Sleeping would be nice......

Well I think I was wrong in my last assessment about taking "hamster " off the menu! This morning "Tweety Bird" snatched "Padme" up by the neck, but when I screamed he dropped her! She landed on her back and was pretty much like a turtle, she's gotten so fat that she can't flip over by herself! But all in all she's fine! Whew ....good thing cause my little drama king would have been a nightmare!

I decided since I have been slacking on my workouts, that I needed to set a goal for myself! So I am entering a 5k in Florida. It's Nov. 22nd, only 2 days before my birthday..........My 29th birthday....... well 6th anniversary of my 29th birthday! Hubby said it sounded like a great idea, but did I realize I'd have to run! Slackers wisdom is always "Why would you run if no one was chasing you?" So I thought I could PRETEND all the people in the race were chasing me! I guess I need to learn "HOW" to run! I forget to breathe an I am no expert but I am sure you need to breathe.... so I think that should be my first step, but I figure I have 5 months to get ready and a 5k is only 3 1/2 miles.HA listen to me ONLY 3 1/2 miles...I already sound like a pro...a delusional pro ......... I'd no doubt drop dead if I did the Marathon of 26 miles! So now that I have officially said it, I will need to be reminded of my new goal, so I don't slack on it! Then again it is 3 in the morning, maybe I will have come to my senses by mid morning and delete this posting! Insomnia strikes again!

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