The BIG "O"

Yes I am experiencing the "BIG O"in every room I walk into! Hey, hey, hey the "Big O" I am referring to is OVERWHELMED, get your mind outta the gutter! Overwhelmed doesn't even feel like the proper word but it's what I'll use!

The drive down to Florida was pretty uneventful other then the hubby almost flipping the uhaul and trailer! I was following him as he doing OVER 80 I was doing 80 to keep up and he was way ahead of me! So as I see the uhaul up on 2 wheels my heart about stopped , when it started beating again I called to find out "WTF" happen! He was so casual with the "What I didn't think it was that bad?" I just over corrected alittle" OMG! They didn't even realize the truck was up on 2 wheels! The cats rode with me one sprawl over my lap and the other on the arm rest, next to the hamster who was on the front seat doing her own thing!

David Copperfield hasn't shown up to show me how to fit my 2400 sq. ft. house into this 1200 sq. ft. house. The air doesn't seem to work and the hot water now doesn't work either, the toilet runs hubby has fixed that, the pipe under the sink leaks hubby will fix that, when I plug in my dryer the it blew a fuse or something in my dryer cause the house is wired wrong ........and when I told our landlord they make ya feel like we are breaking stuff, cause they've "Never had any problems before with the house"!'ve never had any problems with a 50 year old house! Yeah we broke the A/C cause we like to sweat oh and broke the hot water cause we like to take cold showers after we sweat! Hey at least I'll have stuff to blog about!

One day at a time, I guess. We've done alot of painting , hanging all the "piggies" and making it our own for the next few years or so! We've unpacked alot already and the stuff that I didn't unpack I think will find it's self in a yard sale sooner then later! We have to many knick knacks .......mostly mine, I am fessing up on that one! But the pack rat hubby I have also has alotta stuff to! I may have to have the yard sale while he is away on business , then when he's looking for something , I could just say...."Oh it must be packed away somewhere" in time I am sure he'll forget what it was! Well until he reads this........

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