Mastering The Art of 2

Jack is quite smitten with his new baby sister!! And she has him wrapped right around her little paw!  When she barks he comes a running, she has mastered the art of collecting all of his toys, no matter what he is playing with....they will be hers ...all hers!!! (Insert evil puppy laugh here) So will his food, his bed, his blanket..... And anything else that Jack once had!! Yep -she's a girl alright and she already has the motto " What's mine is mine .... And what's yours is mine"

My little pookie Jill is quite the fashionista, she can rock a tutu, and has her own furry pink doggie boots - thank you to Mama Pepper for those!! Told you I have become one of "those people" - pretty sure
that is the cause of the hubster's throbbing vein in his forehead!! OMG - isn't she cute!!! 

My little cuddle bug is also an avid shoe lover!! Yes just like me!!! You know I love me a good pair of shoes or two .....or a hundred  and twenty two....only her love of shoes evolves eating them!!! OMG!!! WHAT??? Okay okay she is just a baby we will nip that little problem in the bud....

My little angel face.....did eat a pair of my flip flops last week, ( that was okay they were on their last leg anyways so I guess I will just need to go grab a pair) and I have rescued my pink sneakers and cheetah slippers from her chompers....on more then one occasion..... So we can no longer leave shoes under the table in the living room ..... Parenting is all about making  sacrifices right? So we will now keep our shoes out of the babies reach....

My little peanut face, has not fully mastered that art of house training .....(Jack picked that up much quicker).......she has had several accidents 8even after being outside) she's had them in the hallway, in my lap, in the hubster's jeep (OMG - I thought the throbbing forehead vein would explode on that one).... But hubster has taken that in stride and now refers to her as Piddles, trying to at least help the situation with her accidents I got her some potty pads!!  Yesterdays email  subject line  was " Piddles like the potty pads" ...humm not really what I had in mind when I bought those!! 

My little ...bitch!!! Today's email subject was " Your little girl is in BIGGGG trouble" as I  open the attachment, my cell is now ringing.... I answer it and open the attachment at the same time and SCREAM!!!! Hubster is on the other end of the phone and says " guess you got the email" ....and he was laughing....pretty sure hysterically laughing - Guess who has the throbbing forehead vein now!!! OMG!! I had these particular shoes in a bag by the front door, because I was going to have them reheeled at the mall.....I blame hubster, since I originally had them on the hook hanging up in the bag...... He has some aversion to me having everything hanging on the hooks by the front door( thats what they are there for right?? ) and hubs had cleaned it off, put the bag on the floor....

So yep there is my logic it's the hubster's fault that the little bitch ate 2 pairs of my favorite shoes!!!
Jill and I clearly need to have a come to Jesus meeting with a special portion devoted to NOT EATING MY (anyones) SHOES!!! It's a good thing she's so friggen cute because  the state of my shoes ......not so much!! 

And Then We Had 2

It is safe to say that I have NOT come to my senses … and they should have committed me when they had the chance!! I  now am a puppy mama to a Baby Girl “Jill”!!  OMG - just look at that face!!Yep ~  we have “Jack and Jill” and now I’d like to quit my job and just be home with my cuddle bugs!! And fill my days of playing, cuddling taking them out and about and watch those wagging joyful tails….. Obviously that can’t happen ~ but maybe if I win the lotto I could do that (note to self a friggen lotto ticket) ! And I could open a puppy day care and have puppies, puppies everywhere!!!
 Humm… …the cats would be plotting my death for sure then!!! Not that they aren’t already doing it…just look at that face… This is Tweety Bird ..either he is plotting my death for
1.       His name (that’s what happens when your 5 year old names the pets)
2.       Bringing home Jack …. And now he just realized that we have yet another dog ....who is sitting in his spot........ (did you know cats could glare?? )
I am amazed at how many things are geared to the dog lover (or crazy ass people who love their pets ~ ok.. ok.. ok …I am fitting into that category –rather quickly) things like posh pet boutiques, custom made doggie t-shirts (Pretty sure I will need one of those made up), doggie day cares, doggie water parks ~ so I guess like a Wet and Wild for
Dogs??  I am sure the doggies are much cuter in their bikini’s then most people do (OMG yes- they have bikinis for dogs)!!! They also have snow shoes (I found pink furry boots), jogging suits ( in pink), evening gowns…WTF?? 

They have shuttles to pick them up from home…….. REALLY??? I can’t even get PC in a carpool for  his school ~ but you’re telling me I could get my dog a lift to the “Doggie Day Care” ??  Doggie salons, mobile salons, dog beaches, dog parks..…and doggie Prozac and even Pet Psychics  … … I mean hello..... Really?? I am thinking of a career change something in the world of doggies ... maybe  a "Doggie Whisper" (because I have had plenty of practice being a "Jackass Whisper" hahahaha) ...maybe I could be a doggie consulantant ...... the list goes on and on with all the things we have these days for our critters!!

Jack is quite smitten with his new baby sister Jill (after we had a chat that there was no humping on the sister ... I think we are clear now... Baby Sister ...Not Hot Young Girlfriend....) Thanks to the big doggie gods above that they are both fixed!!! Or I really would be the crazy puppy lady!!! The vet thinks she is a Border Collie Mix (just like Jack)- the adoption shelter had her listed as a Lab Mix  ...but who knows... and who cares... still wont be getten any DNA test done for either one!!!!  Gotta  get all my fur baby's off to bed - Jill has not learned Jack's magic  tricks of unlocking the crate ... she actually sleeps ALL NIGHT IN THE CRATE ...and Jack sleeps next to it with his paw on it!!! OMG- how cute is that!! Or he may just be tryen to figure out HOW to let her out!!!


2 Is Twice the Fun

Over a decade (well  Prince Charming is 12 ……going on 30 that is) I have been told “You should have 2 …it’s so much easier with 2….oh if only you had 2” “ If you had 2 they would do this……if you have 2 they would do that……..oh only if you had 2 “ Children that is! I should have had 2 children, because apparently it’s so much easier when you have 2! So I am now taking that in to consideration, after a decade of people drilling that little fact into my brain I am now thinking ….yes maybe I should have another! Maybe 2 would be easier after all would be best buds! And they would entertain each other, keep each other company and I think it should be a girl. I think my boy needs a baby sister! Oh yes, yes, yes  I am seeing PINK …PINK …PINK …

I have enough testosterone in the house with all the males that reside here ….…. let’s see we have the hubster, PC, Tweety & Rigby the cats, Buddy the Guinea Pig and of course my baby….” Jack” the dog! In the female category we have Me and Pee-Tree the cat (its a toss up on who should be wearing the crown that's for sure) …that makes it 6 males and 2 females?? Like I said way too much testosterone flowing in this household

So yes, I decided that a baby girl is what we need, I think my boy would love a baby sister to snuggle with, play with, wrestle with, sniff butts with …… know all those things that DOGS do with each other! WHAT?? You seriously weren’t thinking that I WOULD have another human child!!! What are you NUTS?? No No No don’t be ridiculous…my boy Jack would love to have a new baby sister …and we shall call her Jill! Then we can have Jack and Jill (who no doubt will be sporting a pink collar, pink leash, pink harass and of course a pink tutu would be needed …… all the things a little girl would need and well yes they would need to be …..PINK).