my waking hours were spent at that whole job thing I go to, or making tutu's, but feels like the majority of my home time is spent NAGGING about doing the freaking homework! Which is what I am doing now, I decided I would take a break and count ...once I lost track of how many times I could count to 100 over and over and over I decided it was time to blog! This way he doesn't hear all the screaming voices that are firing off things in my head!!! Yes I am well on my way to crazy -ville and it has PC's name written all over it!

So I guess my nagging did not pay off since by Friday at 4:45pm  I get 3 emails back to back from  3 of the 7 teachers PC has....all with in 15 minutes of each other and this doesn't count the one from the PE coach  earlier in the week. Sadly to say they were not writing to tell me what a wonderful, joyous child I had and they were so lucky to have him in their class ~ no it was really about how he isn't listening , doing his work, following directions, coming to school with supplies......oh and BTW they all copy each other on the email ~ I guess this way if anyone else needs to pipe in oh....lets say the other 2 teachers with their complaints it can all be listed in one continuous email! I betcha cant guess what PC's explanation.........yepper that is correct-dah-mon-doe....."It's not his fault" NO it never is ~ you would think by now I would know that right??!! "And they are all stupid, mean, and he doesn't know what they are talking about!". And to add the cherry to the top of my day, when I do get home and start looking through his binder ..,...there is all the **&&^&()*&&&&^* homework that he FORGOT To turn in!!! Are you &&^^%^&*(*^$ kidding me!!!!

Just breathe...just breathe... in and out ...ahh that's hale....exhale......and repeat I do not look good in prison orange.........

It's a Short Walk

It is official ~ at least in my mind that is~ that this age tweens ~ you know the 11 year old going on 30 ~ middle school age child....should not even be classified as children or even human for that matter! I think it is PC's sole purpose in life at this point to drive me crazy! And it's not even that far of a drive ~ hell at this point I could walk there!!!

And can you believe he is the "ONLY ONE" at school who doesn't have an iPhone or android phone? Not that they are EVEN allowed to have it at school  but ~  OMG- Really the ONLY ONE in a middle school of 1200 kids is that even possible! Apparently PC has been negotiating with the hubster about getting him one.....I mean seriously we can not be the ONLY ONE in the school without one....what would the other 1999 kids think about that? And guess how I found out about this little deal that the PC and the hubster were making? Common sense would tell you that it was a family discussion at the dinner table over a nice home cooked meal ....hahahahaha.............. okay I cant even write that with a straight face ~ ! No that's not how at all....PC told grandma on the way to school one morning ~  (my mama) that he an dad made a deal that if he got straight A's then he could get one! Really? That would be great right how about we add in a few more things what your asked, clean up after your self, and if only you would do your homework without all my ...what was the word the hubster used "Nagging" - yes even said to me one day ( oh you thought I forgot this little comment didn't ya hubster ????) "Can you pause the nagging - he really wanted to see this movie". HUMMM........... nope there's no pause button so better snap to the homework and then he can watch the movie!!

UGHHHHH Okay so ....both the hubster and PC are trying to send me to the loony bin! Its a plot against me.....yepper  that's what it has to be......the deal probably was if you drive mom crazy - I'll get you a new phone...even thou you don't exactly have straight A's (close to it) and even thou you  are NOT ALLOWED to have it at school along with the other 1999 kids who have theirs at school or how would PC know that he is the ONLY ONE without one???


I've been a busy tutu maken fool I have 22 made so far!  I shared my pictures at work with the gals of my project for the craft fair The Witch Candy Jars.......and now I have 13 orders just from work! Needless to say I have "tutu-itis" in my thumb ~ I am sure it is a real diagnoses! I made the ghost and then I transformed it into a mummy! A sparkly mummy at that ~ since I am a firm believe that every girl should have some sparkle! I had a candle in them when I took the pictures.

The hubster thinks I should make a Frankenstein.....paint it all green with a scar across the argument on that was  "But Frankenstein is a boy and  he doesn't wear a tutu"   Hubster's smart ass reply was " And a ghost and a mummy does?"
Me: "Well duh!! They are obviously girl ghost and girl mummies!!"

I have to admit my head is spinning with ideas on all the things I could make out of these!!! Spiders, pumpkins, elf's, snowmen and Santa's to name a few!!!

Getten Witchy

My "Frankenkitty" is recovering well, however I am on his list since I have to be the bad mama and give him his med's. Let's say that is not an easy task! I've been busy craften' . My B-I-L's school host a craft fair every year around Halloween, so I have been whipping up witch candy jars! So stinking cute if I do say so myself! Then I decided that I will also need some ghost and mummy many ideas in my head right now!!! At least I have plenty of time! I also have ideas in there for Santa's and snowmans............I'll never be able to sleep again until I have all these ideas out of my head!!!!

So while I was busy making tutu's for my witch  jars (BTW I am starting to think I am obsessed with tutu's.Pretty sure I was meant to have a little girl to put in a tutu!!), PC was yeah we all know what Jamma Boy was little as possible, after all he has to go to school tomorrow! Oh the horror and it's an "A" day....meaning it's PE day! ! And the hubster was redecorating the little room off our bedroom. Since we moved me and my crafty stuff into the new fabulous space...he wanted to turn the other room into an exercise room.

