Is it my turn yet....

They featured a great blog in the newspaper that has been getting alot of national I love it for the name! MY HUSBAND IS ANNOYING! Aren't they all? You'll have to check it out! Anytime my hubby knows I have written a new blog he always says ' What did you BASH me about today?" Humm maybe he's getten a complex so for today no hubby bashing...after all it is 4:45 in the morning and he's asleep need to bash yet!

Been a busy week. Found a place that has alotta STRANGE people all cooped up in one room holding a little white ticket, ears perking up when they hear the numbers called, hoping it is their number called, and oh so disappointed when it's not is.....none other then the Social Security office! After our big move....I can't find my social security card, it's safely tucked in a bin....the problem would be which bin! I claimed my little white ticket and had a seat next to a bearded man, with several bags attached to him, a fanny pack, backpack and a shoulder bag. So as I fill out these forms to claim my new card, as I am done he blurts out "You look Irish" yep , the red hair and freckles give that away, an I nod and say "Yes I am, German and Irish. " Well I guess in crazy land that must translate to "Please tell me your entire life story and don't leave a thing out, I have all the time in the world to hear about you , your wife, your children, the family dog, your schooling, your lawsuits pending with the government, and how you are no longer going to celebrate our grandkids bdays" My only response in this 40 minute one sided conversation was " You can't not celebrate your grandkids birthdays their only 3-11! " I know this because I know his ENTIRE life history! Another young guy looked as if he was going to add to the man's conversation but he either realized that this guy is a looney toon or that he wouldn't get a word in edge wise...he simpliy smiled that "wow that sucks for you" smile and turned back around.
When another elderly man needed to use the table to fill out his form I was eager to jump up and find a new seat! Only to have a women plop next to me and proceed to tell me her life story,REALLY! Do I have it tattoo on my forehead tell me your story? Holding my little white ticket I searched the numbers frantically to make sure they hadn't called me yet, as she went on and on and on until her phone rang! Saved by the bell and the fact the security guard was also the "phone police" NO PHONES ALLOWED is clearly posted all over the room. So while she was told to go outside (thank you lord) I decided I should use the restroom , and wouldn't you know as I was walking there they finallly called my number! Interesting place I gotta give it that!

Repeat after me

I am starting to feel like I am a parrot! Eat your breakfast, Get dressed, Brush your Teeth, Feed the hamster! Repeat! Repeat! Repeat! Then the Prince yells that I am YELLING at him! GEE after I repeat my self for the umteenth time I problay am alittle loud! Mornings are the worst here and of course Prince Charming thinks everything is my fault!Humm it looks like fault, and to think I didn;t know I had such connections with Mother Nature! The hubby is still outta town and the video games are still put away but for 4 days I have heard...."Am I being good? Can I have my video game back? When will dad be home? Will he hook my game up? Can I have it now? " Oh the power I have with those damn thing!

I tell you I think it's P.C's choice of drug, he's addicted to them! He misunderstood what I said at 7:00' clock this morning when for the BILLIONTH time he asked when will dad be home? My reply was "In the morning." So when I said for the 4th time get dressed and ready your ride will be here , he looked at me and said "NO, I'm waiting for dad to get home this morning! " UGHHHH trying to explain it won't be until tomorrow morning that he'll see dad, we had a major melt down of "What a liar I am"! Really ? This child needs a bar of soap shoved in his mouth, the squishy kind at that! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH !

So no needless to say I don't think we'll be hooking those stupid video games up when dad returns either! I think I may have to hide someone elses house so he doesn't get them back! Looney Bin here I come!

uh oh ....

