As seen on TV

As if my house wasn't depressing enough with all the boxes and nothen on the walls, a small path that I can THANKFULLY get to my computer! NOW my bedroom is empty! I feel like I am camping, hubby is blowen up the air mattress so yep, it'll be like camping , well except I have the A/C, no bugs,TV with cable ( ohhhh big time camping here) my cat,fluffy pillows , comfy blanket and a REAL POTTY! No flashlight required for that potty break! ( yes I know I have been worken with preschoolers to LONG! )

Welp with one last dresser to go , hubby arrives home( hoping he made it here AFTER all the furniture was gone) WRONG! One dresser left he races up stairs to get his "AS SEEN ON TV" Forearm Forklift straps......and guess what they work! Yes we ( me and he) got the dresser outta my room, down 14 stairs, out the front door and down the 12 steps there. You'd think we'd stop and wait for the neighbor and his TRUCK right? Wrong hubby tells me grab my shoes....for what....I'm waiting for the truck that is at the neighbors house a few doors over! Okay getting the shoes, we'll bring it to the end of the driveway.....yeah wrong again , here we are caring a dresser down the street like we are Superman and Wonder Woman! At perfect ease......minus the major bitchen I am doing..." I can't believe we are caring this" , apparently neither can the guy down the street as he has now moved from the garage into the middle of his driveway.....but offered NO HELP! Thanks Pal! I'd wave but my arms are straped down! Welp the hubby was happy to use his 'As Seen on TV" straps......let's see how long that last come Saturday if he'll be as excited!

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