So now this room has the weight bench, inversion table (which if you ask me looks like a kinky... whoops......never mind family members read this) oh and we have my dresser, the hutch desk that I converted into a linen closet and ...well the..errrr...the litter box Yes it is quite the assortment of pieces in this room! Oh and still up on a shelf you'll notice my Winnie the Pooh's (when it was my craft area it did have rhyme and not so much). So do you think it look more cosy with my Winnie the Pooh blanket tossed on the weigh bench? Frankenkitty (Rigby) sure does he hopped right up there! I think I may need to rethink the design here, but for now I'm sure the cats will be happy with a new place to lounge about!


So my little Rigby aka "Frankenkitty" is recovering well and you'll be happy to know he is no longer "depressed". Really I think once I told the vet "hey if your keeping him for free again over night ~ that's great if you think I have any money left to pay ~  you'd be wrong!" And it was like magic about 30 minutes later they called back and  my baby was no longer depressed but ready to come home!

They also sent me home with this nice little jar.....filled with....yep his colon! Really?  This is my souvenir for his trip to the ER? Seriously  I was hoping for a t-shirt...maybe it could read " I took my PET to the ER and all I have LEFT is this T-SHIRT"  NOW that would be a top seller I am sure! I may have to trade mark this for all those ( yes me) crazy pet owners, they can give them out when you get your bill!!! Brilliant I tell you,  just brilliant!! So I looked in my bag of goodies, cat med's , 2 jars with colon pieces yep - so what exactly am I suppose to do with this? They told me to put it in the fridge and on Monday bring it to my regular vet. Alrighty then....................

Guess what else I discovered? A jar of yucky colon pieces make a great diet aid...yep when put smack dab in the front in the fridge ...right where PC put it.yep that'll take your appetite away in a heart beat!! Oh and guess what my girl at the vet  looked at me and said when I stopped in Monday morning?  "And what are we suppose to do with it?" I told her it was a great diet aid and if what ever they had planned to do with it was going to cost me anything then don't do a damn thing!!

So for now they are just storing the icky jar! Rigby the Frankenkitty is happy to be home and well... my other two cats are NOT happy or maybe they think they will be next!!!

Golden Kitty

Saturday started off when yet another shopping trip to ....yep the Junkyard, I hope the hubster does not think this is our new Saturday morning outing! But his plans were foiled as we approached the road that has all the junkyards on it was closed. President Obama was speaking at the college at 10:30am..........and the roads were closed until 2pm! Really? This did not make the hubster happy (insert colorful language here) and as he was quizzing the lady officer with the "But WHY's and that's ridiculous comments" that did not make her to happy and she finally replied "You'd have to ask the secret service why- now turn around"! So we had to turn around and head the other way lucky for us there was a Dunkin Donuts so that his sorrows could be dunked in coffee with yummy donuts for all!
That was the highlight of my day, from there it went down hill.

After getting home I checked on the little one "Rigby" the cat, I noticed earlier that morning  he didn't seem to feel good. He was still laying around hiding under the bed which is not him at all. Then I noticed (this gets gross)  he threw least I thought he was throwing up mucus, after I was cleaning it up I noticed it was all over him. EWWWW when I picked him up it started draining out of his well you know...if not from his mouth the other end! I freaked out wrapped him in a towel and ran to the hubster. Call the vet he says....well that's great only they are closed it's Saturday, so I had to call a Emergency Veterinary....that even sounds expensive right there doesn't it? They told me to bring him in right away just for them to see him would be $90.00. Man- there goes my shopping for the day, with my mad shopping skills I could score at least 2 dresses and 2 pairs of shoes to match with change to spare! Okay , okay it's the baby of the family,  I make PC and his buddy ride with me to hold the cat in the car, since the hubster is all grease monkey like from  fixing up the truck.

I think it's safe to say it's a bad sign when you go in and they say we have applications for the Care Credit, which is a credit card that you can use for your pets health care, and we can call it in now to see if you get approved. GULP.... I  take the papers and say Thank you, I will show it to the hubster if we end up needing it. I probably should not have taken PC with me, as he starts pacing the floor, eyes all teared up and we haven't even talked to anyone yet! After they have checked out are little Rigby, and he seems to be getting worse, and worse high fever, ear infection and then there is the goo that is now pouring out of him like a facet! AHHHHH they come back with an "estimate" of how much the test they need to run on him.....gulp.....$321.00. I sign the paper...we wait..and wait...and now she enters with another "estimate" now which includes x-rays....I remember her showing me the paper and I literally let out a shriek...$530.00! Her response " I know this is overwhelming....but.... we think he ate something and it's stuck in there the only way to see it is to x-ray". Now I am crying (over the price and the cat) , PC is crying and his buddy is looking around like "How the hell can I escape from here". I sign the paper again and we wait...........the vet comes in with the x-rays to spout off lots of stuff, pointing and all I hear is "Blah, blah, blah ..(which I interpret to be) it'll be a shit load of money...blah , blah, blah" out she walks in walks my friendly nurse with YET another estimate...which does not include the $530.00 one I just signed! I'm surprised I didn't faint at this one it was going to be either $490.00 - $2600.00....depending on what they had to do- this was the scale it could cost! OMFG.............again she says to me " I know this is overwhelming but...." at that point I stopped listening or couldn't hear here through my sobs and signed the papers, grabbed the credit application and get ready to  headed home,  she says ...."Oh I'll need a $1500.00 deposit" WHAT???? they want a 50% deposit of the worse case  UGHHH! We  finally leave little Rigby to turn into my "Golden Kitty".

