shoes, shoes, shoes....

As I do a mental eye roll and a big who left all these shoes here under the table! Ughhh I mean really , right under the table by the front I have to do a head slap and not a mental one! ME! Yes me I left not 1 or 2 pairs of shoes under the table but 4! 4 pairs of shoes under the table in just 2 days! Ughhhh so I pick them up to deposit them at the back door, where the land of shoes lay...and there are 6 more pairs of my shoes! In my defence 7 different colored flip flops, different styles as well and 2 pairs of sneakers and 1 pair of slip on you see I need all those! So I gathered up my selection and toted them back up stairs, except for my sneakers a pair of flops and the slip ons! Ya never know when you'll need those! I knew there was a reason I haven't packed the shoes yet!

Well I went to the gym , I argued with myself at 5:30 this morning! It's a tad scary when I start answering myself....the conversation went pretty much like this.....
ME: "Get up , go to the gym"
Me again:"No just let me lay here"
ME: "You didn't workout over the weekend"
Me again "I'm still sore from running on Friday"
Me again"I'll go later today"
Me" Liar.....Quit talking to yourself and get your @$$ to the gym"
Me again" Shut up"
Then I hop outta bed since it's obvious that I won't get anymore sleep with all the chatting going on in my head! I have decided I will never be one of THOSE people that say with a smile"Let's go for a run!" Yea....I don't think I will ever be one of THOSE people that enjoy running...but for now it's a goal of mine so I'll just do it! Anything to shut the other "ME" up that goes on and on in my head.......HEY! Maybe that's why I had so many pairs of shoes out! There may be more then just the 2 of us in my head! WHEW...scary thought!

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