I am running WHY?

Well since I was still awake at 5 am this morning I headed out the front door to hit the gym! Only to find that something had taken a liking to my trash and dragged it all over the lawn! WOW good thing it's 5 a.m I'd hate the neighbors to see what I didn't recycle! OOPS! So after I picked up all the icky trash headed back in washed my hands, and headed BACK out to drive to the gym...yes I know such determination......started driving and realized I didn't have my ipod and headphones! Oh the horror ...I can not go without those I'd be bored silly, and there's no one there to chat it up with of any interest at OH DARK THIRTY! So I headed back home, ran inside and started out again! Really should have just stayed in bed...but determined that's me! Delusional I am starting to think!

Thought I'd switch up my workout since I am gonna be a runner......hahahaha! I jumped on the dreaded treadmill cranked it up and walked , then during a commercial I tried running...yeah I really suck at running! I did 2 whole minutes! Wow and I want to do 3 miles! Yikes! So I decided I would run 2 minutes during commercial ...however the next commercial break came sooner then I'd like sooooooo I did 2 minutes every OTHER commerical break! Yep that's me the pro runner! Out of 40 minutes I ran a total of 6 whopping minutes! HA! Yep I suck! But I am gonna try again tomorrow ....maybe I can make it 2 1/2 minutes! Good thing I got 5 months to practice! And I am gonna have to get some running shoes, maybe some flats and heels to but for now.....I need running shoes!

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