3 days left

There's always a theme song running thou my head....like teen years my theme song was "Girls Just wanna have Fun"
While I was stalking the hubby it was "Going to the Chapel"
See really he had his chance to run and hide! His first clue would be when I introduced my self to his folks as "Hi I'm Pepper and I will be your future daughter in law" instead of the normal greeting from your friendly server.... "Hi I'm Pepper what can I get you to drink?". I do remember they both had a huge smile and his mother said "I hope you are!" So you see he was doomed from the start! When he so sweetly put a fence up for my babies... (Roxie the rottie and Bubba Lou the enormous mastiff chow mix)I tried paying him and he said NO...REALLY you just put up a 6 foot fence worked for 2 days and we aren't even dating? So I reminded him that he should take the money, because when I married him I would NOT be paying for him to fix things around the house! Yeah that's when he got the deer in a head light look..... took the money and then I asked him on a date! Ha doomed I tell you! Our first date was a wedding (3/15/97) .....I didn't catch the bouquet at that time (Don't want him running for the hills yet) ...but another (Or 2 or 3) weddings I jumped about 10 feet in the air and elbowed some girl almost took out a eye on another...but I did get that bouquet and the man!

Of course in every stage the theme song changes we were toasted by his Best Man to "Another One Bites the Dust" so appoperiate don't ya think! It's the song WE now deadicate at every wedding we attend! I know how thoughtful of us eh!
So with 3 more days till my theme song has changed to "On the road again". I am logging off this blog! I'll put my adventures of our move up next weekend after my hangover has subsided because after I am done UNpacking I have a new theme song in mind! "Margaritaville" by Jimmy Buffet!

As seen on TV

As if my house wasn't depressing enough with all the boxes and nothen on the walls, a small path that I can THANKFULLY get to my computer! NOW my bedroom is empty! I feel like I am camping, hubby is blowen up the air mattress so yep, it'll be like camping , well except I have the A/C, no bugs,TV with cable ( ohhhh big time camping here) my cat,fluffy pillows , comfy blanket and a REAL POTTY! No flashlight required for that potty break! ( yes I know I have been worken with preschoolers to LONG! )

Welp with one last dresser to go , hubby arrives home( hoping he made it here AFTER all the furniture was gone) WRONG! One dresser left he races up stairs to get his "AS SEEN ON TV" Forearm Forklift straps......and guess what they work! Yes we ( me and he) got the dresser outta my room, down 14 stairs, out the front door and down the 12 steps there. You'd think we'd stop and wait for the neighbor and his TRUCK right? Wrong hubby tells me grab my shoes....for what....I'm waiting for the truck that is at the neighbors house a few doors over! Okay getting the shoes, we'll bring it to the end of the driveway.....yeah wrong again , here we are caring a dresser down the street like we are Superman and Wonder Woman! At perfect ease......minus the major bitchen I am doing..." I can't believe we are caring this" , apparently neither can the guy down the street as he has now moved from the garage into the middle of his driveway.....but offered NO HELP! Thanks Pal! I'd wave but my arms are straped down! Welp the hubby was happy to use his 'As Seen on TV" straps......let's see how long that last come Saturday if he'll be as excited!


What a day! Finally got a shower and got outta my jammies at 3:330pm! The hubby painted "Prince Charmings" room , and repainted the wall in the living room. Me well we know my paint brush was revoked many many many moons ago! So I was assigned switch plate duty, and did some more packing! My front room has a small path so I can reach my computer. Good news I think PeeTree (the cat) is over being pissed at me! First I sold the bed she slept on, then the couch, then the patio set she'd sun on....but she has found herself a new spot! Perched on top of about 6 boxes is the Princes Game chair and she is planted right there on the chair in front of the window! Ahhhh so she'll be happy for a week , before I cram her in a crate and travel 800 miles again, then she'll be pissed again!

I have 143 empty hangers! Can you believe it! Geez either I had way to many clothes before OR I need to get 143 new items to go in my closet! I like that idea but I am sure I have as much chance of that as I do getting my very own scale! It's amazing what you keep in your closet! I still have my senior prom dress, the hubby was giving me flack for that since I rag on him that he has his grad nite shirt! Well at least my prom was in 93 .....way way way before grad nite in 1985! Boy I hope my pal Squirt isn't reading this, she'll be dialing the phone now to tell me to get rid of the prom dress! But in my defence...it fits in a shoe box! So that doesn't take up any room at all...so nahhhhhh Squirt! I am keeping it to remind me how tiny I once was! I doubt I could fit a thigh in it....even on my skinniest day! It's black velvet, with a very high slit.......only because when I sat down in the car.......and oops maybe I should have gone up a size!

