The comic strip "Baby Blues" this week was so me ~ only instead of a jewel gun give me some comics and Mod Podge! But I am pretty sure if you gave me a jewel gun I'd do the same thing as Zoe ~ and give everything some bling!

Front and Back Side :)  
I know I said that I would only be making one pair of "Comic book shoes" however after forgetting what a PITA it was to make those (and I am slightly insane) .....when we went to a used book store yesterday the entire back room was filled with comic books for just $1.00  dollar...and they had 1000's to choose from! So I picked out 4 ( I had to contain my self....and PC was there with his ughhh just pick one can we go...blah blah ..blah .....SO NOT A SHOPPER that boy) and we headed home! I rooted around in my closet because I was looking for a pair of shoes I could part with in their original form ~ not finding any just yet ......a red clutch bag caught my eye, I had only used it about 2 times in 6 years so yep ~ that would be perfect.

After all I already have "Spiderman and Friends" Heels  so now I needed an accessory to go with them  right? Well here we have it!!!  TA DA ......I have a "Wonder Women" clutch! She is such a bad ass and so knows how to rock those red boots! Hubster will clean up the edges for me when I'm done sealing it! And well since I still had lots of images cut out....I also found a pair of flats to do this morning! They are still rather messy right now so when they are all done I will put up a picture!


I am waving the white flag and surrendering. So we are now on week 2 of not attending camp since the hubster still isn't feeling to par he has been working from home. Which makes PC also referred to as Jamma Boy as happy as a pig in $*** (which is actually not a true statement....not all pig like to wallow in the mud or anything else for that matter ~ mine didn't even like to get her feet dirty).

Anyways 2 blissful weeks he has done nothing.......and it is NOT for my lacking of nagging! Really I should look as it as I donated the money to summer camp right? Obviously I am not getting my money's worth this year! I think maybe he has attended 8 whole dreadful, painful times this entire summer! Oh and that dreadful & painful is meant for me..after all I am the one who had to drive him....while he moaned and groaned the entire way there! Lucky for me ~ it's not a long ride!

So I mention to him that we need to start getting his school supplies and clothes for middle school and try and pump him up about it..(after all WHO doesn't like to go shopping for new stuff???) Oh yeah that would be my little Prince Charming who doesn't want to go shopping!!! I guess to an 11 year old boy, the thought of having to go buy new clothes for school is boring ...(or maybe he thinks they will allow him to wear his jammas to school...after all people wear them to Wal-mart) ......or it could be the fact he will have to actually get dress is "real clothes" and remove his ass from his computer chair and dare I even say go out into the 3-D world! Whelp here's hoping he doesn't combust into flames by being in the sunlight next weekend!


So just to prove how not sane I actually am I did another mud run. On purpose without anyone holding a gun to my head....see not sane!!!  Really I wanted to do this one because it was  called "Wild Hog Mud Run" and you got a t-shirt and a medal- AND the HOG is in the PIG family....and we know I love the piggies! So the hubster and I signed up a few months ago, only he still isn't feeling in tip top shape - so I convinced  my Jamaican workout buddy to do it with me ~ she was the only one crazy enough to join me!

This truly lived up to it's name ~ there was SOOO much MUD.....and I think not all of it was JUST mud since we were in cow country if you know what I mean! And  ~ I really didn't read the sign up sheet with all the obstacles - missed the part about the "Spectators Throw" where as you are climbing over medal poles in the murky river.....people are throwing rotten tomatoes at you?? Or the swim across the muck pond!! Ewww and there was a bull roaming around the course....he wasn't part of the obstacles thankfully (although I am sure he left some things AS obstacles)  but I guess he did not get the memo that he shouldn't be there~ and I guess no one was going to offer to tell him either!
This video is by a guy that did the race and came back to video tape his friends during my race wave. I make a muddy cameo at the end in the mud pit for a spilt 10 seconds!

