Is My Bed Ready Yet??

OMG!! Where did this month go???
Well lets see ......
I have finally discovered how to have a peaceful, non arguing morning, complete with no yelling for Prince Charming  to get in the shower, wash (don't just lay there in the tub and use up all the hot water), hurry up in the shower and yes another reminder to wash ...with soap and shampoo... ....hurry and get out of the shower!!!  This peaceful morning also included No complaining about how the breakfast I have made sucks, the lunch I packed sucks.....well here's an idea for you genius ....don't take so long in the shower and you'd have time to have a say in what's for breakfast and you could pack your own friggen lunch!!! But NO why would we do that when its so much fun to moan, groan and complain and just make our mornings oh so ......loud ~~ mainly because I am yelling like a crazed mental patient by 8:08 for PC to get out of the friggen shower and get dressed ... because we leave at 8:10am - yeah ... that doesn't happen often ...and then he is all crabby in the car because he has to put his shoes on, eat the breakfast that sucks  in the car .. and what ?- you packed this for lunch ?? I don't like sucks.....lets just say school mornings...or any morning I have to poke the bear to get up a morning that indeed sucks!!!  

However ~ I have discovered the secret how to take a nice hot, long, quite bubble bath all by your self, without 4 legged fur babies like the cats or pups or even the hubster coming to see what you are doing.......I have discovered how to sleep without being woke up by my fur babies all hours of the night, how NOT to have to cook (hahaha not that I do it often), or do dishes, unload the dishwasher or laundry or any of those other pesky domestic duties that you have to do....

So what's my secret?? How did I manage to do this? Have I run away and changed my identity? Well not that I haven't contemplated that option a few (thousand) times ......over the years .....

I shall call you ..... "Cha-Ching"

It’s been a long month and a half with our little new fur baby Jill, and finally I think the light at the end of the tunnel is a good thing…..and NOT the train getting ready to run me over! Adopting her spur of the moment (ok …well kinda… spur of the moment) we have certainly had our fair share of issues!! She has had tons of medical issues starting from day one of adoption! I am thinking I should rename her to “Cha –Ching” because she is costing a fortune between kennel cough, demodectic mange (needing 3-6 treatments at $100 a dip OMG…..we are on treatment # 3), tape worms (the most disgusting thing I have EVER seen), a UTI infection (seriously??).  And just last week I had to take her to the Emergency Vet ~ (OH COME ON)!!! I had flash backs from being there with Rigby…who we dubbed the “Golden Kitty” after he had to have emergency surgery!! 
Waiting and waiting for the doc to come in
Thankfully she didn’t need surgery or anything drastic like that! The diagnose they came up with after me sitting there for 3 hours was “Non Specific Gastro” so really … they had no idea what caused her to be sick to her tummy…for $260 they could have made up a fancy name……..but they gave her a shot to stop the vomiting, a pill to stop the runs and some fluids to replace everything that came outta my poor girl!! She just laid all curled up in my lap ....while my leg went numb ... and growled when ever the door bell woke her!
 But I have to say ….Jill woke up one happy pup the next  morning, wagging her tail and giving her morning kisses (did I mention that both Jack and Jill are my new bunk mates~ good thing hubster sleeps on the couch) that I would have paid twice that amount ~ but we certainly won’t tell the vet that!!! Finally she is feeling better and she hasn’t had any accidents in over a week!! So we won’t have to change her name to “Piddles” either!
Now as far as mischief goes …… well ………Jack and Jill  have been in full force mode on that!

The hubster told me the other morning that he had to go into the office for a couple of hours ..……hum well that poses a problem doesn’t it? We have 2 pups and 1 crate…. I even contemplated calling in sick (I know not the most ethical thing to do …..but OMG leaving the fur babies unattended for 2 plus hours.. …they make horror movies outta stuff like that!!!) Prince Charming chimed in and said he would stay home with them….. umm………almost considered that option too! In the end I made a Redneck attempt at a barricade to get them all blocked into the craft room ……….they had all the comforts they would need…….I had their beds, toys, snacks, water and I even left the TV on so they would have something to watch …….as they laid there quietly and behaved!!! Apparently they must not have like the show I left on ……….when the hubster returned home he started sending me pictures!!My attempt had failed……..  If it wasn’t for my little angel face Jill caught in the act of sleeping on the couch I’d think the cats framed them …… okay so maybe I should have called in that day ……because clearly I was delusional thinking blocking them in would work!!

Jack and Jill are also helping speed up the process of our redecorating efforts……. The hubster has been looking to update our curtains for some time now …….
Guess the kids thought that sooner would be better then later!!! So we currently are living in a fish bowl after we had to take them down completely and all the fur babies (3 cats and the 2 pups) are really enjoying not having those pesky curtains in the way of their view outside!!!
Oh what fun this has been............