Mummbles and Grumbles

After being at our community pool lately I've come to some conclusions.....bathing suits should come with either directions or warning labels. Some examples could be....
*If you can't tell what the pattern is on the suit once you put it on.....then take it off! It is not meant to expand that far!
*If the color is no longer recognizable when you put it on....the same as above it is not meant to expand that far!
*Bikini's aren't meant for EVERYONE! Only a few select people should wear them.....and I am not one of them! Neither are MOST of the people at the pool!

Some sale just aren't meant to be......when someone tells you they got their suit for $5.00 there is usually a reason for that! Not always ...but when your a size 10 and the suit is a 2 ....just because you can SQUEEZE into it...eyes bugging out among other body parts is a warning really isn't meant to be NO matter WHAT the price is!

Another thing with all the focus on Americans and how obesity effects 80% of the population (wow that's scary) then why do the clothes makers continue to make clothes smaller and smaller! My 22 year old niece has shorts SMALLER then my 8 year old son! Are they running out of fabric?

Same with bathing suits...I tried on a few and the other day, not only is it depressing but holy moly.....there isn't enough fabric to cover ...well the things that need to be covered! Even on my best day , I don't think I could pull off some of the bathing suits or shortie short shorts they have!So where does all the fabric go? You pay 40.00 for a pair of shorts a toddler could wear? What is it your paying for ? I think you could get a printed cloth napkin ad a pin here and there and TA have your own shortie shorts for $1.19 instead of $40.00! Wow think of all the money you'd save then!

Okay got my mummbles and grumbles out and ready for another interesting day at the pool!

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