Pool time

I have decided that while my new suit is so very cute for lounging around the pool ...however it really is a pain the the @$$ to get down to go use the bathroom. And most people know I have a micro bladder! I may have to start peeing in the pool! I figure it really won't matter if I am on the toddler end of the pool ....I am quite sure they PEE in there! The water is way to warm on that in! I know EWWWW but with probably 100 + people at the pool I am sure someone is letten it go! But for now I am just wiggling and wrangling to get my one piece up and down and the girls adjusted just right it really is a PITA!
When I was little my grandma always said "Don't Pee in the pool, it turns the water red!" Wasn't she surprised when I yelled back to her one day "No it doesn't SEE!" Yep good ol Grammy had to grab the "Tag-en-al" (Tylenol) that day!
Welp that's all for now, I don't feel good and now have annouced yes I have peed in the pool....but who hasn't REALLY! Come on admitt it Even MICHEAL PHELPS admitted in an interview..that along with his DUI and Pot smoking...........man now no one will wanna back him especailly after admitting he has peed in the POOL!

Packing full speed ahead!

Well I am way ahead of the game today! No slacking here, well maybe a little BUT I packed up 7 boxes......today! Sad but true they were mostly pigs! I even had a little help! Not the boys but the CATS! Yes such helpers they are , rustling in the papers, pouncing outta the boxes, attacking me when I get in their way! Yes they are quite the helpers! AND I (think) I sold the spare room set, no more visitors will be coming anytime soon, dang it! Means no one will be helping pack! UGHH but the Mexican man I have spoke to on the phone...wishing I had paid more attention in Spanish class instead of "sharing answers"......I think is coming tomorrow to buy the bed and dresser! At least that's what I got outta our conversation! So that should count as SEVERAL days of packing to get that outta there! Ha! Like I said I am ahead of the game!Wouldn't wanna fall behind on the CAMPING trip! ughhh 15 days and counting...........

Magic Dust...sprinkle here

Well I thought I'd try out one of "Slacker's" wisdom's on another theory! You know she says calories are burned by wearing your gym shoes and clothes ...oh and it's bonus points if you happen to drive by the gym! Well somehow I don't think my new plan has worked....well at least I have not seen any progress!I thought maybe by...."Thinking about packing , or reading about packing" it would magically happen! Like the packing fairy would show up, just like the laundry fairy, the toilet roll changer fairy , empty box filler fairy ...they all show up! Oh yeah.....cause it's ME! Ughh that's my luck eh?
One fairy that has shown up lots lately is "The chocolate chip cookie fairy". The
de-lish cookies hubby AKA Betty Crocker has been making.....oh yummmmmmmmmmm but the problem, yeah that fairy is me too! Damn better hit the gym tomorrow, before they name me " Cookie Monster"! But I have a master plan the faster I eat them, the faster they are gone! See "Slacker" would TOTALLY agree with me! Oh great so now we're both delusional.......or everyone else is? So that's something to think about!

18 days and counting

I am counting down the days till Caleb goes to "Sleep away camp" with the cub scouts!
18 days away! I was doing cartwheels with the thought he'd be at overnight camp for 3 nights and 4 days! He really wants to go so I signed him up! Only when I found out that a parent had to be there I decided never mind! So I didn't pay for him to go......however the Cub Master did me the favor and PAID for him to go!
Oh geez thanks! So now I owe the cub master money AND I will be sleeping in a tent , on the ground with a bunch of snoring boys(including my own) and doing it all on PURPOSE! Oh jump for joy......One good thing I only have to sleep there at night, and can lave in the morning while he has his days of adventure! Still thou that is 3 days sleeping on the ground, in the tent on purpose!
GEEZ the things I do for the child who told me yesterday "I ruin everyday and , everything in his life!" Surely I can't ruin everything can I?

That's the joy ?

