Slacker No more.....

Wow my M-I-L wasn't kidding when she said I was slacking! I haven't posted since Oct. 10th! Geez gives a whole new meaning to SLACKER! Well where do I start? Hummm my excuse that WHY I haven't be blogging! I got a "big girl job" yes I am now worken a 4o plus hour work week! Helping coach soccer 3 days a week after work ......( and believe it or not we are 3 an 1) starting another on line course to help me with my new "big girl job" and oh yes.......homework with Prince Charming! Well that is another 30 plus hour job a week! I don't get it.....He (WE) made straight A's on OUR report card (First time EVER) ! But now he won't do anything....homework, class work....I really hate the thought of repeating 3rd grade, and I know I am assuming the worst, and the hubby says "Well don't you remember doing that and ......I'm sure I did" WELL NO 3rd grade I was still tryen to please the teachers not piss them off by being STUBBORN!

So I do what any sane (hehehe are there really any) mother does and make the teacher her xmass gift yes, bribing her to adore little PC like we all do....(most days) .....I whip together a diaper cake for the new baby that is popping out at anytime....sooner then later with the stress PC is putting on her! So I make a 2 layer diaper cake ( out of diapers not real cake) I asked PC is it going to be a boy or a girl? ....His answer is "I dunno looks kinda freakie to me....alittle like a blob" hummmm guessing we shared the ultrasound at school, so I make it with cute duckies and looks great ....only for PC to tell me this morning...."I'm not given her nothen...I don't like the teacher! " So I have in the closet for another day ....when he will like the teacher! Or maybe I will bring it the conference so she'll like me! Hummm better add some diamonds and rubbies to it! But come January I will have another teacher to bribe's been a long year and we're only in December!

Geez December....well brings me to my next thing....My goal to run a 5k before my bday...while yes the 6th anniversary of my 29th bday has come and gone and I did not make that goal. I really ....REALLY ...REALLY hate running so that goal wasn't my brightest idea! And with my big girl job.....who has time to learn to run properly! Yeah who am I fooling! I really really hate running! :) I have been slacking on being at the gym....but slacker no more! I was there this morning at 5:30am.......I do have to say in my "slackerness" (is that a word...if not add it to the Pepperisms list" ) I have had to call Slacker Senior to clarify some of her delusional rules....such as I am in my workout clothes, driving BY the gym, parking, walking PAST the gym , PEEKING inside, but shopping at the store NEXT to it does that count towards working out???! And wouldn't you know I get bonus points for that! Counts as an EXTRA workout too since I walked BY and Looked in! Gotta love your delusional friends!

When in doubt it counts!


  1. So glad you are back at the gym! Your shoes are on the way - oh and yeah no blaming me for any muffin tops at all! YOU DON'T NEED FAT CLOTHES!!!! Oh no not the diaper cake bribe!!! P.C. needs to straighten up!

  2. Slacker Senior here - delusional friends are great to have - without me who would give you all the helpful "not to workout" advise - gotta love me. BTW - too much to do tomorrow - not working out - however, i will wear my tennis shoes and drive by the gym twice in the morning and think about not working out - so it will be as if i worked out for 2 hours - wow will i be tired - so gotta go get some rest now so i can handle the intense non workout tomorrow!!! :) love ya