Do the numbers matter?

My OCD is starting to rear it's ugly head again! One school I work at has a scale, a digital scale in the bathroom! Let me fill you in on a little secret, I am addicted to scales, they draw me to them , just like doughnuts! I weigh my self before and after I pee just to compare! It's a thrill to see the numbers go down, it is just ounces but hey the numbers went down! In my single days I actually had a scale in front of the fridge! Yes I know crazy , but all comes with the eating disorder, now instead of being Bulimic, which I can say I overcame when I was 26 and throwing up morning , noon and night while pregnant! I thought OMG! I did this on purpose for 15 years? What am I CRAZY! No answer needed!

Well as luck would have it I had to reschedule at this school so I have been there EVERY week this month instead of just twice monthly! But to my horror the numbers are raising! I chucked it up to "mother nature's visit" but the numbers keep raising! It took my 11 months of hard core workouts and I lost 30 pounds and it only takes 2 months to gain 7 lbs back! WTF! OMG! AHHHHH! Hubby tries to comfort me by saying a gallon of water equals 6 lbs! WHO CARES! I didn't drink a gallon of water today! I would have peed a F%$#ing gallon of water back out! Then him AND Slacker were telling me it was "MY BODY'S" way of telling me I needed to gain some weight back! WHAT? NOOOOOOOO that is not the answer I wanted to hear! UGHHH I know in my head that numbers don't matter, I know it is suppose to be the way your clothes fit, the way you feel ,muscle weighs more then fat, oh blah blah blah , I've heard it all before and I know that's what it is SUPPOSE to be, but my mind has a different view on it!

So needless to say I think it's stress that brought on the 7 lbs and the OCD with the numbers on that scale! I mean we are moving across state AGAIN in 11 days! I doubt that the adventure home will be as adventurous as the trip up here to NC but you never know! And who knows maybe the hubby will buy me my very own scale! Wishful thinking I am sure since I haven't owned one in over 12 years!

Badge Required

After all these years it was finally time! Progress Energy had "Bring Your Child To Work Day! " And the little prince is finally old enough to go 8! All is well and good, jumps outta bed and in lighting speed is dressed, it's obvious that he isn't going ANYWHERE with ME getting dressed that FAST, he's more like a turtle when it comes to going with moi! They head off to work and I enjoy a relaxed morning getten ready for work instead of barking my usual demands, get dressed , brush your teeth, get shoes on, brush you teeth, you need to be dressed, yes you have to wear shoes, eat breakfast....blah blah blah is what he must hear, since it takes several times me repeating myself!

Progress had a whole day planned for the kids , breakfast, crafts, tours, computers, lunch and his most anticipated part getting a ID BADGE! Oh yes a REAL badge with picture and all! He has been waiting for this only to find out that "IT DOESN'T WORK!" Oh the nerve right they make a badge and it doesn't work! It gives him no access to anywhere , what kind of show are they running here! I mean really..............yes that is my prince charming.....always waiting what he CAN"T have!

ahhh what a weekend

Just call me slacker! I am slacken on everything! Gym, packing, laundry, homework, blogging! It's hard to get back on track when you've fallen off the rail! We went to Trace Adkins and Toby Keith Saturday night! What else could a girl ask for, I got to spend the evening with 3 handsome guys...Trace, Toby and the hubby! It was great to have an evening out, Caleb went to a sleepover yeee haw...... we went to dinner, to the concert....which by the way is a great place to people watch and just think WHY? So while I waited for the hubby to come out of the bathroom ( amazing it wasn;t the other way around) I wonder WHY men are coming outta the restroom and still buttoning their pants, or re arranging the goods? Does that mean they didn't wash their hands cause wouldn't you do that before you could wash? What are some of these people thinking while they are getting dressed? One girl was being paraded around on what I am assuming her boyfriend's shoulders wearing toddler size shorts with her checks hangen out, and a wonder bra.....geez really takes the WONDER outta that when that's all your wearing! I must of missed that fashion memo, that we now wear bra's without tops! Hummmm fashion ya just can't keep up!

