Gator bait

So week 2 of middle school is completed. The outcome.....PC is grounded....what does that tell you! It's for his grades, yes his grades and his mouth! 9 days down and 171 more school days to go!!! Will we survive? I guess time will tell. So tonight as I was cleaning out his notebook to see what the wonderful world of homework is ahead of us, when I started reading his biography answers.
Where we're you born? Newcastle, England......really? Um NO it was Largo, FL believe me I was there. 
Most memorable moment? When I was almost killed??? I spun around and waved the paper yelling WHAT??  WHAT are you talking about?? With the biggest grin you've ever seen he looks at me and says...... "You remember when I was almost eaten by an alligator!"
 Oh yes....that day............. This story has turned into his great "Fishing Tale". Let's back up to when PC (Prince Charming) was 4 maybe 5 we went fishing in a little boat, with my dad and Captain Bob in a lake.....and yes there are alligators in the lake and as we were riding along on the little boat we also were looking at the alligators on the banks sunning themselves. And taking pictures to show dad!
So let's go to the part where he is.............. what does he say...almost killed!

Captain Bob is on the large side and mind you we are in a little we stay on this side stay on that side and we should even out kind of little boat, my dad the mighty fisherman is one legged, and then there's me the "Ewww you want me to do what with that shrimp on that hook?" And then we have the darling PC who was  4-5 and even then was a know it all. Anyways we were showing him how to throw out his fishing pole line, be careful, don't lean to far or you'll ............SPLASH......... Yep he fell into the lake, the boat kept going, and my dad is yelling swim...swim......I think it was slow motion as I start yelling at the Captain to stop the boat, and see PCs frantic face and arms and feet paddling , I dive in  like the mama bear to rescue her little cub, and pull him to the boat, which thankfully had stopped and turned around to get us. I lift him up into the boat to my dad, and I start to pull  myself up when it flashes through my mind "Holy $hit this lake has gators in it"! PC was very pitiful with his trembling lip quivering..."I dont want to fish no more" , then you have Capatin Bob ranting that he cant believe we dropped his bamboo fishing pole in the lake and LOST IT! Seriously Captain??? The kid here was almost gator bait...and your worried about a *&^%&^*(& fishing pole? Okay so needless to say it was the last time that Captain Bob and my dad offered to bring the little darling PC and I fishing!
And I do  admit it was a scary time, not that there were any alligators nipping at our feet, or chasing us, but I guess it is the thought that we fell in the lake, that yes contains alligators! I guess this adventure in PC's mind really left an impression! Every year the story he writes about gets a little more embellished, more dangerous, I am sure by next year instead of it being a lake, it's going to be an alligator pit, and my dad will be one legged because the alligator ripped it off! 

We survived

We survived our first full week of middle school! We did really great until he met the PE coach on day 4  that our darling PC does not want to do PE because apparently the coach told them they have 8 minutes to shower and get dressed and get to there next class. Sounds reasonable right unless you are aqua man? I guess the part that he said he didn't care if you were "1/ 2 dressed, naked or even in the middle of a poop" (ewwww) he'd drag you out and send you packing to class! Houston ...we have a problem!

I tried to prep him all summer about dressing out for PE, he is just not haven today was his lucky would have been his 1st PE day that he had to dress out and as if the stars were aligned just for was CANCELED! Yes I said canceled! Tropical Storm Issac heading our way and just as PC's luck would have it on gym day no less school is canceled..........and the storm heads the other way! It barely rained here!! The way his middle school works is they have A day and B I am predicting a lot of sick days on A days ~ aka gym days. At least with classes being every other day, it gives us time to get the dreaded homework completed! Yeah me ~~~since I think I will need a refresher course in math! How is it I can do the problem and PC informs me that I am doing it wrong? But I still get the right answer?? Guess I may need lessons from Calvin and Hobbes!



