What a day! Finally got a shower and got outta my jammies at 3:330pm! The hubby painted "Prince Charmings" room , and repainted the wall in the living room. Me well we know my paint brush was revoked many many many moons ago! So I was assigned switch plate duty, and did some more packing! My front room has a small path so I can reach my computer. Good news I think PeeTree (the cat) is over being pissed at me! First I sold the bed she slept on, then the couch, then the patio set she'd sun on....but she has found herself a new spot! Perched on top of about 6 boxes is the Princes Game chair and she is planted right there on the chair in front of the window! Ahhhh so she'll be happy for a week , before I cram her in a crate and travel 800 miles again, then she'll be pissed again!

I have 143 empty hangers! Can you believe it! Geez either I had way to many clothes before OR I need to get 143 new items to go in my closet! I like that idea but I am sure I have as much chance of that as I do getting my very own scale! It's amazing what you keep in your closet! I still have my senior prom dress, the hubby was giving me flack for that since I rag on him that he has his grad nite shirt! Well at least my prom was in 93 .....way way way before grad nite in 1985! Boy I hope my pal Squirt isn't reading this, she'll be dialing the phone now to tell me to get rid of the prom dress! But in my defence...it fits in a shoe box! So that doesn't take up any room at all...so nahhhhhh Squirt! I am keeping it to remind me how tiny I once was! I doubt I could fit a thigh in it....even on my skinniest day! It's black velvet, with a very high slit.......only because when I sat down in the car.......and oops maybe I should have gone up a size!

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  1. Looks like a few of our cats. I am down to three. ButI have Max