Fitness Pole? hummmmm

Me as a runner , will be short lived I think! I now have a shin splint.....if that is the term for "OMG! This hurts to walk on!" Yep that's exactly what I have! Not to mention the sore calve muscle on just my luck the same leg! OUCH! I argued with my self this morning to get outta bed! I won....meaning I stayed in bed! Then when I get to work have my little happy clicker toddlers ready to go....the power goes out for 6 blocks! Just my luck , I can't do class today and I skipped the gym this I knew I had to go workout when I got home! Doing exactly that, bypassing the fridge, the cookies , the computer... straight up to my dresser put on my gym clothes and back out the door! Only to discover after my warm up ....that OMG! What the hell is wrong with my leg! I mustard through a wimpy workout, doing mostly arms , cause yesterday I pulled a muscle in my abs.....lack there of abs......somewhere under the muffin top it hurts! So I am assuming my abs are there somewhere!

But I have plan "B"! Yes a back up plan!I saw a commercial this morning about a NEW workout DVD! It's called the "Flirty Girl Workout" really a better name could be "Stripper in Training!". You get the fun new sexy, flirty workout DVD...if I call NOW they will also send the "Chair dancing" DVD...yes I could learn lap dances right in the comfort of my own home! BUT wait there is more I can also get a fancy pink BOA to do my workout with! Must be to wipe the sweat off, from all my bumping and grinding! OH but hold on I can call NOW and also ask the operator about getting the "FITNESS POLE" for just a $1.00! WOW where is that number.....not only will I have a toned beautiful body but I will have also trained for a new PROFESSION! Wonder what else they will throw in!

I might skip the pole, I'd hate to explain that to company and Caleb!

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