Crazy Mama on the Loose

So this morning my little gem Prince Charming himself.... had a horrible attitude,  shocking I know -  ( not like that’s anything new he is NOT a morning…afternoon …or night person) but I am on a time schedule ya know…gotta be out the door in the car and driving away at  8:30am to get him to camp and then to that whole big girl job thing I go to by 8:58am so that I can dash up 6 flights of stairs (ok you caught me I ride the elevator - but hey it is to the 6th floor and I still need to find a parking spot and yada yada yada)!!! This morning much like every morning he was in his slow…wait …halt…speed and was royally pissed off by the time we made it to the car at 8:37am… ....that I was hurrying him along (because he has no concept of time) ……he didn’t eat breakfast ~ not even sure if he brushed his teeth and told me he wasn’t eating lunch so he wasn’t bringing his lunchbox…which by the way I already packed and I had a portable breakfast in my hand which he wasn't going to eat either. Really?? You actually think you are punishing me by NOT eating??? Bahahaha,  no- no my boy you are the one who will be hungry not me!

We arrive at camp and he goes to jump out and won’t take his lunch box because “ I am not eating it” he shouts

Me: “I don’t care- but you will take it in there”  (after all I am not going to look like the crazy mom that doesn’t send food with her child!! I mean really  I have so many others things that I could be the crazy mama for keep reading examples will be shared)

A Naked What??

Can you believe it the Prince survived and  did very well on his test ( at least according to him he did) that he had to take last week ....yes during his SUMMER! Oh the horror ....having to use brain power during his SUMMER! We have yet to start the book report, and of course every book we own is boring, the 2 award winning books I checked out at the library from the list the school set home are boring and apparently every friggen book in the world....ding.. ding.. guessed it BORING!!! My suggestion to you my dear Prince Charming is to get ready to be BORED because you will be doing a book report during your SUMMER!!!

The hubster and I did another Mud Race last weekend, it was "Mud Endeavor - Under The Lights" which meant it was at night! Okay well our start time was 7:40pm so it wasn't dark yet, but it was pretty close by the time we passed the finish line at 8:47pm. The course was great, even with the light drizzle of rain we had all night, but  I am black and blue from some of the obstacles. Not sure who thought it was a good idea to have you run through a long building, with fog smoke and strobe lights because WHY would you want to actually see WHERE you are running only to end up at this tunnel (that you still cant see) and you have to crawl or slide through and it's filled with.... NOPE NOT MUD....Mud I would have been happy with, Mud I would have expected.... nope this was filled with ICE and WATER .... yep ICE WATER!

In the dark with the fog, and the strobe lights so you cant see was about 40 feet long and did I mention filled with ICE WATER?? WTF who thinks of these things?? The hubster went zooming through and was at the other end in no for me? Well as soon as I stuck my foot in and realized what exactly it was, I jumped back out! I had some serious ninja reflexes at that point!! The volunteer working the obstacle, was egging me on, and I think I had some colorful sentence enhancers that I yelled back at him that had something to the effect of they wouldn't get me in that "bleep...bleep ...bleep.... " ICE WATER's freaken cold!!! So after wasting a good 3-5 minutes the guy egging me on went with me as we dove head first into the 40 foot long tunnel of  ice water WTF!!! HAHAHAHA if my ass is going to be soaked in ICE friggen  WATER was his!!!!  I was certain that my hands had fallen off by the time I reached the end of the tunnel, because I had absolutely no feeling in them!!

After the race we showered .....okay if that's what you call it, a bunch of people huddled under a make shift shower that was a pvc pipe with holes, that has a hose shoved it in and absolutely no water pressure. So there you are covered in thick clay mud, and basically standing under a drip...drip...drip. Well at least the hubster can say he got to shower with 4 chicks this weekend, and I wasn't even mad about it!! How many men can say that? Sadly 3 out of the 4 chicks huddled under the drips were men dressed in  peach sports bars and matching running skirts!! (OOPS I don't think I was suppose to add that part in hahahahahaha )!! We went to Denny's after we were semi- clean before we ventured back home ~ pretty sure they were worried we wouldn't be able to pay our bill, we looked like total rift raft!

So looking through all the race cards that were in our packet and on the car windshield there are a lot of mud runs and 5k's coming up the hubster pipes in about a 5K he heard about  "Dare to Go Bare". NOW... let that sink in .....say the name again...... "Dare...... to...... Go .......Bare". Hummm what does that sound like to you? Humm do you have a visual yet? Yep that's right it's a NAKED 5K race?? SERIOUSLY?? I thought he was kidding ....and NOPE he was not!!! Really?

Our discussion went a little like this:

But it's Summer

Do you ever wonder if time travel is possible? I'm pretty sure I am lost somewhere in another universe looking down saying WTF where did the time go??? How did I get here??? What have I been doing?? Everyday is passing us by faster and faster! Looking at the calendar and realizing that half the summer has already disappeared and I have done nothing "summer-ish" at all!! Seriously?? No beach trips, no pool party's, no cook outs, no theme park trips.... really what kind of summer are we having?? I guess that's what happens when you get old....(except I am still 29) so I must be in the hubster's alternate universe where time is running us over (since he is older hahahahaha)!

Now about that summer where did it go......let's see for starters it's 90 plus degrees out oh and my Prince Charming does not like the beach, the sand is itchy, it's to bright out, it's to hot out, nor does he really like people so having a cook out or pool party unless he approves of the guest list  is out, nor does he really care to swim  anymore.......oh yes and than there is the theme parks...well let's see...what could be wrong there?? Oh yes that's right...the people, the lines, the heat, the walking .....did I mention the people and the lines and all the walking and let's not forget it's HOT out!!  Now if he could go to the front to of the line and be in an air conditioned bubble then we might be able to go and not suffer with all the whining and moaning and groaning.....(well at least we wouldn't be able to hear the protesting because he'd be in a bubble!) or he would settle for one of these USB Air Condition Shirts are you kidding me?? They actually make these??