"Children bring such joy to our lives" Really? Cause right about now, my child brings me headaches... I think he is training for being a lawyer because he can argue like no other! Or maybe he is tryen to make me go crazy and get committed! That way his life would be carefree, no homework, no bathing, and just video game galore!

But I sit here at 4 a.m with him sleeping next to me, he really is a sweet child..when he is ASLEEP! Awake on the other hand is another story!he strolled in here about 11 p.m last night and crawled in bed with me. Hubby is asleep on the couch so it was just me and "Tweety Bird" the cat in the queen size bed. Most days I wonder how a 7 lb cat takes up so much room and has to be sprawled out in the middle of the bed. He was rather annoyed when Caleb join the party, mostly because Caleb is a flailer! He's arms and feet flip and flop all night as well as he sits straight up and yells ..."MOM..MOM...MOM' And starts to mutter something or other about this or that, this is usually when I take my hand on his forehead and push him back down.

Yep takes after good ol me...he sleep walks, talks, he even plays video games in his sleep! His fingers are going and he's yelling "Watch this, get outta the way"...and his famous line which I hear alot......"Just one more LEVEL!" (Actually found a t-shirt for his bday with that exact saying! He takes after dad by SNORING! How could he be that loud at 8 already!

Vacationing one summer with my dad, I almost dove in the middle of his and evil former step mom's bed! I was sound asleep and jumping up and down yelling" Daddy, Daddy watch this" As I posed with arms up and ready to dive in to the pool a.k.a their bed! After that adventure a few hours later I walked to the sliding glass doors to the balcony asleep but luckily dad caught me before I went out maybe to take a dive from there. Needless to say we had a ground floor room the next morning!As well as any vacations with dad!

So here's my joy snoring away, keeping me and the cat up! Well him and "Padme" the nocturnal rat....opps I mean hamster! Maybe I need earplugs?

Where will the piggies go!

So it finally happened after the house being on the market for 9 months! We have someone that wants to be a long term renter! Okay so it's not sold, but neither are the other 9 houses on my street alone! So I need to get packing and purging! We have so much more stuff then we moved with! UGHHH I think I need to become a minimalist! Although that would require getten rid of my beloved PIGGIES! I have so many.....I think maybe we could keep those if I were to say get rid of some Star Trek, Star Wars, and Pokemon things! I think I will miss mark the PlayStation and xbox with a name like "Pepper's Collect ables" and I am sure the "BOYS" won't be in a hurry to unpack those! They would be on a hunt for the PlayStation and games! Ughh where oh where do I start to pack! I read somewhere if you pack 2 boxes a day in 30 days you'll have 60 boxes packed! OMG! That would be 60 boxes to unpack also so I need to PURGE! But still need to find a place to live in Florida before we head back, or we'll be homeless! And then where would I put my beloved piggies then!

Wake up sleepy head!

Well my Insomnia has taken a turn. Now I am the opposite! I can hardly keep my eyes open! Could be that I have to much to do and now I have decided I would like to start sleeping in the 24 hour days! I replaced napping the last few days with hitting the gym, and as I shovel donuts, cookies and other yummies in my mouth to stay awake, I have decided that is not the way to go!
As I now discovered I can sleep in a nice slumber and not toss and turn , I now am awaken by a thumbing, spinning sound. While I lay there and try to figure out what that sound could be at 4 a.m. it dawns on me......"Padme" the hamster is NOCTURNAL! Really we got a animal that doesn't sleep at night on PURPOSE? It would be fine if I was still NOCTURNAL as well! But these days I require sleep!
I think "Tweety" the cat is a tad annoyed by being woken up as well since he flys off the bed and I hear a "Whack" where Tweety has slammed his paw down to stop the wheel from spinning! However I think that may be "How the great escape" happened the first time!

Full speed ahead!

