Back to bed I go.......

Yep , it's one of those days! I skipped the gym again. Yes I was all gunho last week, but this week with the OH SHHHHEEEZZZ Shin splints I took Thursday off, but ended up walking with a gal pal to gossip! (Never gonna pass up a gossip session!) So really I didn't take yesterday off so this morning I rolled over as my eyes popped open at 5:20a.m before the alarm went off and I didn't even argue with myself ( the other ME musta been still asleep) I just hit that little OFF button and rolled back over!Ahhhhh you'd think that would be great however, I kept rolling over to check the clock to make sure I don't over sleep! So really I could of gotten up to hit the gym!

I get up get ready to have a great day when "Prince Charming" aka Caleb wakes up.........have I ever mentioned he is NOT a morning person! Takes after dad on that note, I however a ray of sunshine , a breath of fresh air, a shinning star .....okay okay I know enough already! Well I sure am alot more chipper then the boys here! So he starts with his grumpy morning demands the I don't want to's and the I wanna play the game.....UHHHH I swear the video games are driving me CRAZY! And that is not a far trip......most days closer then others! Get the Prince to camp and head off to work! At least my clicker happy toddlers are ALWAYS happy to see me!

I get in get my computer all set up and won't turn on! Are you kidding me! UGHH I already rescheduled a class this week cause the power went out and now here I sit in a building WITH power and NADA! The damn thing won't turn on! I fiddle with it and called tech support...aka..the hubby...and if he doesn't answer it's my brother in law! Keepen it in the family......he told to pack up and come home .I fiddled some more but still nada...great my clicker happy toddlers now have giant pouting lips!

I get home lug in the computer turn it on and POOF! The ^%$##%$#ING thing works just FINE!AHHHHHHHHHHHH this can't be's only 10 a.m! Tech support comes down stairs to take alook ........yep it's still working ...... and I am calling it a day and heading back to bed! Well at least until I have to pick the Prince up from camp!

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