How old do I have to be........

"How old do I have to be before I can cuss?"this is one of the many questions that have been asked this week by Prince Charming! He's 8 ! He'd also like to know when he can smoke a cigar, drink a beer and have a sniper rifle.....again let me repeat he's 8! While he took my answer of 21 for the having a a beer and a cigar, he's miffed by the fact he can't get a sniper rifle at this time....not a plastic kid one of course not he wants a REAL one ...oh but don't worry he won't put any bullets in it! America's Most Wanted here we come!

The even longer discussion is why he can't cuss, well can't I just say the "H" word......distracting dad (hubby) while he is working he continues with the endless "Dad please can I just say the "H" word, Kaela says it (she's 8 too, and sings a song that has it) after endless bugging I guess hubby made the mistake of sayen yes only around Kaela. So P.C comes running back to me in the other room with "Ha ha dad said I can say the "H' said so NAH! " My response was sure say it if you'd like a bar of soap jammed in your teeth! " "But dad said! " Finally before I was transformed into a arguing 8 year old I just walked away......but I will have the bar of soap at hand , no matter what "Dad says."

When we made it home last night after saying farewell to our friends...P.C. came home to report to hubby that "Zac" said the "A" word, the "F" word and he's only 6.....yes but his mother can make a sailor blush so it's no wonder they repeat it and he forgot to mention how she smacked his behind with a wooden spoon.........but he just wants to really say the "H" word....hell if I know ! I guess to complete his phrase....."What the.........."

While it wasn't my MIL this time around calling me a "slacker" it was the darling hubby, who said you need to update your blog! Really I think he just wants to see what my latest hubby bashing would be if he didn't already know! While him and Prince Charming stoll in with a ball python....remeber earlier blogs where it was over my dead body .....all they musta heard was blah blah blah cause now in P.C's room we have "Padme" the hamster and "Snakie" the snake...really it's just a matter of how the food chain will work here at our house.......Cat eats hamster....snake eats cat? or Snake eats hamster then moves on to bigger things like the cat? Who knows? Not a big fan of snakes unless they are on my shoes or handbag....accessiores yes...pets...not so much!

I have really been in a funk the last few weeks, yes I believe that would be the technical term for it! I have slacked off so much in my workouts I now am sporting a muffin top! UGHHHHh that I blame on my gal pal Squirt who had me toss all my fat clothes cause and I quote..."You won't gain it back" that would be cause she isn't here as I stuff my face endlessly and avoid the gym like the plague! I think I have the devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other with yes work take a nap and eat.....obviously the winner would be the napping and eating part! Just a funk......and a perpetual black cloud that has been looming over me the last few weeks. But the good news is that I have decided no one can fix this but me....and a little lipo (that I can't afford) so I'll have to put my "big girl panties on" and stop whining! I'll keep blogging as my therapy, cause I'd most likely be committed if I went to an actual therapist and then who would save 'Padme" the hamster as she faces death ............trapped in the jaws of Tweeety bird my deranged cat who thinks it's a mid nite snack! Seriously I had to duct tape her cage shut, so she'd STOP escaping~!