I've been a busy tutu maken fool I have 22 made so far!  I shared my pictures at work with the gals of my project for the craft fair The Witch Candy Jars.......and now I have 13 orders just from work! Needless to say I have "tutu-itis" in my thumb ~ I am sure it is a real diagnoses! I made the ghost and then I transformed it into a mummy! A sparkly mummy at that ~ since I am a firm believe that every girl should have some sparkle! I had a candle in them when I took the pictures.

The hubster thinks I should make a Frankenstein.....paint it all green with a scar across the forehead.....my argument on that was  "But Frankenstein is a boy and  he doesn't wear a tutu"   Hubster's smart ass reply was " And a ghost and a mummy does?"
Me: "Well duh!! They are obviously girl ghost and girl mummies!!"

I have to admit my head is spinning with ideas on all the things I could make out of these!!! Spiders, pumpkins, elf's, snowmen and Santa's to name a few!!!

Getten Witchy

My "Frankenkitty" is recovering well, however I am on his list since I have to be the bad mama and give him his med's. Let's say that is not an easy task! I've been busy craften' . My B-I-L's school host a craft fair every year around Halloween, so I have been whipping up witch candy jars! So stinking cute if I do say so myself! Then I decided that I will also need some ghost and mummy ones...so many ideas in my head right now!!! At least I have plenty of time! I also have ideas in there for Santa's and snowmans............I'll never be able to sleep again until I have all these ideas out of my head!!!!

So while I was busy making tutu's for my witch  jars (BTW I am starting to think I am obsessed with tutu's.Pretty sure I was meant to have a little girl to put in a tutu!!), PC was busy....um yeah we all know what Jamma Boy was doing....as little as possible, after all he has to go to school tomorrow! Oh the horror and it's an "A" day....meaning it's PE day! ! And the hubster was busy...........um redecorating the little room off our bedroom. Since we moved me and my crafty stuff into the new fabulous space...he wanted to turn the other room into an exercise room.

So now this room has the weight bench, inversion table (which if you ask me looks like a kinky... whoops......never mind family members read this) oh and we have my dresser, the hutch desk that I converted into a linen closet and ...well the..errrr...the litter box Yes it is quite the assortment of pieces in this room! Oh and still up on a shelf you'll notice my Winnie the Pooh's (when it was my craft area it did have rhyme and reason.now not so much). So do you think it look more cosy with my Winnie the Pooh blanket tossed on the weigh bench? Frankenkitty (Rigby) sure does he hopped right up there! I think I may need to rethink the design here, but for now I'm sure the cats will be happy with a new place to lounge about!


So my little Rigby aka "Frankenkitty" is recovering well and you'll be happy to know he is no longer "depressed". Really I think once I told the vet "hey if your keeping him for free again over night ~ that's great if you think I have any money left to pay ~  you'd be wrong!" And it was like magic about 30 minutes later they called back and  my baby was no longer depressed but ready to come home!

They also sent me home with this nice little jar.....filled with....yep his colon! Really?  This is my souvenir for his trip to the ER? Seriously  I was hoping for a t-shirt...maybe it could read " I took my PET to the ER and all I have LEFT is this T-SHIRT"  NOW that would be a top seller I am sure! I may have to trade mark this for all those ( yes me) crazy pet owners, they can give them out when you get your bill!!! Brilliant I tell you,  just brilliant!! So I looked in my bag of goodies, cat med's , 2 jars with colon pieces yep - so what exactly am I suppose to do with this? They told me to put it in the fridge and on Monday bring it to my regular vet. Alrighty then....................

Guess what else I discovered? A jar of yucky colon pieces make a great diet aid...yep when put smack dab in the front in the fridge ...right where PC put it.yep that'll take your appetite away in a heart beat!! Oh and guess what my girl at the vet  looked at me and said when I stopped in Monday morning?  "And what are we suppose to do with it?" I told her it was a great diet aid and if what ever they had planned to do with it was going to cost me anything then don't do a damn thing!!

So for now they are just storing the icky jar! Rigby the Frankenkitty is happy to be home and well... my other two cats are NOT happy or maybe they think they will be next!!!

Golden Kitty

Saturday started off when yet another shopping trip to ....yep the Junkyard, I hope the hubster does not think this is our new Saturday morning outing! But his plans were foiled as we approached the road that has all the junkyards on it was closed. President Obama was speaking at the college at 10:30am..........and the roads were closed until 2pm! Really? This did not make the hubster happy (insert colorful language here) and as he was quizzing the lady officer with the "But WHY's and that's ridiculous comments" that did not make her to happy and she finally replied "You'd have to ask the secret service why- now turn around"! So we had to turn around and head the other way lucky for us there was a Dunkin Donuts so that his sorrows could be dunked in coffee with yummy donuts for all!
That was the highlight of my day, from there it went down hill.