Don't get me wrong, I know the vet's are expensive, I know pets are expensive but I've never had one of my pets that had been so sick that I had to bring him to the ER vet! So I guess I am having sticker shock! Anyways after all that.they ended up doing emergency surgery, removing part of his colon due to damage, but they didn't find anything stuck so they think it must have passed and caused this damage. But she took pictures and kept part of the colon to show us??WTF???

UGHHHHHHHHHHH  so needless to say I am happy he will be okay, we are still suffering from sticker shock, and they think if all goes well today he should be able to come home tonight!

Let's Go Shopping

Nothing can make a girl's eye sparkle then her hubster saying "Lets go shopping....and I have a 50%off coupon!" Oh yeah I am in ~ me doing the happy dance ~

 Hummm............... this is not really what I had in mind!
To look for parts for his truck, PC had a grand idea that he would "loot"the cars....he was convinced they would be full of money.
Yeah sure people are striping the cars and trucks for parts,  doors, seats, headliners, seat belts but they would leave the huge wad of cash there in the glove box! I am a little worried PC may turn into a Fred Sanford he was rummaging through the cars looking for treasures, coming up with mystery keys, checking wallets for lost money, checkbooks, baby toys, and shoes! That's when I started looking for a pair of black heels for a project I have in my head! While looking in one mini van we found about 4 pairs of shoes, sadly none matched! Well the hubster had his wheel barrow full of his treasures, PC tossed in his stack of mystery keys and on the way out I heard a familiar voice say " Hey, you haven fun yet?". Are you kidden me ~ oh all places to see someone I work with the Junkyard? I am sure he will have great fun with that one!!

And today our family fun will continue, we are going kayaking. we have never been before, but yet again we have a coupon and it expires today!  So this should be very interesting............lets hope we all make it back from our family outing! I am sure PC is enjoying being grounded all this family togetherness! Insert evil laugh here!


Gator bait

So week 2 of middle school is completed. The outcome.....PC is grounded....what does that tell you! It's for his grades, yes his grades and his mouth! 9 days down and 171 more school days to go!!! Will we survive? I guess time will tell. So tonight as I was cleaning out his notebook to see what the wonderful world of homework is ahead of us, when I started reading his biography answers.
Where we're you born? Newcastle, England......really? Um NO it was Largo, FL believe me I was there. 
Most memorable moment? When I was almost killed??? I spun around and waved the paper yelling WHAT??  WHAT are you talking about?? With the biggest grin you've ever seen he looks at me and says...... "You remember when I was almost eaten by an alligator!"
 Oh yes....that day............. This story has turned into his great "Fishing Tale". Let's back up to when PC (Prince Charming) was 4 maybe 5 we went fishing in a little boat, with my dad and Captain Bob in a lake.....and yes there are alligators in the lake and as we were riding along on the little boat we also were looking at the alligators on the banks sunning themselves. And taking pictures to show dad!
So let's go to the part where he is.............. what does he say...almost killed!

Captain Bob is on the large side and mind you we are in a little we stay on this side stay on that side and we should even out kind of little boat, my dad the mighty fisherman is one legged, and then there's me the "Ewww you want me to do what with that shrimp on that hook?" And then we have the darling PC who was  4-5 and even then was a know it all. Anyways we were showing him how to throw out his fishing pole line, be careful, don't lean to far or you'll ............SPLASH......... Yep he fell into the lake, the boat kept going, and my dad is yelling swim...swim......I think it was slow motion as I start yelling at the Captain to stop the boat, and see PCs frantic face and arms and feet paddling , I dive in  like the mama bear to rescue her little cub, and pull him to the boat, which thankfully had stopped and turned around to get us. I lift him up into the boat to my dad, and I start to pull  myself up when it flashes through my mind "Holy $hit this lake has gators in it"! PC was very pitiful with his trembling lip quivering..."I dont want to fish no more" , then you have Capatin Bob ranting that he cant believe we dropped his bamboo fishing pole in the lake and LOST IT! Seriously Captain??? The kid here was almost gator bait...and your worried about a *&^%&^*(& fishing pole? Okay so needless to say it was the last time that Captain Bob and my dad offered to bring the little darling PC and I fishing!
And I do  admit it was a scary time, not that there were any alligators nipping at our feet, or chasing us, but I guess it is the thought that we fell in the lake, that yes contains alligators! I guess this adventure in PC's mind really left an impression! Every year the story he writes about gets a little more embellished, more dangerous, I am sure by next year instead of it being a lake, it's going to be an alligator pit, and my dad will be one legged because the alligator ripped it off! 

