Orange is not my color

Oh the things we do for our kids~ my good dead today is not strangling him! Really it's something I am doing for myself as I do not look good in prison orange or stripes for that matter! UGHH not sure if we will survive middle school ~ last week I spent the majority of the week "nagging" as the hubster would say about doing the  homework  the rest of my waking hours were spent at that whole job thing I go to, or making tutu's, but feels like the majority of my home time is spent NAGGING about doing the freaking homework! Which is what I am doing now, I decided I would take a break and count ...once I lost track of how many times I could count to 100 over and over and over I decided it was time to blog! This way he doesn't hear all the screaming voices that are firing off things in my head!!! Yes I am well on my way to crazy -ville and it has PC's name written all over it!

So I guess my nagging did not pay off since by Friday at 4:45pm  I get 3 emails back to back from  3 of the 7 teachers PC has....all with in 15 minutes of each other and this doesn't count the one from the PE coach  earlier in the week. Sadly to say they were not writing to tell me what a wonderful, joyous child I had and they were so lucky to have him in their class ~ no it was really about how he isn't listening , doing his work, following directions, coming to school with supplies......oh and BTW they all copy each other on the email ~ I guess this way if anyone else needs to pipe in oh....lets say the other 2 teachers with their complaints it can all be listed in one continuous email! I betcha cant guess what PC's explanation.........yepper that is correct-dah-mon-doe....."It's not his fault" NO it never is ~ you would think by now I would know that right??!! "And they are all stupid, mean, and he doesn't know what they are talking about!". And to add the cherry to the top of my day, when I do get home and start looking through his binder ..,...there is all the **&&^&()*&&&&^* homework that he FORGOT To turn in!!! Are you &&^^%^&*(*^$ kidding me!!!!

Just breathe...just breathe... in and out ...ahh that's hale....exhale......and repeat I do not look good in prison orange.........

It's a Short Walk

It is official ~ at least in my mind that is~ that this age tweens ~ you know the 11 year old going on 30 ~ middle school age child....should not even be classified as children or even human for that matter! I think it is PC's sole purpose in life at this point to drive me crazy! And it's not even that far of a drive ~ hell at this point I could walk there!!!

And can you believe he is the "ONLY ONE" at school who doesn't have an iPhone or android phone? Not that they are EVEN allowed to have it at school  but ~  OMG- Really the ONLY ONE in a middle school of 1200 kids is that even possible! Apparently PC has been negotiating with the hubster about getting him one.....I mean seriously we can not be the ONLY ONE in the school without one....what would the other 1999 kids think about that? And guess how I found out about this little deal that the PC and the hubster were making? Common sense would tell you that it was a family discussion at the dinner table over a nice home cooked meal ....hahahahaha.............. okay I cant even write that with a straight face ~ ! No that's not how at all....PC told grandma on the way to school one morning ~  (my mama) that he an dad made a deal that if he got straight A's then he could get one! Really? That would be great right how about we add in a few more things what your asked, clean up after your self, and if only you would do your homework without all my ...what was the word the hubster used "Nagging" - yes even said to me one day ( oh you thought I forgot this little comment didn't ya hubster ????) "Can you pause the nagging - he really wanted to see this movie". HUMMM........... nope there's no pause button so better snap to the homework and then he can watch the movie!!

UGHHHHH Okay so ....both the hubster and PC are trying to send me to the loony bin! Its a plot against me.....yepper  that's what it has to be......the deal probably was if you drive mom crazy - I'll get you a new phone...even thou you don't exactly have straight A's (close to it) and even thou you  are NOT ALLOWED to have it at school along with the other 1999 kids who have theirs at school or how would PC know that he is the ONLY ONE without one???