ahhh what a weekend

Just call me slacker! I am slacken on everything! Gym, packing, laundry, homework, blogging! It's hard to get back on track when you've fallen off the rail! We went to Trace Adkins and Toby Keith Saturday night! What else could a girl ask for, I got to spend the evening with 3 handsome guys...Trace, Toby and the hubby! It was great to have an evening out, Caleb went to a sleepover yeee haw...... we went to dinner, to the concert....which by the way is a great place to people watch and just think WHY? So while I waited for the hubby to come out of the bathroom ( amazing it wasn;t the other way around) I wonder WHY men are coming outta the restroom and still buttoning their pants, or re arranging the goods? Does that mean they didn't wash their hands cause wouldn't you do that before you could wash? What are some of these people thinking while they are getting dressed? One girl was being paraded around on what I am assuming her boyfriend's shoulders wearing toddler size shorts with her checks hangen out, and a wonder bra.....geez really takes the WONDER outta that when that's all your wearing! I must of missed that fashion memo, that we now wear bra's without tops! Hummmm fashion ya just can't keep up!

Great concert! It was like being in exercise class! First the walking 2 miles from the parking lot, maneuvering our way through the drunks, squatting to pee in the potra potty ( TMI ...I Know) going up and down the stairs to get to our seats. And of courses the UP and Down during every song! We have to stand when the people in front of you stand and so on and so on and so on! Geeez you'd think these people didn;t know there were 20,000 people there with them! So we have about 20 minutes until the concert is over, I think Toby Keith was unbuttoning his shirt after ever song, man by the end he may be naked! Whew ,....what a night this is gonna be! Well then it starts to sprinkle......just a drop here and there, so it's okay but as soon as we realized it was starting to sprinkle the SKY FELL OUT! It started down pouring like mad! Everyone jumped up to take cover ...only there isn't any to take! So we started running ....yep still suck at it...double suck in a short jean skirt and high heel flip flops! Yea take it from me....not a great thing to run in!We high tail it to the jeep which is 2 miles away , in the rain feels more like 10....we jump in and start the jeep and ...the rain STOPS! Damn that Mother Nature...I didn;t get to see if Toby got naked or not!

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