EWW Whats that smell?

Did you know that for the first time since 1956, Easter Sunday fell on April Fool's Day (April 1st). Since 1900, Easter has fallen on April Fool's Day only four times - 1923, 1934, 1945 and 1956. It won't happen again until 2029. And this year that Easter bunny definitely left us some tricks to deal with!
Easter morning started with me playing sous- chef to the Prince while we made Easter Brunch  and taking directions on how  I should season this, add that, flip the bacon ……..um wait a minute I thought we were cooking together? Not me taking orders while you sit on the couch! I will admit only here and not to the Master Chef aka Prince Charming, I should have followed his lead on the pancakes, but that’s water under the bridge…….or shall I say sink! Cleaning up from brunch I noticed that the carpet by the sink was wet. The Prince and I have been complaining of a “smell/ odor …some kind of funk” for a few months, and the hubster couldn’t smell anything! I was driving myself crazy (and that’s a short drive) with “WTF is that smell” buying ever possible cleaner for the sink, dishwasher, garbage disposable, so after everyone left,  I told the hubster we need to take that kick plate off, because there has to be water down there or dead body or something!! I think to get me to pipe down (see what I did there) he took it off and was shocked at what we discovered!
I am pretty confident that next time I complain of something not “smelling right” that hubster will jump into action and check it out! Clearly I have a sense of smell and he …..does not! After removing the kick plate, we discovered the rotting, decaying, zombies underneath the floor or could have been mold, sludge and just ewwwww (my guess is zombies). Hubster certainly smelled it that time, and I added a few “I told you so’s” in for good measure!!!  
Time to grab the homeowner’s policy and if you have never really looked at yours, it’s time for a chuckle or a good cry. It’s good to know that our homeowners insurance will cover damages if we have a volcanic eruption, or if an aircraft lands on the house, creek floods are also covered should a creek ever run rapid in the house ....but not floods from rain, no nothing practical could be covered like rain in Florida. The leak itself is not covered, but getting to the leak, which is behind the kitchen cabinets, which needed to be removed to get to the leak, is somewhat covered.
The insurance agent sent a “leak specialist” out to yep confirm that we do indeed have a leak ……No Shit Sherlock – I could have told you that, hence the water all over the place! At first assessment of the situation they wanted to go through the backroom where the bar is, you know….. the same room that just GOT FINISHED from renovations …..I think hubster may have told them that would be over my dead body, or they would have a raging redhead lunatic after them but he soon convinced them that it needed to be through the kitchen, because that’s where the original part of the house is and where the water was leaking from.
A contractor came to remove the counter and cabinets to get to the wall where that leak is, good thing hubster was supervising, since he was going to basically leave the water in the walls and let it dry up with the dehumidifier…… that plan changed when hubster knocked a few holes in the wall, and more zombie guts spilled out (okay it could have been more moldy, gross, ewww water). Insert gallons of bleach, spray, cleaner and the smell is finally gone! So is 50% of the kitchen, so we decided that since we would have to pay deductible , that we would just use that money and put in a new kitchen, the contractor wanted to rebuild the base cabinets and reuse the old doors, drawers and counter. Ummm….so we pay out a deductible and get the same shit back? No thanks! Besides the cat is very comfy in her new drawer that she has claimed, how could we possibly put that back in the cabinet?
Another day, another project, another adventure! Its exciting, and annoying but will be amazing when its done! Oh  good news is the PIG border that we already put up in the kitchen  about 4 months ago .....will be staying!! And the dead zombie smell is gone ..............so all will be good!