After getting home I checked on the little one "Rigby" the cat, I noticed earlier that morning  he didn't seem to feel good. He was still laying around hiding under the bed which is not him at all. Then I noticed (this gets gross)  he threw up....at least I thought he was throwing up mucus, after I was cleaning it up I noticed it was all over him. EWWWW when I picked him up it started draining out of his well you know...if not from his mouth the other end! I freaked out wrapped him in a towel and ran to the hubster. Call the vet he says....well that's great only they are closed it's Saturday, so I had to call a Emergency Veterinary....that even sounds expensive right there doesn't it? They told me to bring him in right away just for them to see him would be $90.00. Man- there goes my shopping for the day, with my mad shopping skills I could score at least 2 dresses and 2 pairs of shoes to match with change to spare! Okay , okay it's the baby of the family,  I make PC and his buddy ride with me to hold the cat in the car, since the hubster is all grease monkey like from  fixing up the truck.

I think it's safe to say it's a bad sign when you go in and they say we have applications for the Care Credit, which is a credit card that you can use for your pets health care, and we can call it in now to see if you get approved. GULP.... I  take the papers and say Thank you, I will show it to the hubster if we end up needing it. I probably should not have taken PC with me, as he starts pacing the floor, eyes all teared up and we haven't even talked to anyone yet! After they have checked out are little Rigby, and he seems to be getting worse, and worse high fever, ear infection and then there is the goo that is now pouring out of him like a facet! AHHHHH they come back with an "estimate" of how much the test they need to run on him.....gulp.....$321.00. I sign the paper...we wait..and wait...and now she enters with another "estimate" now which includes x-rays....I remember her showing me the paper and I literally let out a shriek...$530.00! Her response " I know this is overwhelming....but.... we think he ate something and it's stuck in there the only way to see it is to x-ray". Now I am crying (over the price and the cat) , PC is crying and his buddy is looking around like "How the hell can I escape from here". I sign the paper again and we wait...........the vet comes in with the x-rays to spout off lots of stuff, pointing and all I hear is "Blah, blah, blah ..(which I interpret to be) it'll be a shit load of money...blah , blah, blah" out she walks in walks my friendly nurse with YET another estimate...which does not include the $530.00 one I just signed! I'm surprised I didn't faint at this one it was going to be either $490.00 - $2600.00....depending on what they had to do- this was the scale it could cost! OMFG.............again she says to me " I know this is overwhelming but...." at that point I stopped listening or couldn't hear here through my sobs and signed the papers, grabbed the credit application and get ready to  headed home,  she says ...."Oh I'll need a $1500.00 deposit" WHAT???? they want a 50% deposit of the worse case  UGHHH! We  finally leave little Rigby to turn into my "Golden Kitty".

Don't get me wrong, I know the vet's are expensive, I know pets are expensive but I've never had one of my pets that had been so sick that I had to bring him to the ER vet! So I guess I am having sticker shock! Anyways after all that.they ended up doing emergency surgery, removing part of his colon due to damage, but they didn't find anything stuck so they think it must have passed and caused this damage. But she took pictures and kept part of the colon to show us??WTF???

UGHHHHHHHHHHH  so needless to say I am happy he will be okay, we are still suffering from sticker shock, and they think if all goes well today he should be able to come home tonight!

Let's Go Shopping

Nothing can make a girl's eye sparkle then her hubster saying "Lets go shopping....and I have a 50%off coupon!" Oh yeah I am in ~ me doing the happy dance ~

 Hummm............... this is not really what I had in mind!
To look for parts for his truck, PC had a grand idea that he would "loot"the cars....he was convinced they would be full of money.
Yeah sure people are striping the cars and trucks for parts,  doors, seats, headliners, seat belts but they would leave the huge wad of cash there in the glove box! I am a little worried PC may turn into a Fred Sanford he was rummaging through the cars looking for treasures, coming up with mystery keys, checking wallets for lost money, checkbooks, baby toys, and shoes! That's when I started looking for a pair of black heels for a project I have in my head! While looking in one mini van we found about 4 pairs of shoes, sadly none matched! Well the hubster had his wheel barrow full of his treasures, PC tossed in his stack of mystery keys and on the way out I heard a familiar voice say " Hey, you haven fun yet?". Are you kidden me ~ oh all places to see someone I work with ......at the Junkyard? I am sure he will have great fun with that one!!

And today our family fun will continue, we are going kayaking. we have never been before, but yet again we have a coupon and it expires today!  So this should be very interesting............lets hope we all make it back from our family outing! I am sure PC is enjoying being grounded all this family togetherness! Insert evil laugh here!