 Still caked in some mud as I got home I was telling the hubster and PC all about it his eyes got huge when I mentioned my theory on the mud not JUST being mud! He told me I needed to get in the shower right now  and better use soap and shampoo ...and lots of it! OHHH How proud am I ~ he knows that's the stuff that's gonna get you clean!! Well it took a very LONG shower 2 full shampoo jobs, 1/2 bottle of body wash, plus the nail scrubber, wash cloth and 1/2 a bar of soap to remove all the grim! Hubster kept making spot checks to inform me I was still dirty!! When I got out of the shower...he informed me I was still sporting some dirt!

Well today I think I am finally dirt free but I am sooooo sore I feel like I have been run over by a mac truck and then he went in reverse and did it again! So I think the next one I am doing will be in October...maybe'll give me enough time to forget how &^%$^*ing hard this one was! But in the end I got my medal which is what I really wanted ~

 I really want to do the Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon ~ and it's not for my LOVE of RUNNING!!! Hahahaha it's for the cute pig medal and pig t-shirt! But I don't see myself going that far to run a race on purpose!

Jamma Boy

It was so close today.....I had PC up, showered (with minimal yelling to speed it up and use soap) , lunch was packed and we were just about to leave when suddenly he halted in front of the hubster's office to realize that hubster was still in his pajama's.......that's when it hit him, dad was working from home. Ughhhh yes I was so close to getting him off to camp today  ~ but then he did an about face and headed to his room and said I will be right back.  Only to reappear in his jammies and to inform me that I was crazy to think he was going to camp if dad was going to be here. Of course the hubster ....just smirked.....GEEZ wonder where the boy gets it from!!!

I think I may have to rename PC ~ Prince Charming (not precious child which is what one of my co-workers thought it must stand for LOL until she stumbled through some of my postings here in blog ville) to JB - Jamma Boy! He has seriouly been in his pajamas (dont worry NEW pair after each LONG shower~ I know this because the evidence aka dirty jammies are on the floor when I get home ) since THURSDAY of last week ~ and today my friends is WEDNESDAY! Hubster's been ill so he has been taking it easy and working from home on the days he is normally at the office. I will say that Jamma Boy is in "Pig Hog Heaven" with that.....not the dad being ill part ....but the being at home for the past 7 his jammies and really the only time he tends to remove his ass from  his chair is to pee and go to the kitchen for something to eat! Who knows maybe he is afraid he will combust into flames if he is to step outside in the sun or to the 3-D world.

I know...........I could be worse, he could be doing so many other things worse then playen on his computer all the time, yes I watch the news and read the papers ( well mostly the funny's and my horoscope but  still). So I guess my hope is that all this tech time will pay off and he will be the Bill Gates and take good care of me and the hubster when we are "old and be-fuddled" as he likes to say!

So this week he is in his Pajama Loving Glory as he managed to NOT attend 1 single day of the FULLY PAID for summer Camp! But I did manage to get alittle  dig in...when I mentioned that school starts in about 30 days!!! Yep- that's me the mature mama


My finished product! I added Mod Podge Sparkle as my sealer ~ every girl have something that Sparkles!  I didn't follow all the directions I found online and skipped a step here or there, but I think they turned out pretty cool! Even PC had to admit they are pretty cool shoes! I am hoping it doesn't rain tomorrow so I can wear these bad boys to work!


I woke up with the urge to purge this morning....well really I woke up because my darling 4 legged children were hungry at 5:10am and would not leave me alone until I got up and to feed them. Because no one else was awake!  I decided since I was up I would start cleaning and organizing my closet and the linen closet. I had 3 bags to take over to the Goodwill store by mid morning.

That's where it happened....whether it was fate or my destiny (okay alittle dramatic) after I dropped off I decided I would take a look and see if there was anything that gave me that spark to be crafty! And right there in the doorway, calling my name there was a bin of comic books!! I flipped through the  comic books, picked out a Spiderman one that came with 2 editions. I continued to look around  and there they were like a shining star calling out to me..................RED HIGH HEELS in my size ~ and for $2.99!!! OMG ~ yes it proved it right then and there I was destine to make the comic book shoes and this would be great practice! The man at the counter rang me up and said "These comic books are a great price at $3.99, just last week a guy sold it on ebay for $50.00". Needless to say his mouth dropped open as I said "Oh I'm cutting them up and putting them on these shoes to make comic book shoes!".

