3 days left

There's always a theme song running thou my head....like teen years my theme song was "Girls Just wanna have Fun"
While I was stalking the hubby it was "Going to the Chapel"
See really he had his chance to run and hide! His first clue would be when I introduced my self to his folks as "Hi I'm Pepper and I will be your future daughter in law" instead of the normal greeting from your friendly server.... "Hi I'm Pepper what can I get you to drink?". I do remember they both had a huge smile and his mother said "I hope you are!" So you see he was doomed from the start! When he so sweetly put a fence up for my babies... (Roxie the rottie and Bubba Lou the enormous mastiff chow mix)I tried paying him and he said NO...REALLY you just put up a 6 foot fence worked for 2 days and we aren't even dating? So I reminded him that he should take the money, because when I married him I would NOT be paying for him to fix things around the house! Yeah that's when he got the deer in a head light look..... took the money and then I asked him on a date! Ha doomed I tell you! Our first date was a wedding (3/15/97) .....I didn't catch the bouquet at that time (Don't want him running for the hills yet) ...but another (Or 2 or 3) weddings I jumped about 10 feet in the air and elbowed some girl almost took out a eye on another...but I did get that bouquet and the man!

Of course in every stage the theme song changes we were toasted by his Best Man to "Another One Bites the Dust" so appoperiate don't ya think! It's the song WE now deadicate at every wedding we attend! I know how thoughtful of us eh!
So with 3 more days till my theme song has changed to "On the road again". I am logging off this blog! I'll put my adventures of our move up next weekend after my hangover has subsided because after I am done UNpacking I have a new theme song in mind! "Margaritaville" by Jimmy Buffet!

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