If you ever heard PC carry on about how he hates camp ...incase you forgot....which I can not forget that since I am reminded daily would seriously begin to wonder WHAT kind of camp am I taking him to!GEEEZ he has been very clever getting out of it that's for sure!
 Last Monday he went to camp (not happily) but amazing enough he did survive! So Monday evening he was going on and on with the whole :" Ughhh I hate camp blah blah blah and I want to go to Meme's (MIL) and blah blah blah" more ramblings about camp and how much he hates it! I told him he'd have to go to camp because Meme was busy! But of course when he called her Tuesday at 7:30am as I am ready to take him to the slave camp he comes running out with the phone....
"Oh yes Meme, I would love to come over and help you babysit Parker (really he almost made it sound like it was HER idea and NOT his) . That's exactly why I was calling, I never get to spend anytime with him and I would be so helpful" now he is grinning ear to ear.........because you guessed it he doesn't have to go to camp! Oh how proud am I little con artist in the making! So off to Meme's we go and he gets to spend the day with Parker his 2 year old cousin. Fun times had by all....until we get home that is and now it's all about ...I want a baby brother! WHOOOOOOOOO back up the train buster ~ that is so NOT gonna happen! But WHY?? Really let me count the ways!!!
 So my suggestion  was to pack his bags and move in with Parker, that will be the only way your getting a baby brother!!! And if I didn't think that PC was crazy for asking.....Parker's mom my (SIL) should be committed to the funny farm after she commented that we should BOTH try getting pregnant together and have babies at the same time! Clearly the men in the white jackets may have to come pay her a visit ~ she has officially arrived at  loony-ville if she thinks I will be having anymore little darlings!!
PC only made it to camp one day last week (oh the horror he endured going for one whole day). They were closed on Wednesday for the 4th and of course hubster was home and so he didn't go on Thursday or Friday!
So this week he stayed home Monday ....somehow he sucker oh I mean CON-vinced (see con-artist in the making) hubster to stay home so he didn't have to go to the horrid camp! At least his buddy's mom came and got him and they played and apparently brainwashed her into thinking that it would be a great idea for her to be added to the pick up list at camp and then she could pick him up from camp early some days~ didnt know they meant today already! Okay okay that would be nice, I am sure he would love it! So picking PC up early from camp according to me is after 3pm  I mean I have paid for the whole 10 weeks of summer upfront~ gotta get my money's worth some how)......I guess picking him up early for buddy and mom is 9:30am........mind you he is dropped off at 7:45am!!! Oh yes he was a VERY HAPPY CAMPER today! I can see his wheels spinning on HOW he will get or CON his way out of attending tomorrow..............and we know there is no chance in hell he'll be attending on Thursday or Friday cause hubster's home!

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