uh oh ....

Uh oh your know your in trouble when you get an email from your mother in law calling you a SLACKER! Since I haven't blogged in a week! Ooops! That'll keep me on my toes! But I didn't think she'd want to hear my master plan how I am gonna strangle her precious son over video games!It could be used against me in a court of law, I'm sure of it! I tell you those things are EVIL! Prince Charming turns into Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde when he's not allowed to play them! I took them away outta his room and you'd think it''s the end of man kind as we know it! After the melt down is over , he's on a mission to see about earning it back, he's such a sweet child then! The first day he said "Mom let's go for a jog, you gotta train for that race coming up" oh good God , I told him about that non sense! He doesn't forget a thing! We played football, swam stayed out side most the day! When he's in his "video trance" I can't even get him to go out into the 3-D world , much less enter the great outdoors! Hubby's outta town on business and I have the games hidden , the only problem is P.C. asks everyday when is dad coming home? Have I been good? When can I have my game back? Dad says if I'm good he'll hook it back up. When does dad get home? How many more days? .......ughhh I tell ya I can't win! Life was easier when all I had to do was take away his action figures for a day! These video games will be the death of me ...or my husband if he keeps giving them back every time I turn around! That'll be "just cause" in court.....I heard that on Law and Order! I'm sure I can pled out!

Oh but yesterday was a FAB-U-LOUS day! School started! Only 179 more days to go until summer, Prince Charming wasn't NEAR as excited as I was........I could have been doing cartwheels , but I thought that maybe a little "over the top" and I didn't wanna throw my back out! That would be bad! 3rd grade here we come!

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