The Naked Truth.....

Me an my big mouth! Chatten on the phone to my girlfriend Squirt I mentioned , that I didn't know what to do with all the clothes in my closet! Nothing fits! She asked why and I told her they were too big! And I realize that is a good thing! So of course she told me to donate it! I was baffled "What if I get fat again?" I won't have anything to wear! And of course her rebuttal is "You won't get fat! " Okay that makes since and I get that, these clothes are gonna sit here and take up space! As I talked to her with my "but, but , but" she was very strong in her "You don't need it" ...."You haven't worn it in 5 years" ..."It doesn't fit" ...."You're moving back to Florida you only need 6 sweaters! " welp lets stop right there Squirt! I know in Florida we have 4 seasons ...Hot, Hot, Hotter and semi- cool...BUT they also said when we moved here to North Carolina that it NEVER snows here! And guess what! IT SNOWED both years we lived here, and we even had to make up snow days! So WHAT IF it's a freak winter and it's cold!I may need more then 6 sweaters! GEEEZ (Good thing she lives several states away...and won't be counting the sweaters) But she was very convincing as I muttered about this and that, next thing I know I have 4 bags of clothes ready to donate!

WOW looks to me like I may be naked if the laundry doesn't get done! Good thing I have connections with the laundry Fairy!

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