It has begun..... We are officially a middle schooler! Yikes! They put PC in 4 advance classes....reading, math, science and language arts .....everyone says oh that's great! Are they on crack? I mean HELLO have you not been paying attention to the battles I have with we have 8 classes and 4 of them are  advanced? I agree he's a smart ass most days .....ha ha ha I crack myself up....who  am I kidded most days?? That would be everyday!At least he gets that trait honestly...because his ...father and uncles are all smart asses! Ha - you thought I was going to say he takes after me! As if!

So the 1st two days of school PC came home to report that the kids cuss in the hallway, push you going up the stairs and oh this fat boy tried to steal his lunch!Being the mother of the year I am I told him that was because they (the kids) were all dumbasses!  Last night he was already saying to me....Can I stay home? Hummm, let me think about it......NO!NOPE! NOT GONNA HAPPEN!!!

 So today is day 3  the real test - because the 1st two days they spend in their home room and learned the rules and "stuff" of middle school - today however he would be attending 4 of the classes and would be starting  off with ......Guitar .....that'll be's hoping he likes it! The problem I foresee with this....PC thinks he should know how to do something.... or you should be born that way...practice - ha what's that? So I am sure he and the Guitar teacher will get a long famously ` since he has been blessed with such natural talent and wont need to practice to play!!! If we survive the week I will be amazed!!!

Get Crafty....

OMG OMG OMG!!! ! I am so excited I could do cartwheels... that may get dangerous but I could so do me some cartwheels! I really must put a disclaimer here...I have the worlds most awesome and talented hubster there is! I am sure when I told him last week I was going to take Monday off with him........ this was not what he had envisioned that we'd be doing on his day off!!! And when his idea was to "move my desk out of the bedroom" so he could put a treadmill in there....this was not what he had in mind either!!

But you know how the saying goes...... "A Happy Wife Makes a Happy Life" and let me tell you.this is one HAPPY girl!! So while he slaved away to make my uber fabulous craft desk , I found scrap wood - the very reason he hides it from because as soon as I see a piece the wheels start turning...and turning...and it usually creates more work for him! But not this time! I am happy to say I did this on my own! Yes that's correct...he made the huge craft desk and I made ....the back to this bench! LOL

I have so much work space to be crafty on and storage ....30 total cubbies to put treasures in! I haven't really decided what I am going to work on first....well first I need to get a comfortable bar stool .....with a back and a cushion ~ because I am not sure my ass is ever going to leave this space!!
PC would come out an check on us through out the day and roll his eyes on how excited I was! Humm guess there's just not enough action for him to be interested in my new craft space! That's okay cause it MINE....ALL  MINE!!!


It's a craft-tastic filled weekend! Projects in the works.....what do you do when your hubster won't cook on the gas grill anymore? Okay okay......... he has a good reason why he no longer will cook on could be the fact that the last time we used it there was a little mishap....and by mishap I mean the gas tank had a malfunction and he ended up catching his arm and leg on FIRE! Yes on fire, nothen like the smell of burnt hair to ruin a cookout he ended up with 2nd degree burns, and was going to put the grill out on the curb! But wait the crafty wife (a.k.a me)  yells.....I am sure we can come up with something to do with it.... And that is usually the sign that I will be creating more work for him to do! Which is why he usually tries and hide scraps of wood and stuff that I am sure we could make stuff outta!!

Anywhoooo he gutted the inside, did a little spray spray and here we have it ~ TAAA DAAA  my new planter by the pool.....I am going to put a bin in the bottom half and store extra pool towels, goggles and sunscreen in there!

I'll have you know I almost fell into the pool trying to get this picture I backed up an inch to far...good thing for my ninja like reflexes got me back on balance!

NOW we (a.kaa the hubster)  are working on my new CRAFT DESK! I am SO uber excited with this I cant stand it!! The saw is a blazing and the hubster is hard at work!!! So I better get off the computer before he goes on strike! Stay tuned.........for the big reveal of the redo to the back room................I hope tonight!!!