We survived

We survived our first full week of middle school! We did really great until he met the PE coach on day 4  that our darling PC does not want to do PE because apparently the coach told them they have 8 minutes to shower and get dressed and get to there next class. Sounds reasonable right unless you are aqua man? I guess the part that he said he didn't care if you were "1/ 2 dressed, naked or even in the middle of a poop" (ewwww) he'd drag you out and send you packing to class! Houston ...we have a problem!

I tried to prep him all summer about dressing out for PE, he is just not haven today was his lucky would have been his 1st PE day that he had to dress out and as if the stars were aligned just for was CANCELED! Yes I said canceled! Tropical Storm Issac heading our way and just as PC's luck would have it on gym day no less school is canceled..........and the storm heads the other way! It barely rained here!! The way his middle school works is they have A day and B I am predicting a lot of sick days on A days ~ aka gym days. At least with classes being every other day, it gives us time to get the dreaded homework completed! Yeah me ~~~since I think I will need a refresher course in math! How is it I can do the problem and PC informs me that I am doing it wrong? But I still get the right answer?? Guess I may need lessons from Calvin and Hobbes!



It has begun..... We are officially a middle schooler! Yikes! They put PC in 4 advance classes....reading, math, science and language arts .....everyone says oh that's great! Are they on crack? I mean HELLO have you not been paying attention to the battles I have with we have 8 classes and 4 of them are  advanced? I agree he's a smart ass most days .....ha ha ha I crack myself up....who  am I kidded most days?? That would be everyday!At least he gets that trait honestly...because his ...father and uncles are all smart asses! Ha - you thought I was going to say he takes after me! As if!

So the 1st two days of school PC came home to report that the kids cuss in the hallway, push you going up the stairs and oh this fat boy tried to steal his lunch!Being the mother of the year I am I told him that was because they (the kids) were all dumbasses!  Last night he was already saying to me....Can I stay home? Hummm, let me think about it......NO!NOPE! NOT GONNA HAPPEN!!!

 So today is day 3  the real test - because the 1st two days they spend in their home room and learned the rules and "stuff" of middle school - today however he would be attending 4 of the classes and would be starting  off with ......Guitar .....that'll be's hoping he likes it! The problem I foresee with this....PC thinks he should know how to do something.... or you should be born that way...practice - ha what's that? So I am sure he and the Guitar teacher will get a long famously ` since he has been blessed with such natural talent and wont need to practice to play!!! If we survive the week I will be amazed!!!

Get Crafty....

OMG OMG OMG!!! ! I am so excited I could do cartwheels... that may get dangerous but I could so do me some cartwheels! I really must put a disclaimer here...I have the worlds most awesome and talented hubster there is! I am sure when I told him last week I was going to take Monday off with him........ this was not what he had envisioned that we'd be doing on his day off!!! And when his idea was to "move my desk out of the bedroom" so he could put a treadmill in there....this was not what he had in mind either!!

But you know how the saying goes...... "A Happy Wife Makes a Happy Life" and let me tell you.this is one HAPPY girl!! So while he slaved away to make my uber fabulous craft desk , I found scrap wood - the very reason he hides it from because as soon as I see a piece the wheels start turning...and turning...and it usually creates more work for him! But not this time! I am happy to say I did this on my own! Yes that's correct...he made the huge craft desk and I made ....the back to this bench! LOL

I have so much work space to be crafty on and storage ....30 total cubbies to put treasures in! I haven't really decided what I am going to work on first....well first I need to get a comfortable bar stool .....with a back and a cushion ~ because I am not sure my ass is ever going to leave this space!!
PC would come out an check on us through out the day and roll his eyes on how excited I was! Humm guess there's just not enough action for him to be interested in my new craft space! That's okay cause it MINE....ALL  MINE!!!


It's a craft-tastic filled weekend! Projects in the works.....what do you do when your hubster won't cook on the gas grill anymore? Okay okay......... he has a good reason why he no longer will cook on could be the fact that the last time we used it there was a little mishap....and by mishap I mean the gas tank had a malfunction and he ended up catching his arm and leg on FIRE! Yes on fire, nothen like the smell of burnt hair to ruin a cookout he ended up with 2nd degree burns, and was going to put the grill out on the curb! But wait the crafty wife (a.k.a me)  yells.....I am sure we can come up with something to do with it.... And that is usually the sign that I will be creating more work for him to do! Which is why he usually tries and hide scraps of wood and stuff that I am sure we could make stuff outta!!

Anywhoooo he gutted the inside, did a little spray spray and here we have it ~ TAAA DAAA  my new planter by the pool.....I am going to put a bin in the bottom half and store extra pool towels, goggles and sunscreen in there!