Well my summer part time job has resumed at the farmers market. So now I am up to 3 part time jobs, teaching clicker happy toddlers, the shopping blog and Saturdays at the market. At this rate I'll be a millionaire at no time! I'm wondering when the cleaning fairy will be at the house ...hasn't shown up yet! But just when you think you have a plan things change! I thought we we're staying here in NC for probably one more year, since the market is at a complete stand still! However yesterday someone came to look at the house , and then someone is very interested in renting it. So who knows ....surely not us!So I am going by the old motto " If it was meant to be...it will be".
While at the market bright and early, I have come to the conclusion that either A) People don't own full length mirrors (or mirrors in general) B) They don't care how they dress in public C)I missed the memo when it said "Jammies and High heels" are now the new fad!
I'm guessing stick with A or B thou! Let me know if I did miss the memo! I also think I will start a petition to be signed that "Spandex not be sold to MEN"! Who are planning on wearing them as they walk around town.......Really maybe spandex should be band all together, that would cover alotta issues!

Afternoons at the gym

Slacker is full of surprises! She has graced me with her pressence 2 days in a row at 2 in the afternoon! (Really I didn't know she knew it was open) And yesterday she actually got there BEFORE me, but today she made up for that by being 10 minutes late! But hey Kudos Slacker you made it!

So we have a few new names to add to our gym list! Today we had "Snot Slinger" ewww how gross eh? Well I guess it would interrupt the workout to actually STOP for a minute and BLOW your nose.So he just kinda shoots it out, you know holds his finger to one side and well you get it! YUCK!
"Gruntie Girl" she grunts the ENTIRE time she is on the glider! Arms flailing and her strange grunting noises are very distracting! And what's with the men that do the loud grunting? Is it the louder they grunt the stronger they are? Or maybe it's just that the weight that they are lifting is to HEAVY! I think the first clue to that would be the red vein popping outta your forehead, forearms , the grunt because you can hardly breath and lastly when you drop the weight to the ground with a huge THUMP! That makes everyone in the gym stop and stare....oh....maybe that was the idea!
Then "Packer" a lady came in today, she must be training for something , she had a huge backpack on.....and I mean like a HUGE one that you'd use for hiking or camping? But why wear it to the gym , and while she look a little strange in her business suit wearing this , it was odd as she hopped on the treadmill with it! But hey at least she wasn't in her suit any more!

See what hinting gets you............

My hubby did good for mother's day! The very subtle hint I dropped he took..........hook, line and sinker! It was really easy I handed him a card to the bathing suit store that I just did a review on and simply stated " I want a gift card from here"! And just like that I got one! He's a good hint taker eh?
I went bathing suit shopping! EEEKKK Scary even with dropping 30 pounds since last year! I know WOW right, however hubby thinks my best "ASS""SETS" are now to small! Apparently that's the neighbors beef to! He thinks I should pull into a Burger King and go "Buc Wild" and wash it down with a brownie or two! But like I always say "What do men know?"

I went through a million suits and found one I love! It also made me think since it is a vintage style like from the sixty's, I decided I will never throw out any more clothes ever! Everything comes back in style! So maybe I could make some room in the closet!I'll just start storing stuff in bins by the decade it is! That way when it pops back in style I'll already have it! I know BRILLIANT! RIGHT! Yes I do think so too! If I had done that I would be so far ahead of the game, since flat Swede boots are in now and I had about 10 pairs every color My closet looked like a crayon box! And jelly shoes.OMG! My girlfriend had a pair on today! Really jellies are in too!

Well even thou I do love my new suit, hubby thinks I 'll have funky tan lines! So guess I will take that as a "subtle" hint to buy another suit! See perfect plan eh? I did however discover you shouldn't go bathing suit shopping while you are PMSing! Nothing looks good then! The brownies I shoveled in earlier probably didn't help either! Live and Learn!