Stoping off to Micheal's, I peeked at one of the online tutorials to make sure I got all the necessary supplies that I would need. And headed home to be crafty! I ran inside and showed hubster what I got, he looked at me like I might have grown a 3rd head and said "Your going to cut these up? "  And then started snapping pictures to send to his comic loving brother - I'm guessing with a note that reads "Pep's gone crazy...she is cutting these up...better come quick" ..................GEEEZZZ Men I tell you...........well duh I am cutting them up I am making some new shoes here!!!
I settle in my office, pull up a you tube video on it, and start cutting...and cutting...and cutting, I decided I had cut enough scrolled around for a few more online tips and then started painting the Mod Podge on the shoes and started sticking the pieces of cut up comics on. That's when I noticed one of the tutorials said it takes 8 hours PER SHOE!!! WTF??? Have I completely lost my mind??? I do hope some of that 8 hours is dry time...oh yeah it is ....but you also have to coat them again the next day as well!! I wanted to be out and about wearing these bad boys!!! Well they aren't done yet because clearly it's gonna be a few days til they dry you recoat them 3 times and then put the clear coat on UGHHH ! And they won't be my practice shoes because that mess was very tedious!! So they better turn out FAB-U-LOUS!!! Here is after 1 coat, I have them on the hubster's workbench as my little  hint to clean up the edges for me with a razor!

While I was putting them together PC strolls in (rare occasion that he removes his ass from his computer chair) and then says "What are you doing? Does dad know?"  GEEEZZ "Yes dad knows and he thinks they are pretty cool looking  , and these are MY comic books anyways!! So HA! " ~ Yes that is me the mature mama .........

Mr. Sandman ..........

I had a great nights sleep last night! Not so much the night before, I awoke at 3am with the sound of a chainsaw roaring to life next to me  ....oh my bad it was only the hubster snoring, a few tugs to  his pillow to move his head, a few jabs to his shoulders  but he kept sawing away. Then I had Rigby the crazy kitten investigating who stole his poop from the litter box. At least that is my best guess on what he was doing in there scratching away at the top of the automatic litter box (best invention ever) so I get up to chase him out of the poop stealer. I start to lay down and hear "" I walk into Prince Charmings room now at 3:30am as he is sitting straight up in the bed eyes wide open and starts mumblings about "where are the Lego's and in mind craft he did ..........." I walk over and put my hand to his forehead and push him back down on the pillow....don't worry I did it gently...he is a sleep talker and sleep walker!

 I found him one time getting ready to pee in the hubsters chair~ he thought it was the bathroom! So it's a good thing that I am such a light sleeper or who knows what would happen in this house! PC usually comments to his buddy that "my mom's hearing is so good she can hear a moth fart" . Okay not so flattered by that statement, I think it's really that he and buddy suck at whispering so I can hear everything they say! Even 3 rooms away as they are plotting how at 5am they can sneak past my bedroom to get into PC's room and start gaming...I yell out to the living room  "not gonna happen ...go back to sleep"  I decided I might as well stay up since clearly the dark forces were in my way of sleep and then the wheels start turning about all the projects I want to do, need to do, have to do! So I grabbed the last lemon bar covered in powdered sugar (yumm) at 4am and settled down to read on the couch just as Tweetie Bird, my cat...he is the labeled as "the mama's boy" ......who really doesn't care if someone is stealing his poop...he's just happy it's a clean litter box jumps up with me and claims  his cozy  spot to lay ......right on top of the girls is where he trys to settle in and gets annoyed when I scoot him over so I can breathe and actually see my book with out all cat in my face. The nerve of me right!

