the Swing of things

Getten back into the swing of things! Yea.....we can actually walk through the house without little path ways! It looks very organized......I dunno as long as you don't need to find something right away you're okay! We got hot water again on Tuesday only after my very chilly shower was taken! The new A/C unit will be hopefully next week! Scary power bill on it's way! The dryer however will be a few more days! Luckily it was under warranty! It's good to know at the laundry mat I can still pick me up a man , even in my do-rag, hubby's t-shirt and baggie shorts! Good for the ego, even if he's missen teeth! Haha not sure if he was didn't get that close!

Prince Charming is in his holy glory has the 40 inch TV in his room from the office with his PlayStation and Xbox set up in there! For now at least , he'll be sadly disappointed when it makes it's way in my room after I get a dresser that is and he ends up with his 19 inch Spongebob TV again! Hubby is looken at the 27 inch and 30 inch TV's yea...he's 8 Sparky! Aways it'll be like the pet store trip I'll have to supervise the new TV!

Yesterday I actually laid on the raft in the pool with a book! Ahhh what a life until the thunder and clouds came it was quite nice! But I can say I don;t have anyone to blog about at the pool! Oh well it'll have to be about the new adventures at the new gym we joined! Wow do they have some contraptions there to talk about! Another day ........

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