It has begun..... We are officially a middle schooler! Yikes! They put PC in 4 advance classes....reading, math, science and language arts .....everyone says oh that's great! Are they on crack? I mean HELLO have you not been paying attention to the battles I have with we have 8 classes and 4 of them are  advanced? I agree he's a smart ass most days .....ha ha ha I crack myself up....who  am I kidded most days?? That would be everyday!At least he gets that trait honestly...because his ...father and uncles are all smart asses! Ha - you thought I was going to say he takes after me! As if!

So the 1st two days of school PC came home to report that the kids cuss in the hallway, push you going up the stairs and oh this fat boy tried to steal his lunch!Being the mother of the year I am I told him that was because they (the kids) were all dumbasses!  Last night he was already saying to me....Can I stay home? Hummm, let me think about it......NO!NOPE! NOT GONNA HAPPEN!!!

 So today is day 3  the real test - because the 1st two days they spend in their home room and learned the rules and "stuff" of middle school - today however he would be attending 4 of the classes and would be starting  off with ......Guitar .....that'll be's hoping he likes it! The problem I foresee with this....PC thinks he should know how to do something.... or you should be born that way...practice - ha what's that? So I am sure he and the Guitar teacher will get a long famously ` since he has been blessed with such natural talent and wont need to practice to play!!! If we survive the week I will be amazed!!!

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