Spring into action

It's amazing how I was able to SPRING outta bed this morning at 5 a.m! Yes the alarm clock went off at 5a.m for those of you who may not know this...yes there are two 5 '0clocks in the day! One in the "oh it's still dark morning" and the other in the afternoon! Yes I use to be one of those people who thought 5 '0clock only came once in the day! But this morning I jumped outta bed, mainly because now the alarm clock is across the room , so there will be no slapping the snooze button to get a few more minutes, or turning the volume off while I hit the snooze button and pretend I don't know why there is no volume, or how I could have slept that long......I had to jump up because the last person I want up with me is Prince Charming....... that's way to early!

So I hit the gym, and surprising enough there are quite a few people up that early at the gym! One was a long time friend that I went from Kindergarten all the way to college having at least 1 class with him until he grew up and moved away and went to a big kids college! Yes my pal Kenny thinks I am following him, that takes a whole new meaning to the word "Stalker" now doesn't it!

The machines are interesting! They have an "ab coaster" according to the info-merical I will have fab-tab-u-lous abs in no time!Although the people I see doing the "ab coaster" don't look like those on the info-merical.........maybe they just started too! They have a few different, bizarre looking glute machines, (great for the ass) maybe I could give up squats woooo whoooooo! A few other torture devices that I haven't figured out ..............

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