Great concert! It was like being in exercise class! First the walking 2 miles from the parking lot, maneuvering our way through the drunks, squatting to pee in the potra potty ( TMI ...I Know) going up and down the stairs to get to our seats. And of courses the UP and Down during every song! We have to stand when the people in front of you stand and so on and so on and so on! Geeez you'd think these people didn;t know there were 20,000 people there with them! So we have about 20 minutes until the concert is over, I think Toby Keith was unbuttoning his shirt after ever song, man by the end he may be naked! Whew ,....what a night this is gonna be! Well then it starts to sprinkle......just a drop here and there, so it's okay but as soon as we realized it was starting to sprinkle the SKY FELL OUT! It started down pouring like mad! Everyone jumped up to take cover ...only there isn't any to take! So we started running ....yep still suck at it...double suck in a short jean skirt and high heel flip flops! Yea take it from me....not a great thing to run in!We high tail it to the jeep which is 2 miles away , in the rain feels more like 10....we jump in and start the jeep and ...the rain STOPS! Damn that Mother Nature...I didn;t get to see if Toby got naked or not!

Back to bed I go.......

Yep , it's one of those days! I skipped the gym again. Yes I was all gunho last week, but this week with the OH SHHHHEEEZZZ Shin splints I took Thursday off, but ended up walking with a gal pal to gossip! (Never gonna pass up a gossip session!) So really I didn't take yesterday off so this morning I rolled over as my eyes popped open at 5:20a.m before the alarm went off and I didn't even argue with myself ( the other ME musta been still asleep) I just hit that little OFF button and rolled back over!Ahhhhh you'd think that would be great however, I kept rolling over to check the clock to make sure I don't over sleep! So really I could of gotten up to hit the gym!

I get up get ready to have a great day when "Prince Charming" aka Caleb wakes up.........have I ever mentioned he is NOT a morning person! Takes after dad on that note, I however .....am a ray of sunshine , a breath of fresh air, a shinning star .....okay okay I know enough already! Well I sure am alot more chipper then the boys here! So he starts with his grumpy morning demands the I don't want to's and the I wanna play the game.....UHHHH I swear the video games are driving me CRAZY! And that is not a far trip......most days closer then others! Get the Prince to camp and head off to work! At least my clicker happy toddlers are ALWAYS happy to see me!

I get in get my computer all set up and nothen...nada...zip...ziltch...it won't turn on! Are you kidding me! UGHH I already rescheduled a class this week cause the power went out and now here I sit in a building WITH power and NADA! The damn thing won't turn on! I fiddle with it and called tech support...aka..the hubby...and if he doesn't answer it's my brother in law! Keepen it in the family......he told to pack up and come home .I fiddled some more but still nada...great my clicker happy toddlers now have giant pouting lips!

I get home lug in the computer turn it on and POOF! The ^%$##%$#ING thing works just FINE!AHHHHHHHHHHHH this can't be happening.....it's only 10 a.m! Tech support comes down stairs to take alook ........yep it's still working ...... and I am calling it a day and heading back to bed! Well at least until I have to pick the Prince up from camp!

Fitness Pole? hummmmm

Me as a runner , will be short lived I think! I now have a shin splint.....if that is the term for "OMG! This hurts to walk on!" Yep that's exactly what I have! Not to mention the sore calve muscle on just my luck the same leg! OUCH! I argued with my self this morning to get outta bed! I won....meaning I stayed in bed! Then when I get to work have my little happy clicker toddlers ready to go....the power goes out for 6 blocks! Just my luck , I can't do class today and I skipped the gym this morning......so I knew I had to go workout when I got home! Doing exactly that, bypassing the fridge, the cookies , the computer... straight up to my dresser put on my gym clothes and back out the door! Only to discover after my warm up ....that OMG! What the hell is wrong with my leg! I mustard through a wimpy workout, doing mostly arms , cause yesterday I pulled a muscle in my abs.....lack there of abs......somewhere under the muffin top it hurts! So I am assuming my abs are there somewhere!

But I have plan "B"! Yes a back up plan!I saw a commercial this morning about a NEW workout DVD! It's called the "Flirty Girl Workout" really a better name could be "Stripper in Training!". You get the fun new sexy, flirty workout DVD...if I call NOW they will also send the "Chair dancing" DVD...yes I could learn lap dances right in the comfort of my own home! BUT wait there is more I can also get a fancy pink BOA to do my workout with! Must be to wipe the sweat off, from all my bumping and grinding! OH but hold on I can call NOW and also ask the operator about getting the "FITNESS POLE" for just a $1.00! WOW where is that number.....not only will I have a toned beautiful body but I will have also trained for a new PROFESSION! Wonder what else they will throw in!