I'll have you know I almost fell into the pool trying to get this picture I backed up an inch to far...good thing for my ninja like reflexes got me back on balance!

NOW we (a.kaa the hubster)  are working on my new CRAFT DESK! I am SO uber excited with this I cant stand it!! The saw is a blazing and the hubster is hard at work!!! So I better get off the computer before he goes on strike! Stay tuned.........for the big reveal of the redo to the back room................I hope tonight!!!

Show Time

Remember how when the kids are little and you never have a moment in the bathroom by your self, the very second you decide to break free and pee, the little humans are clinging to your leg? Thankfully those days in my world are long least with the little human part!
 Now I have an audience, the moment that the bathroom door closes I hear the scratching, meowing, and the paws come flying under the door. It's not just one cat......or two's all 3 that decide they'd like to join the party! It's not like I am trying to hide national secrets in there with me. I guess they figure they don't get to close the door when they go why should I? The little one "Rigbe" thinks that this is the perfect time to secure a spot in your lap....really now you want to cuddle?

I have not quite decided if they are mocking me and pointing at the muffin top, plotting to kill me (although they would starve to death if that is the case) or they just want me to put on a show when I am getting outta the shower or bath! It's quite the audience I on the back of the toilet, one on the seat and then one on the edge of the tub. I guess the theme song for when I am in the bathroom should be " I Always Feel Like Somebodies Watching Me"? Maybe I should start getting out of the shower doing leg kicks like a Vegas show girl? Well I'm home from my early morning torture class...oh I mean boot camp so I guess it's now " Show Time" and off to the  shower I go......with all 3 cats trailing behind me...............


Ahh yes back to school shopping has officially begun with it being the tax free weekend of course! The stores are in full force of long lines, out of stock sizes and colors, and oh yes lets not forget the whining children and stressed parents.. ( some parent's had that little smirk as the kids moaned and groaned.... .and all I could envision was the Staples's commerical  with the dad shopping and kids glaring) ...that just made the whole back to school shopping event so much funner!
 I thought I'd get a jump on things Friday night when I got home and the hubster and PC didn't look like they would be doing anything that involved removing their ass from the video games there were playing, I headed out armed with some coupons and discounts and bonus - Kohl's was open til midnight....not that I was there until midnight ~ but hey the option is there if I wanted to be! I was happy with my haul of shorts and t-shirts I was able to get, came home and had PC try them on (oh so happily as you can image) to discover that they did NOT fit!! UGH to snug...... but lucky for me Kohl's was open at 7am on Saturday, so I returned and tried again and as luck would have it still a little snug, I guess it's time to face the facts that I will not be shopping in the boys section anymore we are now entering the "men's" section means double the price right? And I'll be returning yet the shorts again!
 So we all ventured out to fight the crowd's with the hubster and PC in tow they entered the 3-D world with me (and about a million other people). Hitting the mall and PC having no interest in looking for "school uniform clothes" ~ but the new dress code is uber laxed he can wear cargo shorts and solid shirts- Really?? He is bulking that it's so stupid ?? I think because it does not allow you to wear jamma pants to school - guess that's just to Wal-mart! In Old Navy  hubster was able to find him a pair of cargo shorts and get him to actually try a pair on.........yes the kids cargo shorts are $10.00 and the men's cargo shorts are $35.00!!! He can wear black, khaki or navy...what color do we have GRAY....and then we found a navy and black pair of course couldn't get PC to try them on because "blah blah blah ..that's all I've been doing is trying stuff on....blah blah blah".  Yes he tried on ONE *&^%ING  PAIR OF SHORTS!!! So needless to say I have yet 2 more pairs of shorts to return because this time they are too loose!!
Next up we hit the shoe stores... not just ONE shoe store..... can you believe that there is not one pair of *&^%ING SHOES in all of the shoe stores apparently that fit  PRINCE CHARMING?? To tight, to snug, don't like them, dont like the color, blah blah blah.....finally enough is enough and we called it a day ( really before we had to call to bail me out of jail).
 The ultimate battle was over PC wanting to buy a bb gun....not sneakers..........sorry buster not on the school supply list! UGHHH and the award for the most difficult child goes to....PRINCE CHARMING! Who at this  rate will be arriving to his first day of middle school either :
 A.) In jamma's and flip flops  OR B.) Butt Naked


The comic strip "Baby Blues" this week was so me ~ only instead of a jewel gun give me some comics and Mod Podge! But I am pretty sure if you gave me a jewel gun I'd do the same thing as Zoe ~ and give everything some bling!

Front and Back Side :)  
I know I said that I would only be making one pair of "Comic book shoes" however after forgetting what a PITA it was to make those (and I am slightly insane) .....when we went to a used book store yesterday the entire back room was filled with comic books for just $1.00  dollar...and they had 1000's to choose from! So I picked out 4 ( I had to contain my self....and PC was there with his ughhh just pick one can we go...blah blah ..blah .....SO NOT A SHOPPER that boy) and we headed home! I rooted around in my closet because I was looking for a pair of shoes I could part with in their original form ~ not finding any just yet ......a red clutch bag caught my eye, I had only used it about 2 times in 6 years so yep ~ that would be perfect.