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

It's that time a year again! You know when the sweat starts to pour down your face, and you begin to look at the flabby thighs, tummy and everything in between and swear you won't have another cookie all summer if you can just fit in that suit! Yes ladies that's right "Bathing Suit" shoppen is here! And I swear every year the suits get smaller and smaller and the prices go higher and higher!
Men truly have it easier, they pay what $10.00 bucks on a pair of trunks , and they don't care if Larry, Moe and Curly have the same pair sitten at the pool! Hell they probably went together to get them!
While us girls, don't always take the word of our girlfriends....no matter how good of a friend you have you know you always have that nagging voice sayen...."She just wants me to look foolish" "I really shouldn't get this" and it's not like we'd take the advice of the significant other either! We roll our eyes and say " Yeah right what do you know!" So you have to be the judge , jury and lay down the law! And get what feels right, looks good and will stay up while you chase the kids around, or bend over! Make sure you do a few checks in the dressing room like bends, squats jumping jacks! What ever it takes to keep the suit in place, and covering all areas it's meant to! And remember just because they make it in our size doesn't always mean we should wear it!

The Great Escape

And by the "Great Escape" I don't mean me heading to Mexico to drink Margarita's on the beach! The newest Ninis member "Padme" (Pad-May) had an adventure of her own on Saturday night! Hubby was layen on the couch while the cats were going crazy racing around, only to notice something race past the kitchen floor! You got it Padme! He caught her luckily before Tweety Bird (yes that's the name of one of our cats) did! So as he headed back up 14 stairs and to Caleb's room where the cage sits on the dresser , he noticed her wheel had come off and she made her escape! Only now she has felt the wind in her hair, probably running from the cats and doesn't want to be in her cage! She wants FREEDOM! And I think Tweety wants a snack!

Camping is so.........

So camping..yeah I was thinking as I was loading all the comforts of home into my car, that this has to be over rated! Why would you choose to sleep in a tent on the ground over a nice comfy bed on PURPOSE! But that's what we did! Caleb and I went camping with the scouts to the Mudcats game! Yes how exciting all you say with that snicker in your voice and that grin tugging at your cheek as you picture " ME...Ms. Pris Pepper" camping!
Well not only did I camp but I also put up my 6 man tent AND my girlfriends tent to! Yes me the one who has never put up a tent or ever had a reason to for that matter! When I unloaded the car and put the bags down I scanned the group and found a man sitting an relaxing watching others put there tent up, so I asked if he could "HELP" me! Which really is code for "Could you put this up for me, while I watch." However I guess he doesn't know the code, or is all about that "teaching you how to do things motto they have in scouts" anyways my new pal Vince, taught me how to put the tent together. So when Ange came along I helped her while my bud Vince went back to resting in his chair supervising! So we got them put together an image our surprise when they were still standing this morning!
Now I got the tents put up and taken down .but I'll be damned if I can figure out "HOW" they fit back into those tiny bags you carry them in! I think it's a magic trick!
Some things I discovered about camping.....
* Men Snore .....LOUDLY I am surprise the tents didn't fly up in the air with the noise!
* Tents make everything seem damp and sticky....... I don't like to feel damp and sticky
*Using a "Glow Stick" to find your way through 100's of tents at 4 in the morning is not the "SMARTEST" idea while tryen to get to the ....EWWWW Porta Potty!
*Locking the porta potty is a GOOD idea even AT 4 in the morning! You never know SOMEONE else might have to go to!
*It gets bright early and the chipping birds at 5 in the morning are annoying!
*Last but not least Who needs a man to put a tent up! Not me that's for sure! But getten it back into the bag ....well that's another story!

So as far as I am concerned I was right in my prior assessment."Camping is over rated" But Caleb did have fun, and I am sure I will have to endure this again , since he told me he was so proud I put the tent up...ahhh how sweet right .until he added SO NEXT TIME we go you'll know what to do!
WHAT NEXT TIME???????????????????????????

AS IF ...........