Yes last night 3 melatonin's later I was in a blissful sleep didn't even hear if the hubster had the chain saws going, but when I woke up he was on the couch so maybe I was the one with chainsaws blaring?


I have a confession.I am addicted to Pinterest! It is full of so many ideas that my wheels are in overload spinning!! I am pinning all kinds of things I need to make whether its crafts or food recipes, fitness tips, smart ass pictures!!! It has something for anyone and everything!! It really can make you a little A.D.D~ so much stuff to see!!! The best part is it's like a big picture book.......... on steroids!

As PC will tell you I am a shoe lover/hoarder ~ of course I wear them all (most) of them all 76 pairs....sneakers, sandals, flip flops, flats, kitten heels, hooker heels, wedges, ankle boots, knee high boots...shall I go on!!! Well now I have found a pair I need to make! Yes I did say make! Comic Book shoes!!! How freaking cool are these...add a little mod podge, cut up some comic books (I can hear the hubster and his brother suck in the air at the mere mention of a pair of scissors  near a COMIC BOOK!) Oh but I am gonna need to hit them up for some comic books so I can make a pair!

And if these aren't cool enough.....check out these glitter-rific DIY shoes! Yes the wheels are so turning!!! Which shoes should I add a little "spice" to......... I may actually have to go buy a pair!!!!


If you ever heard PC carry on about how he hates camp ...incase you forgot....which I can not forget that since I am reminded daily would seriously begin to wonder WHAT kind of camp am I taking him to!GEEEZ he has been very clever getting out of it that's for sure!
 Last Monday he went to camp (not happily) but amazing enough he did survive! So Monday evening he was going on and on with the whole :" Ughhh I hate camp blah blah blah and I want to go to Meme's (MIL) and blah blah blah" more ramblings about camp and how much he hates it! I told him he'd have to go to camp because Meme was busy! But of course when he called her Tuesday at 7:30am as I am ready to take him to the slave camp he comes running out with the phone....
"Oh yes Meme, I would love to come over and help you babysit Parker (really he almost made it sound like it was HER idea and NOT his) . That's exactly why I was calling, I never get to spend anytime with him and I would be so helpful" now he is grinning ear to ear.........because you guessed it he doesn't have to go to camp! Oh how proud am I little con artist in the making! So off to Meme's we go and he gets to spend the day with Parker his 2 year old cousin. Fun times had by all....until we get home that is and now it's all about ...I want a baby brother! WHOOOOOOOOO back up the train buster ~ that is so NOT gonna happen! But WHY?? Really let me count the ways!!!
 So my suggestion  was to pack his bags and move in with Parker, that will be the only way your getting a baby brother!!! And if I didn't think that PC was crazy for asking.....Parker's mom my (SIL) should be committed to the funny farm after she commented that we should BOTH try getting pregnant together and have babies at the same time! Clearly the men in the white jackets may have to come pay her a visit ~ she has officially arrived at  loony-ville if she thinks I will be having anymore little darlings!!
PC only made it to camp one day last week (oh the horror he endured going for one whole day). They were closed on Wednesday for the 4th and of course hubster was home and so he didn't go on Thursday or Friday!
So this week he stayed home Monday ....somehow he sucker oh I mean CON-vinced (see con-artist in the making) hubster to stay home so he didn't have to go to the horrid camp! At least his buddy's mom came and got him and they played and apparently brainwashed her into thinking that it would be a great idea for her to be added to the pick up list at camp and then she could pick him up from camp early some days~ didnt know they meant today already! Okay okay that would be nice, I am sure he would love it! So picking PC up early from camp according to me is after 3pm  I mean I have paid for the whole 10 weeks of summer upfront~ gotta get my money's worth some how)......I guess picking him up early for buddy and mom is 9:30am........mind you he is dropped off at 7:45am!!! Oh yes he was a VERY HAPPY CAMPER today! I can see his wheels spinning on HOW he will get or CON his way out of attending tomorrow..............and we know there is no chance in hell he'll be attending on Thursday or Friday cause hubster's home!
I  think someone is breaking in and filling the laundry hampers with clean clothes..and towels....I am certain that we have a laundry elf creating more laundry by the day! Or that when I put the piles of CLEAN clothes on PC's desk and instruct him to put away your clean clothes in my naggie voice I am sure.......that he may very well toss them into his hamper.....instead of walking the 2 extra feet to his dresser!! I know on at least 2 occasions when I was separating the clothes to be washed  I have found folded clothes in there it's not like I am pulling this idea outta my ass!
And when asked about that one......OH  I folded it BEFORE I put it in the hamper it was really dirty!!! SERIOUSLY? Do I look like I fell off the turnip truck last night?
After getting ALL the laundry done....yesterday ......I turned around to the hubster dropping his dirty pile from his trip....ahhh fudge-nab-it! Okay okay so now ALL the laundry is REALLY done....I go off to work today ...PC stays home with dad, because as you know HE HATES when I leave at 8am he is in jammies, when I return at 6pm he is still in jammies...........he claims a different pair, because of course he took his shower (humm he almost seemed insulted I would ask if he bathed today~ well if I could still smell you may want to try that again) .....but can we explain how I am on my 3rd load of laundry and I wasn't even home today to play dress up!!! And one load of laundry had 11 towels in it!!! There are 3 of 3 cats....even if we all used a towel including the cats...that means that we must have had 5 elf's here racing around as well!!