Uh oh your know your in trouble when you get an email from your mother in law calling you a SLACKER! Since I haven't blogged in a week! Ooops! That'll keep me on my toes! But I didn't think she'd want to hear my master plan how I am gonna strangle her precious son over video games!It could be used against me in a court of law, I'm sure of it! I tell you those things are EVIL! Prince Charming turns into Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde when he's not allowed to play them! I took them away outta his room and you'd think it''s the end of man kind as we know it! After the melt down is over , he's on a mission to see about earning it back, he's such a sweet child then! The first day he said "Mom let's go for a jog, you gotta train for that race coming up" oh good God , I told him about that non sense! He doesn't forget a thing! We played football, swam stayed out side most the day! When he's in his "video trance" I can't even get him to go out into the 3-D world , much less enter the great outdoors! Hubby's outta town on business and I have the games hidden , the only problem is P.C. asks everyday when is dad coming home? Have I been good? When can I have my game back? Dad says if I'm good he'll hook it back up. When does dad get home? How many more days? .......ughhh I tell ya I can't win! Life was easier when all I had to do was take away his action figures for a day! These video games will be the death of me ...or my husband if he keeps giving them back every time I turn around! That'll be "just cause" in court.....I heard that on Law and Order! I'm sure I can pled out!

Oh but yesterday was a FAB-U-LOUS day! School started! Only 179 more days to go until summer, Prince Charming wasn't NEAR as excited as I was........I could have been doing cartwheels , but I thought that maybe a little "over the top" and I didn't wanna throw my back out! That would be bad! 3rd grade here we come!

Spring into action

It's amazing how I was able to SPRING outta bed this morning at 5 a.m! Yes the alarm clock went off at 5a.m for those of you who may not know this...yes there are two 5 '0clocks in the day! One in the "oh it's still dark morning" and the other in the afternoon! Yes I use to be one of those people who thought 5 '0clock only came once in the day! But this morning I jumped outta bed, mainly because now the alarm clock is across the room , so there will be no slapping the snooze button to get a few more minutes, or turning the volume off while I hit the snooze button and pretend I don't know why there is no volume, or how I could have slept that long......I had to jump up because the last person I want up with me is Prince Charming....... that's way to early!

So I hit the gym, and surprising enough there are quite a few people up that early at the gym! One was a long time friend that I went from Kindergarten all the way to college having at least 1 class with him until he grew up and moved away and went to a big kids college! Yes my pal Kenny thinks I am following him, that takes a whole new meaning to the word "Stalker" now doesn't it!

The machines are interesting! They have an "ab coaster" according to the info-merical I will have fab-tab-u-lous abs in no time!Although the people I see doing the "ab coaster" don't look like those on the info-merical.........maybe they just started too! They have a few different, bizarre looking glute machines, (great for the ass) maybe I could give up squats woooo whoooooo! A few other torture devices that I haven't figured out ..............

Farewell to Danny......

Getting back into the swing of things is alot harder when you hit a brick wall. The Saturday we were packing the house in NC I received a phone call from my dad, wanting to know if I was SITTING down? No are you kidding I am in the middle of packing a moving truck....doesn't require alot of sitting down! His bad news trailed with Danny a life long friend of the family at least my life long........Danny was found unconscious and was in a coma and they didn't know what happened or why. Over the past 2 weeks I followed up with phone calls to the family, to check on Danny and was very excited when he finally woke up about a week later. Although he thought it was 1974 there was hope! Getting settled in the house seems better, Danny was awake and Prince Charming and I picked out cat cards, with singing and funny messages along with pictures to make sure he remembers us .....he had 16 cats at one time.....but is down to 10! And I thought 2 were bad!

Then the dreaded phone call came that Danny had passed away. Just like that, first he wakes up and now he's not. They still don't know what happened, or why.......My heart sank when I realized there would be no more "Hey Little Pep" phone calls to see what's up, to check on me the family and my dad! No more Uncle Danny coming to visit in his FAB-U-LOUS convertible Thunderbird, being oh so sporty while being the world's worse dresser all in one! Love Danny dearly but he has never been a slave to fashion! But that never stopped him! Always a smile on that mans face, I honestly can not remember EVER seeing a frown on his face!

