Badge Required

After all these years it was finally time! Progress Energy had "Bring Your Child To Work Day! " And the little prince is finally old enough to go 8! All is well and good, jumps outta bed and in lighting speed is dressed, it's obvious that he isn't going ANYWHERE with ME getting dressed that FAST, he's more like a turtle when it comes to going with moi! They head off to work and I enjoy a relaxed morning getten ready for work instead of barking my usual demands, get dressed , brush your teeth, get shoes on, brush you teeth, you need to be dressed, yes you have to wear shoes, eat breakfast....blah blah blah is what he must hear, since it takes several times me repeating myself!

Progress had a whole day planned for the kids , breakfast, crafts, tours, computers, lunch and his most anticipated part getting a ID BADGE! Oh yes a REAL badge with picture and all! He has been waiting for this only to find out that "IT DOESN'T WORK!" Oh the nerve right they make a badge and it doesn't work! It gives him no access to anywhere , what kind of show are they running here! I mean really..............yes that is my prince charming.....always waiting what he CAN"T have!

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  1. Well wouldn't you think the badge should open some doos. I bet he had a great time. Too bad I don't have a real job to take him to. Pass port thats the badge he needs. Maybe him and I will go to the Atlantis in the Bahamas. Quality time with Grandma.