Facebook and Scanners

You know your in trouble when you see in your inbox...you're photo has been tagged from Facebook! My first thought is what? Then I open it an about scream when there I am in 6th grade with hair standing straight up in the air with a HUGE (probably bigger then my head) Pebbles Flintstone bow in my hair....silver no less....not looking real thrilled about having my picture taken either! Less thrilled about it being posted on Facebook by some dumbass with a scanner for all the world to see!

Oh but WAIT he doesn't just post one photo there are more! Only one more with me looking oh so fashionable (thank god he only has 2) with a horrible flowered jacket, a black necktie and yes the silver Pebbles bow, but I am luck because 3 other people are looking oh so fashionable with me, with BIG hair and awful outfits!

Only now one of those gals in the picture is my arch nemesis from high school! And here I look at her as we were friends in middle school ....until she became the boyfriend stealer, back stabbing , (insert lots of bad words here) girl.....and yes 18 years later still view her as my arch nemesis! Can you say Grudge? Yes I know like superman and kryptonite we can not be in the same room together, but thanks to the wonderful world of facebook and scanners here is proff that once upon a time she was not a boyfriend stealing, back stabbing ......girl she was my friend. Hummm makes you think that maybe I should facebook her and be friends......HA! That'll be the day! I'll keep my grudge another 18 years! Theres just somethings you don't do in the unwritten "girls code" and dating not 1 or 2 but 3 boyfriends is definitely one of them!

So thanks SCANNER boy for posting horrible photos and reminding me I was once friends with my arch nemesis!

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  1. hehehe that is quite hilarious, having those old photos back in time. I could just imagine how ugly I was, but those time were really precious time to remember.

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