Show Time

Remember how when the kids are little and you never have a moment in the bathroom by your self, the very second you decide to break free and pee, the little humans are clinging to your leg? Thankfully those days in my world are long least with the little human part!
 Now I have an audience, the moment that the bathroom door closes I hear the scratching, meowing, and the paws come flying under the door. It's not just one cat......or two's all 3 that decide they'd like to join the party! It's not like I am trying to hide national secrets in there with me. I guess they figure they don't get to close the door when they go why should I? The little one "Rigbe" thinks that this is the perfect time to secure a spot in your lap....really now you want to cuddle?

I have not quite decided if they are mocking me and pointing at the muffin top, plotting to kill me (although they would starve to death if that is the case) or they just want me to put on a show when I am getting outta the shower or bath! It's quite the audience I on the back of the toilet, one on the seat and then one on the edge of the tub. I guess the theme song for when I am in the bathroom should be " I Always Feel Like Somebodies Watching Me"? Maybe I should start getting out of the shower doing leg kicks like a Vegas show girl? Well I'm home from my early morning torture class...oh I mean boot camp so I guess it's now " Show Time" and off to the  shower I go......with all 3 cats trailing behind me...............


Ahh yes back to school shopping has officially begun with it being the tax free weekend of course! The stores are in full force of long lines, out of stock sizes and colors, and oh yes lets not forget the whining children and stressed parents.. ( some parent's had that little smirk as the kids moaned and groaned.... .and all I could envision was the Staples's commerical  with the dad shopping and kids glaring) ...that just made the whole back to school shopping event so much funner!
 I thought I'd get a jump on things Friday night when I got home and the hubster and PC didn't look like they would be doing anything that involved removing their ass from the video games there were playing, I headed out armed with some coupons and discounts and bonus - Kohl's was open til midnight....not that I was there until midnight ~ but hey the option is there if I wanted to be! I was happy with my haul of shorts and t-shirts I was able to get, came home and had PC try them on (oh so happily as you can image) to discover that they did NOT fit!! UGH to snug...... but lucky for me Kohl's was open at 7am on Saturday, so I returned and tried again and as luck would have it still a little snug, I guess it's time to face the facts that I will not be shopping in the boys section anymore we are now entering the "men's" section means double the price right? And I'll be returning yet the shorts again!
 So we all ventured out to fight the crowd's with the hubster and PC in tow they entered the 3-D world with me (and about a million other people). Hitting the mall and PC having no interest in looking for "school uniform clothes" ~ but the new dress code is uber laxed he can wear cargo shorts and solid shirts- Really?? He is bulking that it's so stupid ?? I think because it does not allow you to wear jamma pants to school - guess that's just to Wal-mart! In Old Navy  hubster was able to find him a pair of cargo shorts and get him to actually try a pair on.........yes the kids cargo shorts are $10.00 and the men's cargo shorts are $35.00!!! He can wear black, khaki or navy...what color do we have GRAY....and then we found a navy and black pair of course couldn't get PC to try them on because "blah blah blah ..that's all I've been doing is trying stuff on....blah blah blah".  Yes he tried on ONE *&^%ING  PAIR OF SHORTS!!! So needless to say I have yet 2 more pairs of shorts to return because this time they are too loose!!
Next up we hit the shoe stores... not just ONE shoe store..... can you believe that there is not one pair of *&^%ING SHOES in all of the shoe stores apparently that fit  PRINCE CHARMING?? To tight, to snug, don't like them, dont like the color, blah blah blah.....finally enough is enough and we called it a day ( really before we had to call to bail me out of jail).
 The ultimate battle was over PC wanting to buy a bb gun....not sneakers..........sorry buster not on the school supply list! UGHHH and the award for the most difficult child goes to....PRINCE CHARMING! Who at this  rate will be arriving to his first day of middle school either :
 A.) In jamma's and flip flops  OR B.) Butt Naked