Oh no.......she didn't make it

Oh boy am I in trouble......Prince Charming came in all teary eyed this morning with his fist balled up, I looked and asked whats wrong and he opened his hand..........Now I am standing there like a deer in headlights with all kinds of inapporite words soaring through my brain as I looked and saw his TOOTH! Yes his tooth the one he lost yesterday, the same one he put in his pillow for the tooth fairy! But wait the tooth fairy had not made it! So I did what all of us sane ( yeah there is that word again hehehe) mother did and lied! Oh well buddy maybe she thought you were on her list by mistake, you have after all lost 3 teeth already in 2 weeks! ( Geez I tell you it's a good thing I have this big girl grown up job, between the dentist for him and the dang tooth fairy I may need another job! ) So he looks at me and is not convinced....well you know it is rather foggy out, she may be waiting til it lifts and then maybe she'll come while you are at school? Hummm that got a little better look.....but then of course he did what he does best and argued his case.....No she won't come it's daytime and the cat sleeps in my room.....so back and forth we went with the this and that I know I know it would be easier to just say Look kid there is no tooth fairy...........But every time he asks about the tooth fairy, Santa, Easter bunny and all those wonderful magical things I always say "As long as you believe they are real then they are" and he is happy with that and so am I . I think everyone should believe in something magical don't you?

I was almost busted 2 weeks ago when the 1st of 4 teeth fell out- at least that night the tooth fairy remembered to come! He calls me at work and says...."Mom the tooth fairy is not real, I just found my tooth in your room! She's not real you did it!" Well thank fully he can not see my face---deer in head lites look again as I responded....."Now why on earth would I give you money for your teeth? And what would I want to keep your teeth for? " Hummm yeah I guess your right, she must have dropped it! Imagine my surprise that he actually agreed with me!

So when I get to work I email the hubby who was sleeping soundly when we left for school to let him know that the tooth fairy forgot to come....Yet another surprise for me when he notifies me that she has been and left a whopping $20.00 since she was late coming! HELLO? Talk about late fees! I may have to start yanking MY teeth out to! I did however inform him that the tooth fairy doesn't usually pay THAT much for a tooth..........even if she is late! So I guess we'll have to see....I haven't heard if she returned to get some change yet!

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