We survived!

Ahhh yes! We survived Christmas and my prediction that Prince Charming would wear his Ghillie suit all day(and then some) was correct! He woke up at 6am and was so excited that Santa ate the Cookie and took the apple for the reindeer! (And yet I wonder how I gained 6 lbs since Thanksgiving?) At 6:05 he was ripping through the presents as the hubby and I rubbed our sleepy eyes trying to focus as the tornado ripped through the packages......when it was a box that resembled clothes ( who am I fooling when it was a clothes box) he tossed it over his shoulder without looking at it! I'd say you didn't even open it, he'd reply "It's JUST clothes" and then rip the box open to please me, after all it is Christmas, one day a year he can be good right! By 6:15 he was suited up in his Ghillie suit and armed with his sniper air gun (minus the pellets of course) and out in the front yard ready to take on all the bad guys that came our way........just think if he'd been a girl we'd be playing with the Barbie dream house right about then, but no I have Rambo outside ready to take on the world! After round one ended I had everything cleaned up and ready to start round 2 by 6:30a.m. Ya know you shop and prepare a few months and in minutes all the hard work is over. If we had not been hosting brunch my tree and decorations would have been out the door at 6:30 as well. SO when round 2 started PC ripped through packages and was very excited when he received another Pellet gun...this time WITH Pellets....6,500 of them to be exact! Yes 6,500 little red pellets that his good ol aunt and uncle got him to go along with the pellet gun.....hummm silly , silly move guys since you all are having a BABY! And remember PAYBACKS are hell! Yes I see lots of noisy, messy, loads of toys heading straight to there house in the VERY near future! Hubby had good sense to hide the 6,500 pellets and PC hasn't found them yet, and quit asking so hopefully he'll forget! After everyone left at 12:30 hubby and I went to work, by 1:30 the tree was gone, the decorations were put away and Christmas looked like it never happen at our house! Ahh but yes we made it another year!

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