Now that's shoppen!

While I am no "Aunt Debbie" getting her groceries for .68 cents out the door, I have learned a few tricks of the trade my MIL thinks I should write about! In my neighborhood I am fortuante enough to be on a "coupon train" with serveral other women! How sad my life has become , when I'm excited to see a baggie full of coupons on the doorstep! But how exciting it is when I have $165.00 worth of stuff for $62.00!
My husband fears they will soon ban me from the drug stores! I have become the "Transfer Queen" transferring our presptions from 3 different drug stores! I get the $25.00 giftcard, search there ad and hit the sales! My last trip to Rite Aid, my total was $27.00 after using the remaining 4.00 on my GC and a $5 off $25.oo purchase and my coupons...I owed $6.74. When I returned to the car I notice they over charged by $3.74 so I got my money back and only had $3.00 invested in my trip and after I sent in my mail in rebate for $3.00 the trip was free!

The store I use doubles up to .99 cents everyday! How lucky is that! I take full advange of the instore rewards deal, the email offers they send, the instore coupons as well as the manufacturer coupons! They take them all! You just have to have a stockpile of coupons so you'll have what's on sale! Last week I ended up spending$9.94 and SAVED $48.55!
Yesterday I got the Magic Bullet , which I have been longing for but not at $100.00! I found it on sale at Kolh's for 38.88 and at Bed Bath and Beyond for 49.99! Well I had a coupon for 10.00 off of Bed and Bath , so I found out they priced matched! I got the Magic Bullet for 28.88! Now that' fun shopping! Always love to get a deal!

The best was driving by Home Depot I noticed they were throwing away FLOWERS! Flats and FLATS of FLOWERS! We pulled over and I asked if we could have them, and she told me we were on our own! So my dear hubby and adventous child went dumpster diving and we ended up with over $100.00 of FREE flowers! They just needed some TLC and now my front porch and back porch are in full bloom! If only the cat would stop eaten the pansies!

My tip......I never leave home without my coupon organzier , while it's not fashionable, it saves me tons! Stockpile several coupons, keep several coupons for different cleaners, they are always on sale at the drug stores! I use multiple coupons for items. If I am buying 4 boxes of cereal because they are on sale I use one coupon if I have it for each box, the if you buy 3 get $1.00 off and last week I had a instore coupon for $1.50 off 4 boxes! I got 4 boxes of cereal for $1.75!

Happy shopping! Keep your eyes open and ask for the deals! There are a million to one websites you can use! A great one is

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