Really?? Yes Really?? It took us 5 days to get our Christmas stuff down and put away…..The hubster and I are well known for having our Christmas d├ęcor down put away, boxed up , outta here ….tree is usually at the curb by 2pm on yes that very same day. For the past 15 years that has been our tradition, last year I let it slide and did it the very next day Dec. 26th .. okay so that wasn’t so bad…. BUT this year OMG – 5 days?? Every call I got or person I saw would say “Oh I know you already have your stuff down and put away! You always are so fast to get it done!” ...... ME: “… ..well no not yet”. And then you hear the GASP  …”But you ALWAYS have it down on Christmas!!”

Whelp not this year!!! 5 days of me….. as the hubster likes to say …. “NAGGING” yes 5 days of “Nagging” about getting the bins down to get Christmas packed up and put away…… so yesterday I guess I finally wore him down ( or maybe he noticed I was developing an eye twitch with each and every passing day). He then so foolishly said “There this should stop all your nagging” REALLY? You silly silly hubster – do you actually think that will stop me dead in my tracks??? Um no … but at least you give me something to write about!! Gotta love when he provides me with ammo… oh I mean material to blog about! Not that I don't have tons of random thoughts that plow through my head on a daily basis ... I just don't have time to get them down and out before the next thought occurs...... but maybe that'll change I ended up getting 5 journals between my birthday in November and Christmas!!! I could store one every where and always have a spot to jot stuff down!

Who would have thought that when I googled “Nagging Wife” to get a funny picture that so many images would appear (thankfully mine was not one of them )!!! Really this must be an epidemic – so dear hubster it’s not just you that has to suffer with the “nagging wife”! So this got me thinking while I walked little Jack this morning at 6:30am – the same dog that P.C. promised with every bit of his soul that HE would be WALKING ….Morning, Noon and Night …. Yeah that hasn’t happened ……it’s like pulling teeth to make him go with me to WALK HIS DOG!!! At this point I am so attached to Jack that I think I would return P.C. to the shelter and keep the dog!! After all he is always happy to see me!!

Anywhooooo …. I started thinking about “New Year Resolutions” ~ you know with New Year hovering over us, starting 2014 fresh and leaving 2013 in the dust. What should my resolutions actually be? And would I actually keep them? Hummm …let’s see maybe I could modify them to fit my needs so that they would be attainable…

1. Stop nagging the hubster and PC (unless it serves a purpose i.e. getting decorations put away in a timely manner, getting P.C. out of the shower before there is no water left in the county, yelling at P.C. to pick up his dirty clothes, clean the genie pigs cage because it stinks, walk the dog…. )

2. Get my craft table cleaned up and organized ( unless I am in the middle of a project – then the craft table is a work in progress)

3. Shop less and work with what I have in my closet (unless it’s a REALLY good sale that I can’t pass up and I have to have it … and of course using gift cards doesn’t count!) Somehow I don’t think this one will work for me … for long …

4. Eat healthier and plan meals and snacks to make it actually happen! (Over the past year I have discovered I hate grocery shopping as well as cooking ….humm guess I better get over that eh?)

5. Don’t gain weight (well it seemed like a better idea then saying “Lose weight” because I am trying to make goals I could keep… somewhat)

Well there you go, I am sure there are many, many more promises that I will think of that “should” be on the list but it’s a start for now .. … and that’s all I am looking for is a Fresh Start for 2014!

Happy New Year !!!

Decking The Halls

That picture just makes me smile :) Yes there he is my little Jack who is now 26.4 lbs. of happiness - growing at a rapid pace.....still hoping we are not mixed with St. Friggen Bernard... The one who is happy to see me at every waking moment (his or mine). He was really excited when we brought the xmass tree inside....luckily for us he squats to pee (like a girl dog)  and doesn't realize that boy dogs hike their legs and pee on trees and everything else they come across to smell ( thank you doggy gods that he was fixed early)!!

I took an old fire place screen and made a doggy/ cat gate to block off the tree.... Ok ok I know that NOTHING would keep the cats from leaping ever so gingerly over my newly created barrier.....or walking along the back of the couch and on to the windowsill jumping down only to tease the dog while they poked their paws through the openings ... with a "Hahahaha we can get back here and you can't taunt" but this year they don't have much interest in the tree ... that could be because they are to busy leaping onto higher ground to keep away from Jack!!!
 Just to be on the safe side I made sure all MY PIG ornaments were hung HIGH in the tree (just incase any fell we wouldn't want THOSE ones eaten) and hung stockings with care...and to top it off - doused everything with "Apple Bitter Spray" so he wouldn't eat everything!!! And let me just say.... that shit works!!! Jack smells the stockings and walks away... smells all the xmass decorations ...and walks away ......well then he decided he'd eat his doggy bed while no one was looking!!!

Side note: Santa - Jack needs a new bigger bed - he outgrew (and ate his) old one.....

Have you noticed that every year it's a WTF did x-mass get here so fast?? It's on the calendar the same time every friggen year!! Same day ...never changing .......but now it's like a speeding train...a speeding bullet ...oh no it's just x-mass!!!

I could pretty much just hit "DITTO" from last year's blog post the only difference is that it's 20 days till x-mass and not 5! But it is  after 3am and my anxiety is through the roof, and not only is my craft table a hot mess, but I have also exploded over onto the bar area is so outta control I had my glue gun plugged in at the Hubster Coffee Bar - which by the look on his face and the twitching eye is a NO NO ...(and it was only for a quick second) but still his eye was twitching and the brow was arched and he wanted to know WHY I was there .....with the glue gun.... Well duh...because I needed a plug that I could find!!! Hummm... he has offered to help clean OUT the craft area.... no no no .... that wont be necessary ...I 'll get to it ...eventually!!Before xmass actually arrives ...which at the speed it's traveling will be tomorrow!!

So if you need a little pep in your step or just want to up the holiday anxiety to a new level click here and see the Christmas Clock Count Down .........