Yummm donuts

I have been very productive this morning I went to bootcamp and made a stop by Dunkin Donuts on my way home, all by 8:30am! The hubster got home late last night while PC was sleeping. I left the house before hubster, PC & his buddy woke up and was off to the torture session....oh I mean bootcamp.....and it's 4th of July so I am sure according to my buddy "Slacker" that counts as a bonus! On the way home I felt the car pulling alittle to the right...humm don't want to wreck so  I just went with it and wouldn't you know I found myself at Dunkin Donuts drive thou window! Might as well get the boys some donuts....after all I am already here and it would be rude to back out with out getting anything!

When I got home the boys had already planted there bum's in the chair and where already gaming, when they heard me come in they stumbled out to see what I would be making for breakfast.....I put down the 6 pack of donuts and said you each get ONE while I poured a glass of milk for them I turned around to only 2 donuts left!!! REALLY???

 We may need to work on math skills here boys! I know during the summer you get "Brain Drain" but I said ONE DONUT each to my calculations there should be 4 left in that box!!!!
They both looked at me and looked at the remaining 2 donuts and said .......Will you be eating those????  YES ....that leaves one for me and your dad now OUT, OUT , OUT of the kitchen!!
So I ate one donut after all I deserved it with my bonus bootcamp class this morning ....on a National Holiday and all! Hubster finally woke from the dead, I guess after 6 days of 16 hour days and the drive home he was a wee bit tired! He grabbed the last donut with his breakfast and took a bite....had his cereal and coffee while reading the paper.

So there it sat...and sat....with one little bite out of I looked up and said "Will you be eating that???? "(of course this is as I had already started to polish it off)  I have no doubt that according to "Slacker" the extra calories from that donut will not count since a bite had already been taken out of it!~

Off to camp we go

The hubster ( my new Pepper-ism - I am sure it's a real word somewhere)  is out of town on business you know what that means! Yep it's just me and PC! Oh the joys of auguring day and night - don’t be all green with envy now!

Our mornings start like this:

PC: I don’t want to go to camp

Me: Well you have to I have this whole JOB thing I go to everyday!

PC: But why? I don’t want to go to camp! I hate camp!

**** For the record here I am not sending him off to a slave camp where he is plowing fields all day in 100 degree weather  and pulling weeds...or doing any such  manual labor....he goes to summer camp ....with all his buddies. Who jump out of their parents car with a huge smile on their face and race inside to start their day as they wave a happy goodbye to their parents........not we argue as we drive there, as we sit there in the car circle all the reasons he HAS to go to camp....and then he jumps out and slams the door with his "mad face" and leaves me sitting there like the prison warden who took the pudding away at mess hall ****

Me: Again I have this JOB thing I go to daily, I am sorry it interferes with you sitting on your ass all day glued to the computer!  (Yes I say ass to my 11 year old - he can really bring out the best in me most mornings)

PC: UGHHHH just work from home like dad does!