As if I need an excuse to shop, even window shop that is! I am blogging for a website based outta California!They post postive reviews to different stores and are tryen to hit all 50 states! So I can do NC and maybe FL!They just posted my first review.and didn't even change anything! OH boy hope they checked the grammar, since we know spelling and grammar aren't my thang!I am waitting for the spell check to pop up with "WTF" is that suppose to be! Some days there are just "No Suggestions" those are what we call Pepperisms! Anyways here is the website you'll have to check it out! Check New Reviews...I'll be famous someday and then all you reading this can say." Ahhh I knew her when......"


Old Sparkie.....

I think it was a sign from up above! I went to vacuum and "SPARKS" actual "SPARKS" came from the vacuum! See really it is a sign , I should not be vacuuming! The bad news is I have another vacuum upstairs that is not "sparking"...at the moment at least! You never know it could happen! Like when I OPPS drop it down the stairwell!

Hubby always wanted to live in a 2-story house! Yea until we lived here! I think they are over rated! Think about it, you have to go up and down all day long! When kids are upstairs playen it sounds like a herd of elephants, and when our little charmer is alone it sounds like a bull in a china shop! Not real sure how one child can make SO much noise! When his selective hearing is turned on ( most days) I have to go find him....which requires going up stairs! Laundry room thankfully is upstairs...however they didn't tell us when we bought a front loader and the pedestals they stand on.....that the ENTIRE house shakes on SPIN! Not like you can sit on top of it on spin since it's on pedestals, which by the way on the 2nd floor you can't use the one with the washer! There is a tray that the washer sits on to prevent any water damage and therefore can't open the drawer!

When your downstairs you have usually forgotten something upstairs and vice versa! Although today I spent about 20 minutes looking for my glasses , up and down , in the car...only to find them in the most obvious place...you got it the top of my head! Having 2.5 baths is great until you have to clean them! Yes I think downsizing will be good! If this house ever sells that is! We will go back to a small, one floor house with a FLAT yard in Florida! Hubby hates mowing the hills! Yes we found "Grass isn't always greener on the other side"! Hell we don't even have grass most of the year!

P.S. Good news I know everyone is on pins and needles.....the new hamster has NOT been eatten by the cats.....yet!

I think my body has been taken over by aliens! Or maybe I have switched bodies with "Slacker"! I have no motivation to be at the gym and I haven't been all week! And she has been there about 5 times this week! Slacker...really? Of course I've been so busy...with what I dunno! But by Slackers wisdom I should be okay, I have driven by the gym several times a day, I wear my sneakers and by that being said 'Calories Burned"! And I think "thinking" about going counts as 'Calories Burned". So it should even out somewhat!
Welp this is gonna be a short one I need my rest I will be back on the saddle in the morning and hitting the gym! So I need my sleep.....that and I can't concentrate cause "Desperate Housewives" is on!

New addition...............

Welp today was our big community yard sale! It was a bust, thou , not to much traffic, crazy people out an about! But hey I got rid of treasures I did't need, and made a few bucks so I can't complain! Caleb however was at my side every few minutes to see if I sold anything of his....I told him he'd get the money, from toys that were his. UGHHH really should of slapped a price tag on his forehead and sent him out front for sale!

The drama about the snake continued today. He had to count his birthday money and add his yard sale money and recount it with each and every dollar! So then hubby today said they could go to the Petsmart to "look around". However Caleb was a tad disappointed that I was tagging along! Hey someone has to be the voice of reason! So the only snake they had was a ball phython! Ughh yea they get BIG! And I'd be afraid at some point it would eat the cats! I'm still very against the snake , mostly because of the "Mice Pops" ewwwww! So after arguing that a $80.00 "Ball Python" was NOT gonna happen, we got out of the store for $83.00!

No phython, but he picked out a $15.00 hamster! The rest of the $68.00 were hamster supplies! Cages, food, toys and ect...but hey at least it's not a snake and there won't be any "Mice Pops" in my freezer! And the best part he used his "own"money! So our new addition to the Ninis Family is "Padme" ( Star Wars fans will recognize the name) . Now the only concern is....the cats won't eat "Padme" for a snack! They are sitting on either side of her cage! Let the games begin.......