Armed and dangerous!

I was so excited this afternoon! I got off early (shocking really) today and armed with my gift cards headed to the stores to do what I do best SHOP, SHOP , SHOP! I plowed through the store grabbing dresses, tops, work out clothes and headed to the dressing room. From where I can see everyone had already been since clothes were tossed all over in every room! I get in mine, where I hear people whispering next to my dressing room.......hummm wonder what THEY are doing ! It was a man and a unless he was helping her with fashion tips or vice versa I think the hushed giggling gave them away! But who knows, then it hit me I got a side glance in the mirror and there it was staring me in the face , my 6 lbs I had gained since Thanksgiving ughhh add that to the other 8 lbs I gained since we do the math! I looked at all the dresses and decided I was not going to get naked in that 3 way mirror, with my giggling neighbors and my muffin top all in that tiny room!(Okay so really the neighbors were not in there, but might as well been! )I cant leave the store empty handed with $20.00 Bucs from the store that's free money! Am who am I to waste that! So I ended up with a picture frame and a candy dish for my blah gray desk at my big girl job! Depressing leaving the store with all those gift cards still in hand, but I am not buying a bigger size been there done that, gave it away (Thanks to my pal Squirt! )! So there is my New Years motivation.......I can't buy any clothes GASP! until I lose 10 lbs ....okay okay I know the math, but lets not get crazy! My hubby complained I was to skinny anyways! So I'll settle with 10! Starting of course Tomorrow! Happy News Years!

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