Me: I can't, my job is different and I have to be there in person.

PC: UGHHH all you do is play on the computer and answer the phone.

Me: Okay well I need to do it in person or there won’t be anyone to play on the computer OR answer the phone! And you like having hot showers, food to eat, clothes to wear, a roof over your head with nice cold A/C to keep you cool right? Well then I gotta go to this whole job thing or they won’t pay me!!!

PC: UGHHH dad pays all he bills..............all you do is buy SHOES and STUFF!!!!

***As he slams the car door shut I add in the part that he is GROUNDED now so you better have all the fun you can while you are here!!! Of course he missed THAT whole conversation as he was on the other side of the car door and I was driving away so it went really smoothly!!***

Me vs. Mower

I thought I would help the hubby out while he is out of town. I am pretty certain that he will think I should have waited until he got home! But really we went on vacation, had tons and tons of rain and then he had to leave for business for who knows how long ……. And with that the grass grew and grew and grew! I bet it was 10 feet tall in the back yard! Okay okay maybe not THAT tall…pretty close to that thou ..… but I decided I would MOW! Yes shocking I know as I am NOT the type who MOWS the yard! I do notice there are a lot of women who DO like to MOW the yard and they do it quite well! That however is NOT me!

I was very proud of myself that I got the mower out, and even got it start! Ha- I can so do this! So I push the handle down and it fly’s forward….whoooo it goes really fast! Okay so I notice it is NOT actually cutting the 10 feet tall grass just making it flat, so I wiggle the knobs some, there is a turtle and a rabbit so let’s go to turtle speed and  take the bag off because I am sure that makes a difference right?  Humm still not working right….I try my aunt she knows how to use a lawn mower and as luck would have it she didn’t answer.  So I had to break down and call the hubby……”You’re doing what? Um okay well you see the lever and the button that says blade…yeah push that down” Okay with a few more instructions I am ready to try this again!

So I am really moving now the grass is actually getting shorter, almost plow into the fence with is already on its last leg as it is, haven’t really mastered turning around yet either so there are little …shall we say divots in the ground where I had to turn around (I will blame it on the squirrels burying things).  Oh and I notice I missed a spot here and there so I use the “vacuum maneuver” you know where you see a spot you vacuum it….kinda  a crisscross pattern not really the straight line path the hubby does!  So just as I am admiring my work and giggling to myself about the reverse Mr. T Mohawk I have going on, thinking  WOW good thing the hubby can’t see this……the mower dies! Seriously?? Are you kidding….so I decide it needs gas – logical choice so I open the shed back up and there are 2 gas cans knowing the hubby that means it’s for 2 different things!!!  Ughh I need to call him again to find out about this now…… okay back in business  I now know that the little can is for the weed eater and the blower…..ha ha as if I will be using those?  Back to mowing I go…I finish up and it’s pretty good for my first time (okay well really my second time ever but the first my SIL was there and she actually knows how to do this). It is in need of some serious weed eating so I take that contraption out of the shed…look it over, wiggle a few switches, pull on the string and decide that the back yard looks pretty darn good after all , stick it back into the shed and off to the front yard I go to look it over.

I try pushing the mower into the rock path to get out front, now I have grass everywhere from under the mower on to the stone...........I pull it back up to the grass and decide I am not going to embarrass myself trying to mow the front yard where the neighbors could actually see me and this *&^%$# mower won’t budge anyway! Maybe I could go out tonight with night vision goggles and use the scissors to cut the front yard ~ it’s not THAT big of space!  And this video would be reason enough for me to NOT  be out in my front yard where people can see me or worse film me mowing!!