Repeat after me

I am starting to feel like I am a parrot! Eat your breakfast, Get dressed, Brush your Teeth, Feed the hamster! Repeat! Repeat! Repeat! Then the Prince yells that I am YELLING at him! GEE after I repeat my self for the umteenth time I problay am alittle loud! Mornings are the worst here and of course Prince Charming thinks everything is my fault!Humm it looks like fault, and to think I didn;t know I had such connections with Mother Nature! The hubby is still outta town and the video games are still put away but for 4 days I have heard...."Am I being good? Can I have my video game back? When will dad be home? Will he hook my game up? Can I have it now? " Oh the power I have with those damn thing!

I tell you I think it's P.C's choice of drug, he's addicted to them! He misunderstood what I said at 7:00' clock this morning when for the BILLIONTH time he asked when will dad be home? My reply was "In the morning." So when I said for the 4th time get dressed and ready your ride will be here , he looked at me and said "NO, I'm waiting for dad to get home this morning! " UGHHHH trying to explain it won't be until tomorrow morning that he'll see dad, we had a major melt down of "What a liar I am"! Really ? This child needs a bar of soap shoved in his mouth, the squishy kind at that! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH !

So no needless to say I don't think we'll be hooking those stupid video games up when dad returns either! I think I may have to hide someone elses house so he doesn't get them back! Looney Bin here I come!

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