After all I already have "Spiderman and Friends" Heels  so now I needed an accessory to go with them  right? Well here we have it!!!  TA DA ......I have a "Wonder Women" clutch! She is such a bad ass and so knows how to rock those red boots! Hubster will clean up the edges for me when I'm done sealing it! And well since I still had lots of images cut out....I also found a pair of flats to do this morning! They are still rather messy right now so when they are all done I will put up a picture!


I am waving the white flag and surrendering. So we are now on week 2 of not attending camp since the hubster still isn't feeling to par he has been working from home. Which makes PC also referred to as Jamma Boy as happy as a pig in $*** (which is actually not a true statement....not all pig like to wallow in the mud or anything else for that matter ~ mine didn't even like to get her feet dirty).

Anyways 2 blissful weeks he has done nothing.......and it is NOT for my lacking of nagging! Really I should look as it as I donated the money to summer camp right? Obviously I am not getting my money's worth this year! I think maybe he has attended 8 whole dreadful, painful times this entire summer! Oh and that dreadful & painful is meant for me..after all I am the one who had to drive him....while he moaned and groaned the entire way there! Lucky for me ~ it's not a long ride!

So I mention to him that we need to start getting his school supplies and clothes for middle school and try and pump him up about it..(after all WHO doesn't like to go shopping for new stuff???) Oh yeah that would be my little Prince Charming who doesn't want to go shopping!!! I guess to an 11 year old boy, the thought of having to go buy new clothes for school is boring ...(or maybe he thinks they will allow him to wear his jammas to school...after all people wear them to Wal-mart) ......or it could be the fact he will have to actually get dress is "real clothes" and remove his ass from his computer chair and dare I even say go out into the 3-D world! Whelp here's hoping he doesn't combust into flames by being in the sunlight next weekend!


So just to prove how not sane I actually am I did another mud run. On purpose without anyone holding a gun to my head....see not sane!!!  Really I wanted to do this one because it was  called "Wild Hog Mud Run" and you got a t-shirt and a medal- AND the HOG is in the PIG family....and we know I love the piggies! So the hubster and I signed up a few months ago, only he still isn't feeling in tip top shape - so I convinced  my Jamaican workout buddy to do it with me ~ she was the only one crazy enough to join me!

This truly lived up to it's name ~ there was SOOO much MUD.....and I think not all of it was JUST mud since we were in cow country if you know what I mean! And  ~ I really didn't read the sign up sheet with all the obstacles - missed the part about the "Spectators Throw" where as you are climbing over medal poles in the murky river.....people are throwing rotten tomatoes at you?? Or the swim across the muck pond!! Ewww and there was a bull roaming around the course....he wasn't part of the obstacles thankfully (although I am sure he left some things AS obstacles)  but I guess he did not get the memo that he shouldn't be there~ and I guess no one was going to offer to tell him either!
This video is by a guy that did the race and came back to video tape his friends during my race wave. I make a muddy cameo at the end in the mud pit for a spilt 10 seconds!

 Still caked in some mud as I got home I was telling the hubster and PC all about it his eyes got huge when I mentioned my theory on the mud not JUST being mud! He told me I needed to get in the shower right now  and better use soap and shampoo ...and lots of it! OHHH How proud am I ~ he knows that's the stuff that's gonna get you clean!! Well it took a very LONG shower 2 full shampoo jobs, 1/2 bottle of body wash, plus the nail scrubber, wash cloth and 1/2 a bar of soap to remove all the grim! Hubster kept making spot checks to inform me I was still dirty!! When I got out of the shower...he informed me I was still sporting some dirt!

Well today I think I am finally dirt free but I am sooooo sore I feel like I have been run over by a mac truck and then he went in reverse and did it again! So I think the next one I am doing will be in October...maybe'll give me enough time to forget how &^%$^*ing hard this one was! But in the end I got my medal which is what I really wanted ~

 I really want to do the Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon ~ and it's not for my LOVE of RUNNING!!! Hahahaha it's for the cute pig medal and pig t-shirt! But I don't see myself going that far to run a race on purpose!

Jamma Boy

It was so close today.....I had PC up, showered (with minimal yelling to speed it up and use soap) , lunch was packed and we were just about to leave when suddenly he halted in front of the hubster's office to realize that hubster was still in his pajama's.......that's when it hit him, dad was working from home. Ughhhh yes I was so close to getting him off to camp today  ~ but then he did an about face and headed to his room and said I will be right back.  Only to reappear in his jammies and to inform me that I was crazy to think he was going to camp if dad was going to be here. Of course the hubster ....just smirked.....GEEZ wonder where the boy gets it from!!!

