I feel like I am on a long road trip with the dreaded question ..."Are we there yet?" "How much longer" "Are we there yet?" repeat only a million times and then some! Christmas is tomorrow, just incase you are living on another planet and not yet aware of that fact! Yes Christmas is ughhh tomorrow! The ringing in my ears is my mother saying " It's the same time every year it's not like it sneaks up on you!" But somehow it does! Every year is the same you think your ready and WHAM! It's the day before and all those fancy four letter words come to mind when you remember oh %$#$@ I forgot to get this, or that and of course this and that! Then tomorrow morning in about 160 seconds flat my house will look like a tornado has ripped through it and then some! I imagine all my Christmas pictures will be of Prince Charming in his ghillie suit( for those of you that have that pondering look on your face a ghillie suit is what the Snipers and Military guys wear when they are hiding in the bushes, it's camo and looks like leaves and netting) PC will be invisible on all the photos or look like a huge pile of leaves. The hubby got him a sniper rifle as well.....wait wait before you pick up the phone to call the police it's a pellet gun, but his is coming without the cats and the squirrels will thank me for that gesture!

As soon as this holiday season is over I plan on getting balance back in my life! I have not been to the gym OMG do I dare say it out loud....since my birthday which is exactly 30 days ago! Did you think paying for a membership will count towards my workout? I will have to run that by Slacker......I am sure she can make it count for something! That's why I love delusional friends they can rationalize anything! Finding balance is my new goal for the new year! Fitting in all the things life has to offer and enjoying them too! Happy Holidays!

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