Is it my turn yet....

They featured a great blog in the newspaper that has been getting alot of national I love it for the name! MY HUSBAND IS ANNOYING! Aren't they all? You'll have to check it out! Anytime my hubby knows I have written a new blog he always says ' What did you BASH me about today?" Humm maybe he's getten a complex so for today no hubby bashing...after all it is 4:45 in the morning and he's asleep need to bash yet!

Been a busy week. Found a place that has alotta STRANGE people all cooped up in one room holding a little white ticket, ears perking up when they hear the numbers called, hoping it is their number called, and oh so disappointed when it's not is.....none other then the Social Security office! After our big move....I can't find my social security card, it's safely tucked in a bin....the problem would be which bin! I claimed my little white ticket and had a seat next to a bearded man, with several bags attached to him, a fanny pack, backpack and a shoulder bag. So as I fill out these forms to claim my new card, as I am done he blurts out "You look Irish" yep , the red hair and freckles give that away, an I nod and say "Yes I am, German and Irish. " Well I guess in crazy land that must translate to "Please tell me your entire life story and don't leave a thing out, I have all the time in the world to hear about you , your wife, your children, the family dog, your schooling, your lawsuits pending with the government, and how you are no longer going to celebrate our grandkids bdays" My only response in this 40 minute one sided conversation was " You can't not celebrate your grandkids birthdays their only 3-11! " I know this because I know his ENTIRE life history! Another young guy looked as if he was going to add to the man's conversation but he either realized that this guy is a looney toon or that he wouldn't get a word in edge wise...he simpliy smiled that "wow that sucks for you" smile and turned back around.
When another elderly man needed to use the table to fill out his form I was eager to jump up and find a new seat! Only to have a women plop next to me and proceed to tell me her life story,REALLY! Do I have it tattoo on my forehead tell me your story? Holding my little white ticket I searched the numbers frantically to make sure they hadn't called me yet, as she went on and on and on until her phone rang! Saved by the bell and the fact the security guard was also the "phone police" NO PHONES ALLOWED is clearly posted all over the room. So while she was told to go outside (thank you lord) I decided I should use the restroom , and wouldn't you know as I was walking there they finallly called my number! Interesting place I gotta give it that!

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