I think I may have to rename PC ~ Prince Charming (not precious child which is what one of my co-workers thought it must stand for LOL until she stumbled through some of my postings here in blog ville) to JB - Jamma Boy! He has seriouly been in his pajamas (dont worry NEW pair after each LONG shower~ I know this because the evidence aka dirty jammies are on the floor when I get home ) since THURSDAY of last week ~ and today my friends is WEDNESDAY! Hubster's been ill so he has been taking it easy and working from home on the days he is normally at the office. I will say that Jamma Boy is in "Pig Hog Heaven" with that.....not the dad being ill part ....but the being at home for the past 7 his jammies and really the only time he tends to remove his ass from  his chair is to pee and go to the kitchen for something to eat! Who knows maybe he is afraid he will combust into flames if he is to step outside in the sun or to the 3-D world.

I know...........I could be worse, he could be doing so many other things worse then playen on his computer all the time, yes I watch the news and read the papers ( well mostly the funny's and my horoscope but  still). So I guess my hope is that all this tech time will pay off and he will be the Bill Gates and take good care of me and the hubster when we are "old and be-fuddled" as he likes to say!

So this week he is in his Pajama Loving Glory as he managed to NOT attend 1 single day of the FULLY PAID for summer Camp! But I did manage to get alittle  dig in...when I mentioned that school starts in about 30 days!!! Yep- that's me the mature mama


My finished product! I added Mod Podge Sparkle as my sealer ~ every girl have something that Sparkles!  I didn't follow all the directions I found online and skipped a step here or there, but I think they turned out pretty cool! Even PC had to admit they are pretty cool shoes! I am hoping it doesn't rain tomorrow so I can wear these bad boys to work!


I woke up with the urge to purge this morning....well really I woke up because my darling 4 legged children were hungry at 5:10am and would not leave me alone until I got up and to feed them. Because no one else was awake!  I decided since I was up I would start cleaning and organizing my closet and the linen closet. I had 3 bags to take over to the Goodwill store by mid morning.

That's where it happened....whether it was fate or my destiny (okay alittle dramatic) after I dropped off I decided I would take a look and see if there was anything that gave me that spark to be crafty! And right there in the doorway, calling my name there was a bin of comic books!! I flipped through the  comic books, picked out a Spiderman one that came with 2 editions. I continued to look around  and there they were like a shining star calling out to me..................RED HIGH HEELS in my size ~ and for $2.99!!! OMG ~ yes it proved it right then and there I was destine to make the comic book shoes and this would be great practice! The man at the counter rang me up and said "These comic books are a great price at $3.99, just last week a guy sold it on ebay for $50.00". Needless to say his mouth dropped open as I said "Oh I'm cutting them up and putting them on these shoes to make comic book shoes!".

Stoping off to Micheal's, I peeked at one of the online tutorials to make sure I got all the necessary supplies that I would need. And headed home to be crafty! I ran inside and showed hubster what I got, he looked at me like I might have grown a 3rd head and said "Your going to cut these up? "  And then started snapping pictures to send to his comic loving brother - I'm guessing with a note that reads "Pep's gone crazy...she is cutting these up...better come quick" ..................GEEEZZZ Men I tell you...........well duh I am cutting them up I am making some new shoes here!!!
I settle in my office, pull up a you tube video on it, and start cutting...and cutting...and cutting, I decided I had cut enough scrolled around for a few more online tips and then started painting the Mod Podge on the shoes and started sticking the pieces of cut up comics on. That's when I noticed one of the tutorials said it takes 8 hours PER SHOE!!! WTF??? Have I completely lost my mind??? I do hope some of that 8 hours is dry time...oh yeah it is ....but you also have to coat them again the next day as well!! I wanted to be out and about wearing these bad boys!!! Well they aren't done yet because clearly it's gonna be a few days til they dry you recoat them 3 times and then put the clear coat on UGHHH ! And they won't be my practice shoes because that mess was very tedious!! So they better turn out FAB-U-LOUS!!! Here is after 1 coat, I have them on the hubster's workbench as my little  hint to clean up the edges for me with a razor!

While I was putting them together PC strolls in (rare occasion that he removes his ass from his computer chair) and then says "What are you doing? Does dad know?"  GEEEZZ "Yes dad knows and he thinks they are pretty cool looking  , and these are MY comic books anyways!! So HA! " ~ Yes that is me the mature mama .........

Mr. Sandman ..........

I had a great nights sleep last night! Not so much the night before, I awoke at 3am with the sound of a chainsaw roaring to life next to me  ....oh my bad it was only the hubster snoring, a few tugs to  his pillow to move his head, a few jabs to his shoulders  but he kept sawing away. Then I had Rigby the crazy kitten investigating who stole his poop from the litter box. At least that is my best guess on what he was doing in there scratching away at the top of the automatic litter box (best invention ever) so I get up to chase him out of the poop stealer. I start to lay down and hear "" I walk into Prince Charmings room now at 3:30am as he is sitting straight up in the bed eyes wide open and starts mumblings about "where are the Lego's and in mind craft he did ..........." I walk over and put my hand to his forehead and push him back down on the pillow....don't worry I did it gently...he is a sleep talker and sleep walker!

