Up..down..up ...down

Really after all this packing, taping,squating, lifting, carrying, going up and down the stairs 50 million times this weekend .....I should be able to bounce a quarter off my ass! Not the case , still jiggles! Speaking of jiggles.....I would expect my arm to stop waving when I do, after a soild year of working out I would think I should be tone! But no , still have that waggle in my wave! I'll have to ask "boyfriend " at the gym when I train on Friday, before I reach the wanting to scratch his eyeballs out part of my workout!So about 5 mintues after I get there should be good!

Slacker came by last night with a goodie bag full of things to remember her by! So sweet! A piggie jar full of chocolates, yummm for my chocolate fix. A Salsa cardio DVD incase I can't find a Zumba class to go to! Best part of that is I could look like a frog in a blender, in the privacy of my own home, a piggie mug, a piggie oinking key chain. And the best of the best is a mug with her very own SLACKERISMS! She even added a few new ones! Here are a few.....
*DIET is a bad 4 letter word ..never say it!
*EXERCISE an 8 letter word- twice as bad as saying the 4 letter word!
*There is a STOP button on exercise machines for a reason 30 MINUTES!
*Just because it says ONE SIZE FITS ALL doesn't mean it is intended to be worn BY ALL!

Gotta say...Slacker is truely one of a kind! Full of wisdom, a tad deluisonal, and funny as SH.....

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