A new Title .......

I've been busy as a bee you know being the....and I quote "Meanest mom in the WORLD!" Can you image ME the meanest mom in the WORLD! Really who does Prince Charming have to compare me to? He lasted a whole 4 days with his video game back , until me the meanest mom in the world yet again took it away! But I guess that's what Mean Mom's do!

School has started yes, happy days are here again...until homework time then it's the battle of the wits....mine vs. his.......and I'm not sure who's gonna win that war! 3rd grade here we come! At least we only have homework Monday -Thursday so there will be no battle ground on the weekends.......at least not about homework! But I am sure this MMITW will fine something to be mean about...after all I can't have my new title taken away just yet! I work so hard to achieve that title!

The new question he is pondering is why the "brown dude" at the YMCA after school was upset with him........"I only said hey brown dude......cause I didn't know his name" His grandma asked well why don't you just ask him his name.....but I guess that's what he was gonna do but the "brown dude" got mad! And his little girlfriends who is biracial pipes in when grandma said well maybe you hurt his feelings and says..."But grandma he is a brown dude, why should he be mad". Gotta love the diversity of 3rd grade......it's be another adventure I am sure!

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