 I found him one time getting ready to pee in the hubsters chair~ he thought it was the bathroom! So it's a good thing that I am such a light sleeper or who knows what would happen in this house! PC usually comments to his buddy that "my mom's hearing is so good she can hear a moth fart" . Okay not so flattered by that statement, I think it's really that he and buddy suck at whispering so I can hear everything they say! Even 3 rooms away as they are plotting how at 5am they can sneak past my bedroom to get into PC's room and start gaming...I yell out to the living room  "not gonna happen ...go back to sleep"  I decided I might as well stay up since clearly the dark forces were in my way of sleep and then the wheels start turning about all the projects I want to do, need to do, have to do! So I grabbed the last lemon bar covered in powdered sugar (yumm) at 4am and settled down to read on the couch just as Tweetie Bird, my cat...he is the labeled as "the mama's boy" ......who really doesn't care if someone is stealing his poop...he's just happy it's a clean litter box jumps up with me and claims  his cozy  spot to lay ......right on top of the girls is where he trys to settle in and gets annoyed when I scoot him over so I can breathe and actually see my book with out all cat in my face. The nerve of me right!

Yes last night 3 melatonin's later I was in a blissful sleep didn't even hear if the hubster had the chain saws going, but when I woke up he was on the couch so maybe I was the one with chainsaws blaring?


I have a confession.I am addicted to Pinterest! It is full of so many ideas that my wheels are in overload spinning!! I am pinning all kinds of things I need to make whether its crafts or food recipes, fitness tips, smart ass pictures!!! It has something for anyone and everything!! It really can make you a little A.D.D~ so much stuff to see!!! The best part is it's like a big picture book.......... on steroids!

As PC will tell you I am a shoe lover/hoarder ~ of course I wear them all (most) of them all 76 pairs....sneakers, sandals, flip flops, flats, kitten heels, hooker heels, wedges, ankle boots, knee high boots...shall I go on!!! Well now I have found a pair I need to make! Yes I did say make! Comic Book shoes!!! How freaking cool are these...add a little mod podge, cut up some comic books (I can hear the hubster and his brother suck in the air at the mere mention of a pair of scissors  near a COMIC BOOK!) Oh but I am gonna need to hit them up for some comic books so I can make a pair!

And if these aren't cool enough.....check out these glitter-rific DIY shoes! Yes the wheels are so turning!!! Which shoes should I add a little "spice" to......... I may actually have to go buy a pair!!!!


If you ever heard PC carry on about how he hates camp ...incase you forgot....which I can not forget that since I am reminded daily would seriously begin to wonder WHAT kind of camp am I taking him to!GEEEZ he has been very clever getting out of it that's for sure!
 Last Monday he went to camp (not happily) but amazing enough he did survive! So Monday evening he was going on and on with the whole :" Ughhh I hate camp blah blah blah and I want to go to Meme's (MIL) and blah blah blah" more ramblings about camp and how much he hates it! I told him he'd have to go to camp because Meme was busy! But of course when he called her Tuesday at 7:30am as I am ready to take him to the slave camp he comes running out with the phone....
"Oh yes Meme, I would love to come over and help you babysit Parker (really he almost made it sound like it was HER idea and NOT his) . That's exactly why I was calling, I never get to spend anytime with him and I would be so helpful" now he is grinning ear to ear.........because you guessed it he doesn't have to go to camp! Oh how proud am I little con artist in the making! So off to Meme's we go and he gets to spend the day with Parker his 2 year old cousin. Fun times had by all....until we get home that is and now it's all about ...I want a baby brother! WHOOOOOOOOO back up the train buster ~ that is so NOT gonna happen! But WHY?? Really let me count the ways!!!
 So my suggestion  was to pack his bags and move in with Parker, that will be the only way your getting a baby brother!!! And if I didn't think that PC was crazy for asking.....Parker's mom my (SIL) should be committed to the funny farm after she commented that we should BOTH try getting pregnant together and have babies at the same time! Clearly the men in the white jackets may have to come pay her a visit ~ she has officially arrived at  loony-ville if she thinks I will be having anymore little darlings!!
PC only made it to camp one day last week (oh the horror he endured going for one whole day). They were closed on Wednesday for the 4th and of course hubster was home and so he didn't go on Thursday or Friday!
So this week he stayed home Monday ....somehow he sucker oh I mean CON-vinced (see con-artist in the making) hubster to stay home so he didn't have to go to the horrid camp! At least his buddy's mom came and got him and they played and apparently brainwashed her into thinking that it would be a great idea for her to be added to the pick up list at camp and then she could pick him up from camp early some days~ didnt know they meant today already! Okay okay that would be nice, I am sure he would love it! So picking PC up early from camp according to me is after 3pm  I mean I have paid for the whole 10 weeks of summer upfront~ gotta get my money's worth some how)......I guess picking him up early for buddy and mom is 9:30am........mind you he is dropped off at 7:45am!!! Oh yes he was a VERY HAPPY CAMPER today! I can see his wheels spinning on HOW he will get or CON his way out of attending tomorrow..............and we know there is no chance in hell he'll be attending on Thursday or Friday cause hubster's home!