We survived

We survived our first full week of middle school! We did really great until he met the PE coach on day 4  that is......so our darling PC does not want to do PE because apparently the coach told them they have 8 minutes to shower and get dressed and get to there next class. Sounds reasonable right unless you are aqua man? I guess the part that he said he didn't care if you were "1/ 2 dressed, naked or even in the middle of a poop" (ewwww) he'd drag you out and send you packing to class! Houston ...we have a problem!

I tried to prep him all summer about dressing out for PE, he is just not haven it.....so today was his lucky day....it would have been his 1st PE day that he had to dress out and as if the stars were aligned just for him.....school was CANCELED! Yes I said canceled! Tropical Storm Issac heading our way and just as PC's luck would have it on gym day no less school is canceled..........and the storm heads the other way! It barely rained here!! The way his middle school works is they have A day and B day....so I am predicting a lot of sick days on A days ~ aka gym days. At least with classes being every other day, it gives us time to get the dreaded homework completed! Yeah me ~~~since I think I will need a refresher course in math! How is it I can do the problem and PC informs me that I am doing it wrong? But I still get the right answer?? Guess I may need lessons from Calvin and Hobbes!


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