My dad and I flew to Chicago for the viewing and funeral. Danny was a man with not only many cats....did I mention 10! He also had a lotta cars ....Thunderbird, Harley, Volkswagen Bug, Monte Carlo and a BRAND NEW 3 WEEK OLD TRUCK. Yes needless to say Danny wasn't married ....cause you know a wife would SO NOT allow all those TOYS and CATS! He belonged to "The Wild Hogs" chapter ( and I thought it was just a movie) so they actually had his Harley and leather jacket and Hat in the funeral home! It seem to be the perfect fit, to show who Danny was! Next to the Harley was the many metals he earned being in the Army, articles about him through out the years, the man was nothen but heart! And the stories people told really confirm what dad and I knew......there wasn't a person out there that didn't love Danny and love that smile he always wore! A military farewell with a 21 gun salute ended the day and Danny was laid to rest in a national military cemetery....just where he should be.

The funny thing was when I introduced myself "Hi I''m Pepper and this is my dad Howard." the reaction was always the same...large wide eyes and they would say "Your Little Pep?" While I may not be that little anymore, Danny musta filled them with many many stories of "Little Pep" that they were surprised to see MOI! A grown woman......but to my Danny I will always and forever be "Little Pep"!

the Swing of things

Getten back into the swing of things! Yea.....we can actually walk through the house without little path ways! It looks very organized......I dunno as long as you don't need to find something right away you're okay! We got hot water again on Tuesday only after my very chilly shower was taken! The new A/C unit will be hopefully next week! Scary power bill on it's way! The dryer however will be a few more days! Luckily it was under warranty! It's good to know at the laundry mat I can still pick me up a man , even in my do-rag, hubby's t-shirt and baggie shorts! Good for the ego, even if he's missen teeth! Haha not sure if he was didn't get that close!

Prince Charming is in his holy glory has the 40 inch TV in his room from the office with his PlayStation and Xbox set up in there! For now at least , he'll be sadly disappointed when it makes it's way in my room after I get a dresser that is and he ends up with his 19 inch Spongebob TV again! Hubby is looken at the 27 inch and 30 inch TV's yea...he's 8 Sparky! Aways it'll be like the pet store trip I'll have to supervise the new TV!

Yesterday I actually laid on the raft in the pool with a book! Ahhh what a life until the thunder and clouds came it was quite nice! But I can say I don;t have anyone to blog about at the pool! Oh well it'll have to be about the new adventures at the new gym we joined! Wow do they have some contraptions there to talk about! Another day ........

The BIG "O"

Yes I am experiencing the "BIG O"in every room I walk into! Hey, hey, hey the "Big O" I am referring to is OVERWHELMED, get your mind outta the gutter! Overwhelmed doesn't even feel like the proper word but it's what I'll use!

The drive down to Florida was pretty uneventful other then the hubby almost flipping the uhaul and trailer! I was following him as he doing OVER 80 I was doing 80 to keep up and he was way ahead of me! So as I see the uhaul up on 2 wheels my heart about stopped , when it started beating again I called to find out "WTF" happen! He was so casual with the "What I didn't think it was that bad?" I just over corrected alittle" OMG! They didn't even realize the truck was up on 2 wheels! The cats rode with me one sprawl over my lap and the other on the arm rest, next to the hamster who was on the front seat doing her own thing!

David Copperfield hasn't shown up to show me how to fit my 2400 sq. ft. house into this 1200 sq. ft. house. The air doesn't seem to work and the hot water now doesn't work either, the toilet runs hubby has fixed that, the pipe under the sink leaks hubby will fix that, when I plug in my dryer the it blew a fuse or something in my dryer cause the house is wired wrong ........and when I told our landlord they make ya feel like we are breaking stuff, cause they've "Never had any problems before with the house"!'ve never had any problems with a 50 year old house! Yeah we broke the A/C cause we like to sweat oh and broke the hot water cause we like to take cold showers after we sweat! Hey at least I'll have stuff to blog about!

One day at a time, I guess. We've done alot of painting , hanging all the "piggies" and making it our own for the next few years or so! We've unpacked alot already and the stuff that I didn't unpack I think will find it's self in a yard sale sooner then later! We have to many knick knacks .......mostly mine, I am fessing up on that one! But the pack rat hubby I have also has alotta stuff to! I may have to have the yard sale while he is away on business , then when he's looking for something , I could just say...."Oh it must be packed away somewhere" in time I am sure he'll forget what it was! Well until he reads this........