So just to prove how not sane I actually am I did another mud run. On purpose without anyone holding a gun to my head....see not sane!!!  Really I wanted to do this one because it was  called "Wild Hog Mud Run" and you got a t-shirt and a medal- AND the HOG is in the PIG family....and we know I love the piggies! So the hubster and I signed up a few months ago, only he still isn't feeling in tip top shape - so I convinced  my Jamaican workout buddy to do it with me ~ she was the only one crazy enough to join me!

This truly lived up to it's name ~ there was SOOO much MUD.....and I think not all of it was JUST mud since we were in cow country if you know what I mean! And  ~ I really didn't read the sign up sheet with all the obstacles - missed the part about the "Spectators Throw" where as you are climbing over medal poles in the murky river.....people are throwing rotten tomatoes at you?? Or the swim across the muck pond!! Ewww and there was a bull roaming around the course....he wasn't part of the obstacles thankfully (although I am sure he left some things AS obstacles)  but I guess he did not get the memo that he shouldn't be there~ and I guess no one was going to offer to tell him either!
This video is by a guy that did the race and came back to video tape his friends during my race wave. I make a muddy cameo at the end in the mud pit for a spilt 10 seconds!

 Still caked in some mud as I got home I was telling the hubster and PC all about it his eyes got huge when I mentioned my theory on the mud not JUST being mud! He told me I needed to get in the shower right now  and better use soap and shampoo ...and lots of it! OHHH How proud am I ~ he knows that's the stuff that's gonna get you clean!! Well it took a very LONG shower 2 full shampoo jobs, 1/2 bottle of body wash, plus the nail scrubber, wash cloth and 1/2 a bar of soap to remove all the grim! Hubster kept making spot checks to inform me I was still dirty!! When I got out of the shower...he informed me I was still sporting some dirt!

Well today I think I am finally dirt free but I am sooooo sore I feel like I have been run over by a mac truck and then he went in reverse and did it again! So I think the next one I am doing will be in October...maybe'll give me enough time to forget how &^%$^*ing hard this one was! But in the end I got my medal which is what I really wanted ~

 I really want to do the Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon ~ and it's not for my LOVE of RUNNING!!! Hahahaha it's for the cute pig medal and pig t-shirt! But I don't see myself going that far to run a race on purpose!

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