Going on the Record

Incase you are wondering NO I did not make it to You Tube as "Crazy Mama at Camp" well not that I have seen or heard about at least! So we will go with that, I think I'd rather NOT know! The past several weeks have flown by, we had graduation of Technology Camp where I believe Prince Charming averaged 3-4 days per week for 10 weeks... AMAZING ...much better than our last summer with the count of 8 whole days attended in 10 weeks!!! So I will go on the record and say it's official folks we are making progress!! In more ways than one....

We also had open house for school, he will attend the private school again as he thrived in that environment. At open house  Prince Charming went racing around to each class like a speeding bullet and was done and ready to go in like 5 minutes (seriously cant you do that when I'm in a friggen hurry)!!! The hubster and I had to wrangle the super secret class schedule away from PC so we could actually go and meet his teachers, see what classes he was taking and well...give any needed warning to any new teachers he may have!! I was told by several of the teachers how smart, brilliant and amazing that PC is......well one of the teacher also added in that he was such a smart young man, that he has had the most intellectual conversations with him (most days I am friggen clueless on what he is talking about... don't even get him started on Science), and that his mind is absolutely amazing!! But ~ (really??? there is always a but now isn't there... )  that he is LAZY!!! Hubster and I had to laugh at that one... because we already know that!! All in all it was a great start to a new fresh year! Well with the exception that he doesn't want to take PE which luckily is the last class of the day for him ...so suck it up......not lucky for the Hubster who gets the daily text to pick him up early .....as in before PE starts!!! But luckily for the Hubster he has NOT picked him up early!!! (Well not that I know of but have no doubt you will read all about here ... if HE does pick him EARLY ...to skip PE) HINT HINT HINT Hubster - that is my subtle CLUE not to do that!!!

 PC has decided he may have to be "more anti-social " than he already is... (seriously?? would that even be possible)