I might skip the pole, I'd hate to explain that to company and Caleb!

shoes, shoes, shoes....

As I do a mental eye roll and a big sigh...like who left all these shoes here under the table! Ughhh I mean really , right under the table by the front door....now I have to do a head slap and not a mental one! ME! Yes me I left not 1 or 2 pairs of shoes under the table but 4! 4 pairs of shoes under the table in just 2 days! Ughhhh so I pick them up to deposit them at the back door, where the land of shoes lay...and there are 6 more pairs of my shoes! In my defence 7 different colored flip flops, different styles as well and 2 pairs of sneakers and 1 pair of slip on sneakers....so you see I need all those! So I gathered up my selection and toted them back up stairs, except for my sneakers a pair of flops and the slip ons! Ya never know when you'll need those! I knew there was a reason I haven't packed the shoes yet!

Well I went to the gym , I argued with myself at 5:30 this morning! It's a tad scary when I start answering myself....the conversation went pretty much like this.....
ME: "Get up , go to the gym"
Me again:"No just let me lay here"
ME: "You didn't workout over the weekend"
Me again "I'm still sore from running on Friday"
Me again"I'll go later today"
Me" Liar.....Quit talking to yourself and get your @$$ to the gym"
Me again" Shut up"
Then I hop outta bed since it's obvious that I won't get anymore sleep with all the chatting going on in my head! I have decided I will never be one of THOSE people that say with a smile"Let's go for a run!" Yea....I don't think I will ever be one of THOSE people that enjoy running...but for now it's a goal of mine so I'll just do it! Anything to shut the other "ME" up that goes on and on in my head.......HEY! Maybe that's why I had so many pairs of shoes out! There may be more then just the 2 of us in my head! WHEW...scary thought!

Mummbles and Grumbles

After being at our community pool lately I've come to some conclusions.....bathing suits should come with either directions or warning labels. Some examples could be....
*If you can't tell what the pattern is on the suit once you put it on.....then take it off! It is not meant to expand that far!
*If the color is no longer recognizable when you put it on....the same as above it is not meant to expand that far!
*Bikini's aren't meant for EVERYONE! Only a few select people should wear them.....and I am not one of them! Neither are MOST of the people at the pool!

Some sale just aren't meant to be......when someone tells you they got their suit for $5.00 there is usually a reason for that! Not always ...but when your a size 10 and the suit is a 2 ....just because you can SQUEEZE into it...eyes bugging out among other body parts is a warning ...it really isn't meant to be NO matter WHAT the price is!

Another thing with all the focus on Americans and how obesity effects 80% of the population (wow that's scary) then why do the clothes makers continue to make clothes smaller and smaller! My 22 year old niece has shorts SMALLER then my 8 year old son! Are they running out of fabric?

Same with bathing suits...I tried on a few and the other day, not only is it depressing but holy moly.....there isn't enough fabric to cover ...well the things that need to be covered! Even on my best day , I don't think I could pull off some of the bathing suits or shortie short shorts they have!So where does all the fabric go? You pay 40.00 for a pair of shorts a toddler could wear? What is it your paying for ? I think you could get a printed cloth napkin ad a pin here and there and TA DA...you have your own shortie shorts for $1.19 instead of $40.00! Wow think of all the money you'd save then!

Okay got my mummbles and grumbles out and ready for another interesting day at the pool!

Happy 4th of July

Have a Happy 4th of July! And Happy Birthday Bill! ( shhhh don't tell him the firerworks are for the 4th not his bday! )

I did it!

Whew! I did it! I actually ran...and no one was chasing me! I had my training session at the gym this morning! Kinda hard to be cranky at 5:30 a.m when your not really awake yet! Who has the energy for that! So today's lesson was how to breathe and run at the same time! It took 43 minutes to do 3 miles with running 5 minutes and walking 2 , but it was my first day! they say after you find your stride that you will love running and be able to just run....I don't think that'll be my case! But I have to say it wasn't as bad or as painful as I thought it would be! But then again I haven't tried to get up and move yet either since I got home! But great news I didn't want to scratch his eyeballs and I wasn't yelling DIE DIE DIE at the end of my workout, or causing a scene at the gym! So I'd say it was a success!
Now I am off to bathe....and maybe crawl back into bed! I've had the sleep walker, talker, arm flinger, and leg thrower sleeping in my room with me at night! Doesn't make for a restful sleep that's for sure and I'm not sure WHY he isn't sleeping in his bed! Maybe I'll have to start!