I've been a busy tutu maken fool I have 22 made so far!  I shared my pictures at work with the gals of my project for the craft fair The Witch Candy Jars.......and now I have 13 orders just from work! Needless to say I have "tutu-itis" in my thumb ~ I am sure it is a real diagnoses! I made the ghost and then I transformed it into a mummy! A sparkly mummy at that ~ since I am a firm believe that every girl should have some sparkle! I had a candle in them when I took the pictures.

The hubster thinks I should make a Frankenstein.....paint it all green with a scar across the forehead.....my argument on that was  "But Frankenstein is a boy and  he doesn't wear a tutu"   Hubster's smart ass reply was " And a ghost and a mummy does?"
Me: "Well duh!! They are obviously girl ghost and girl mummies!!"

I have to admit my head is spinning with ideas on all the things I could make out of these!!! Spiders, pumpkins, elf's, snowmen and Santa's to name a few!!!

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