All Wrapped Up

EEEK! Can you believe that Christmas is in 8 days??? My craft-tastic desk has been disheveled for well over 2 months (ok ……..ok ….if you ask the hubster It’s been this way from the day he built it) and I think I have burned all my fingertips off in the process!! But I added 6 new holiday candy dishes this year with all the ideas swirling around in my head, it could have been more (but the hubs would probably have divorced me so I better not push my luck)!! Ha - it’s been fun! Pretty sure at some point the hubster will either change the locks or go on strike from being my master spray painter!! Maybe…………….just maybe he will re-instate my spray painting privileges……..but I am pretty sure that I have a better chance of pigs flying before that ever happens! I don’t know something about, getting spray paint on the car, garbage can, the house, the dog ….the ………..well everything other than what I am actually spraying!
As for the Prince, I am over the moon with the progress he has made!! These past few months have been amazing, in watching him grow and overcome some of his issues. I had my first teacher conference this week, it’s the same ol’ same ol’ on the comments from the teachers, he does GREAT work …..WHEN you can GET him to do it and turn it in! Yep…………..I’ve heard it all before! Over the past few months, he has traveled out of his comfort zone more and more, it makes me so proud.  

The Prince and I did some Black Friday Shopping, we left the house at 12:30am and retuned at 3:30am. We had a blast, went to a few stores, he may or may not have whacked an old  lady in the back of the head with a comforter set on accident, which usually would have derailed our day - but he just moved right past it, thankfully so did the lady!!!  The Prince wanted to make sure that anytime I am out at that hour, I needed to make sure he was with me……. For my own protection…..from all the hoodlums out at that hour. I assured him that this was not an everyday thing that stores were open all hours of the night and neither were all these people!

“S” his new friend, that’s just like him, has been a God send for us all!! They went to Orlando last month for the day to Mega Com, with good ol’ Uncle B, he is convinced they communicate telepathically!! And then the hubster had to travel over and pick them up that evening, he also confirmed it was the “quietest car ride ever”! So maybe that’s the reason the Prince had 2200 text messages last month, or at least 2197 of those were to her, the rest could have been to me and the hubster!

“S” has had tough times in her young life but she has overcome so many obstacles and she is an amazing young girl and a great friend to the Prince! So sweet, and caring and thinks that she is at that school just so she can help the Prince overcome some of his anxiety’s and issues! “S” even convinced him he needed to get a haircut ………. WTH?? Really?? Can she come over and tell you to also clean your room, do your homework and the other million things I ask him to do? Now don’t go all crazy thinking you could actually TELL he got a haircut ……but he did get a trim ……… a very small trim, but its baby steps!!

So this year as we are thinking about Christmas (did I mention it’s in 8 days) the Prince told us he wanted to get “S” a computer, that’s all she wants for Christmas and that’s what I want to get for her. Over and over again this has been his plea that this is what HE wants for Christmas, is to be able to get this for her. She has had tough times, and this is all she wanted and he told her that’s what he was getting her. WHAT??? I was flabbergasted that a 14 year old would even think to say something like this, much less promise someone this is what he was going to get her, but yep …. That’s my gem ….and that’s what he did!

We’ve had long talks about how things are, and how much money that would cost and why we couldn’t possibly do that. But the Prince was persistent and told us this would be HIS Christmas present, that we wouldn’t need to get him anything, not one single thing, this is what he wanted and it’s the only thing he wanted. We explained that “S” wouldn’t be able to get him a present like this is return, and he replied “ I already have a computer, I don’t want anything but to get her one of her own, she’s my friend and she deserves it”.

Taking a step back, looking at the big picture and seeing what a positive effect she has made in his progress, I would almost op to buy her a friggen brand new car …..if I had unlimited funds of course!!! So last weekend the most amazing thing happened, Mama Pepper called to say that Pop Pop Pepper wanted to take the Prince and go pick out a computer for him to give to “S” for her Christmas present! The Prince of course would have picked out a $10,000 top of the line laptop with all the bells and whistles, but he was very happy with the laptop that they picked out for her! He is over the moon to be able to do this, and I am so proud at how mature he is being! I mean really if you think stop and think about it …….I don’t know many grown ass adults that would give up getting a present  just so their friend could get something they really wanted.

So while the Prince is super excited and has his wrapping paper all picked out, from our Black Friday shopping trip ( I couldn’t figure out why he picked out wrapping paper with owls on it……….and then told me I wasn’t  allowed to wrap anything with it, that he needed it ……..….humm I know now that our little friend likes “owls” ) J It should be interesting to see how this gift giving goes, considering he bought her an anima hairclip in September for her birthday …………and the Prince still has it in his binder and now uses it for decoration!! Last week at the craft fair, he picked out an owl bookmark – (that’s when I put two and two together about the owl wrapping paper) but at the Christmas show last week he had it in his pocket, they sat and next to each other texting …… and I nudged him about the bookmark …..he just sat there ……….and I did what any mother would do …….whipped it outta his pocket with a big grin on my face handed it to “S” and said ….”Here you go honey, we saw this at the craft fair and thought of you”!!!

Did the Prince turn 42 shades of red and give me a wide eye roll …you bet our sweet- ass he did!! But that’s what moms do! And apparently from my conversations with the Prince I am “annoying”,  “ he can’t believe that we could be related” “ he just doesn’t have the energy to DEAL with my annoying-ness  in the mornings because he is to tired in the mornings” so I’d say ….I am right on track! Pretty sure my Mother of the Year Award is on it’s way! And for that matter so is my Wife of the Year Award as I sat through a Christmas Musical last night …….. (if you know me …you know I am not a fan of Christmas Music ….its okay for an 30 minutes …. Maybe  … on Christmas morning….) and tonight’s date night is the prescreening of Star Wars......

I look forward to the New Year and what new things it will bring both big and small milestones and new adventures for me, the Prince and the Hubster! Bring it on ~ We’ve got this 2016!