I did it!

Whew! I did it! I actually ran...and no one was chasing me! I had my training session at the gym this morning! Kinda hard to be cranky at 5:30 a.m when your not really awake yet! Who has the energy for that! So today's lesson was how to breathe and run at the same time! It took 43 minutes to do 3 miles with running 5 minutes and walking 2 , but it was my first day! they say after you find your stride that you will love running and be able to just run....I don't think that'll be my case! But I have to say it wasn't as bad or as painful as I thought it would be! But then again I haven't tried to get up and move yet either since I got home! But great news I didn't want to scratch his eyeballs and I wasn't yelling DIE DIE DIE at the end of my workout, or causing a scene at the gym! So I'd say it was a success!
Now I am off to bathe....and maybe crawl back into bed! I've had the sleep walker, talker, arm flinger, and leg thrower sleeping in my room with me at night! Doesn't make for a restful sleep that's for sure and I'm not sure WHY he isn't sleeping in his bed! Maybe I'll have to start!

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